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5 Must Have Doona Car Seat Stroller Accessories

5 Must Have Doona Car Seat Stroller Accessories

If you’re considering purchasing the Doona, or you already have the Doona Car Seat Stroller, here are the top 5 Doona accessories you NEED! Trust me, I know. I am a real mom with a real baby (actually two babies) and a real Doona user. Make sure to read my complete Doona review here.

I’ve been using the Doona car seat stroller exclusively for the past 12 months with our daughter and used it for 17 months with our son, and can’t imagine life without it or any of these Doona accessories.

I’ve put together this Doona accessories must-have list after countless questions from readers. I suggest purchasing the top 3 on my list right away. Trust me. You’ll need them. The Doona is a must-have on my baby registry list.

The below best Doona accessories list is in order of necessity. I couldn’t live with the top 3 and the Doona padded travel bag (a must for flying with a Doona).

Top 5 Doona Accessories

1. Doona Storage Snap-On Bag

One of the biggest complaints about the Doona stroller is there is no storage. True, there isn’t any storage on the Doona, but there can easily be added storage.

There are several Doona bags, but if you ask us, the best Doona storage and bang for your buck is the Doona snap-on bag. It’s only $40 (price may change) and offers a ton of storage. I actually don’t even carry a diaper bag anymore. The Doona snap-on bag holds everything I need.

Doona Car Seat Stroller at hospital

2. Doona 360 Sunshade Extension

The Doona sunshade extension not only blocks out the sun but also bugs. If our little guy falls asleep, it creates a darker space, and hopefully, he’ll take a longer nap. This is a must-have Doona stroller accessory for $40 (price may change).

Now with COVID-19, we use the Doona Sunshade whenever we go to the store. It helps keeps our son from being breathed on by others, etc.

3. Cup Holder

A cup holder is such a great thing to have on a stroller. For under $15, I picked this cup holder up on Amazon. It easily attaches and can stay on the Doona stroller when it is locked in the car seat, so you don’t have to remove it all the time if you don’t want to.

There are other Doona cup holder attachments on Amazon. I have this one and know it works. There are often additional coupon savings. Just make sure to click the box under the price. 

Doona Stroller in Mexico

4. Stroller Organizer $15+

A stroller organizer is nice to have when traveling. There are tons of stroller organizers out there. I have this Itzy Ritzy one that attaches with velcro.

I don’t have it attached every day. I mainly use it when we are traveling, and I want things at my fingertips. The Itzy Ritzy one fits a bottle, keys, phone, pacifier, and burp cloth and still has extra room.

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padded Doona travel bag

5. Padded Doona Travel Bag

If you plan on flying with the Doona, you’ll want to invest in the padded travel bag. We all see how airlines throw our luggage around. Make sure to protect the Doona by getting the padded travel bag.

The bag fits the car seat base and the Doona. I warn you. The travel bag is huge but so worth it. We have checked it and gate-checked on several flights and never had an issue. We have checked it as luggage on at least 20 flights since 2020. I also suggest stuffing baby wipes/diapers or other heavy baby items in the travel bag since car seats are free to check you mine as well as fill it up!

6. Portable White Noise Machine

I know I said five must-have items, but I recently bought this portable white noise machine and love it. It makes napping in the stroller so much better. There are several portable white noise machines on the market. I have had three other types, and none of them compare to the Hushh one. 

I like this one because it is rechargeable, so no more traveling and needing to find new batteries. On a full charge, the battery lasts me all day. 

Doona Car Seat Stroller on an airplane 

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I also have the Doona Rain Cover but have never had to use it (thankfully). I think the sunshade extension would do a good job blocking raindrops until I made it inside. If you live in a rainy area like Seattle or London, it would be best to get a rain cover.

*Update I recently used the Doona Rain cover on our Alaska cruise. I couldn’t find my original one, so I bought this knock-off Doona rain cover for half the price, and it fits like a glove. 

I also have these shopping hooks that attach to the Doona stroller handle. They are rated to hold 6 lbs each. It’s great if you are at a farmers market, festival, etc., and need somewhere to put some shopping bags.

Do you have the Doona and have a favorite accessory I missed? Please share it below in the comments. I’d love to test it out!

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