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The 10 Best Baby Teething Toys You Need To Know About

The 10 Best Baby Teething Toys You Need To Know About

Teething….fun times! With the right baby teething toys and gels, it’s not that bad, I’m not going to lie. It still has some terrible nights.

When our son Atlas started teething, I realized I had very few teething toys, and there were thousands on Amazon. Did I want a teething mitt or teething toys you put in the freezer? Should I get big teething toys or small ones?

I had no idea where to start. So what did I do? I bought like 20 different baby teething toys!

Now, three months later, I can honestly tell you which really teething toys are worth buying. My son Atlas had his favorites, and I’d say there were five teethers that were brought with us when traveling at all times. Make sure to put a few of these on your baby registry list.

Here are the 10 best baby teething toys that every parent should have.

For those short on time, click here to go straight to Amazon where my list is on one page!

Best Teething Toys Quick Answer

ir?t=babyregistrymusthave 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B076HLDQLS1. Teething Tubes – I was skeptical about baby teething tubes at first. I first heard about them from one of those Facebook ads, and then I kept seeing them. My mother-in-law even heard about them, so I decided to order one.

I thought it was overpriced and going to be a waste of money, BUT I was wrong. A week later, I bought a second one. They are super easy to wash, and my son loves them.

Pizza Baby Teether

2. Pizza Teether – This is probably the cheapest baby teether I have, and Atlas loves it. I got it for under $5. The crust is a textured plastic teether, and the topping area is crinkly. Most babies love that crinkly sound, so this toy has both! 

Teething Baby Toy

3. Itzy Ritzy Silicone TeetherItzy Ritzy makes several different silicone baby teethers. We have the cactus teether, and Atlas loves it. It’s a great size, super easy to clean, and easy for babies to hold. I recently bought a second one because he loves them, and they are super cute.

4. Coffee Cup Teether –  Another cheap baby teether for under $5 that our son loves is this Fisher-Price coffee cup teether. Lately, our son wants to grab whatever cup/can/bottle we are drinking out of, so we got him this teether, and he loves it.

5. Teething Mitt – We have this Itzy Ritzy teething mitt, and Atlas often holds it and chews it rather than actually wearing it. It’s meant to be worn like a glove, and they chew on it then. When I put it on him, he just rips it off. However, he still loves it.

6. SophieThis is the most expensive baby teething toy I have. Do you really need a $25 teething giraffe? Technically, no, you could purchase several of the other top teething toys (coffee cup, pizza slice, cactus, and a teething mitt) all for the same price of one Sophie the giraffe.

However, if your budget allows, I would get one. If we offer our son two toys, one being Sophie, he almost always goes for Sophie. Why? I have no idea!

baby with teething spoon

7. NumNum Teething Spoons – After we feed our son, we give him one of these teething spoons to help teach him how to self-feed in the future. It’s not only a great teaching tool, but he loves chewing on them.

8. Mesh Food Feeder – Put a frozen berry in the feeder and let your child enjoy chewing on a cold berry. Warning: This can be messy. We usually do this in the highchair, just in a diaper.

best teething pacifier

9. RaZbaby Teether – On those really bad teething days, I will rub teething oil/gel on this teething relief pacifier. It’s just like a pacifier, but it’s textured.

10. Baby Banana Toothbrush – Technically, it isn’t a baby teether, but I think it is a great teether. It’s great to teach your children good oral hygiene habits, so it’s a dual-purpose toy.

Best Teething Oil/Gel

Not only should you have a handful of teething toys on hand when your child is teether, but I highly suggest applying some teething gel/oil on those really bad days.

We usually rub it on his gums with our finger, and then he usually starts biting our finger, which is always to feel for any teeth/changes. Another option is to rub some teething gel on a pacifier. We do this when he won’t let us put our fingers in his mouth.

Most teething gels/oils are safe to use several times a day. Just make sure to read the packaging. Here are the two types of organic teething gels & tooth oils we have used. I can’t say I have a preference for one over the other.