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Lovevery Play Kit Review – Are they Worth it?

Lovevery Play Kit Review – Are they Worth it?

Finding educational, fun, age-appropriate, and fun toys can be challenging and frustrating at times. When I had my son in 2019, I spent hours researching toys to end up with plastic junk usually. After some research and through friends, I heard about the Lovevery Play Kits and how they were toys that were age-appropriate toys sent to my door! Let’s just say the rest is history. 

I have been getting the Lovevery Play Kits for my son (born November 2019) and daughter (born July 2021) ever since. Some of my kid’s favorite toys are from Lovevery, and my husband and I love the educational value each box provides. You could say we are customers for life, as long as we have little ones in the house! Here is our honest Lovevery Play Kit review, a review by a real mom with two kids!

What are Lovevery Play Kits?

Lovevery Play Kits are Montessori and Waldorf-based toy subscription boxes designed to be developmentally appropriate for a child’s age. Focusing on the critical time when a baby’s brain develops, the kits are available for children 0-48 months old. 

Lovevery has a team of experts in both the education and medical fields who are leaders in child development. Meaning that their products are based on scientific research and will help your child grow during these early childhood stages. 

Long story short, Lovevery has done the research, so you don’t have to. These toys are the best for your child, delivered to your home at a time that’s perfect for your child to use them. Can it get any better than that?!

With every Play Kit comes a Play Guide for parents. These explain why each item is perfect for your baby at this moment in its development. It also says how you can curate playtime for your baby. This is how the Lovevery experts empower parents to get the most out of each item in the Play Kits.

How much are the Lovevery play kits?

They like to say that Lovevery Play Kits cost $40 per month. That’s right if you do the math. But in reality each box costs $80 (0-12 months old) or $120 (1-3 years old).

Considering how many toys are in each Play Kit, the cost per toy comes out to be about $7-9 each for the 0-12month boxes. The Play Kits designed for children 13-48 months old provide toys for $13-17 on average. 

Discounts are applied if you purchase boxes in advance. Specifically, if you do the 3-kit or 6-kit prepay, a few bucks are knocked off the cost of each box, so you’ll save a bit. One nice thing is that shipping is free (within the US and Canada). So that’s one expense you don’t have to worry about.

How many Lovevery Play Kits are there?

In total, Lovevery has 18 Play Kits. Aimed at specific ages, each box is designed for stage-based play that helps the brain develop.

For babies 0-12 months old, each kit focuses on a two-month developmental stage. Making it six kits in total for this age range. Each kit costs $80 for the 0-12 month age level.

During a little one’s 1st, 2nd, and 3rd years, Lovevery kits are designed for children within a 3-month age range. For example, The Helper Kit is perfect for children who are 25, 26, and 27 months old, while The Enthusiastic Play Kit is for kids who are 28, 29, and 30 months old. With this larger timespan, Lovevery offers four kits for each year and can deliver them every three months. Each kit costs $120, so when you do the math, it is still $40 a month.

Lovevery Kit Review The Helper Kit Boy playing with sink

Do kids like Lovevery toys?

I was skeptical about spending $120 a month on a play kit, not knowing if my kids would actually like them and play with them. I will say some toys get more love than others for sure, but overall they were worth it, and my kids got good play value out of them. 

The best Lovevery Play Kit is The Helper. Pictured above is the kitchen sink that this included. This is one of my son’s favorite toys. As you can see, it is also a place to play “under the sea” with his little plastic ocean animals and shells from the beach. He plays with this daily. 

Lovevery Play Kit the inspector review baby girl playing

0-12 months Lovevery Play Kits

The Lovevery Play Kits during the baby’s first year are designed to help develop the brain to make new connections. Each box is focused on a 2-month stage, so there are 6 Play Kits in total for this age range. Delivered every other month, each kit costs $80. 

  • The Looker Play Kit (Weeks 0-12) –Developing new connections in the brain and processing their surroundings, the Looker Play Kit has great high-contrast images to simulate this. Your baby will love the black and white board book, the two-sided mobile, and even the high-contrast mittens.
  • The Charmer Play  Kit (Months 3-4) – Starting to create sounds and cooing, your baby will be drawn to the “Talking” book and everything that makes a noise, like a rattle and rolling bell. Starting to recognize faces, the mirror card even lets the baby see himself.
  • The Senser Play Kit (Months 5-6) – Discovering everything by touching, seeing, and even putting nearly everything in their mouth. Your baby will make things happen on his own by changing the colors on the spinning rainbow and pulling things out of the magic tissue box.
  • The Inspector Play Kit (Months 7-8) – Dropping the ball through the hole to see it come out the other end is so much fun at this age. Toys in this kit are perfect for your baby to begin to understand object permanence and develop fine motor skills,
  • The Explorer Play Kit (Months 9-10) – Balancing blocks and seeing how things tip change when weight is added or removed are some of the amazing things your child will encounter in this kit,
  • The Thinker Play Kit (Months 11-12) – Developing the pincer grip and hand-eye coordination is what this kit is all about with the peg drop and pincer puzzle. The baby doll lets your child care for another baby, growing social and emotional skills,
Lovevery Play Kit Review Babbler baby playing

1 Year Lovevery Play Kits

The 1 Year Lovevery Play Kits are designed for children 12-24 months old. There are four kits for this year which are delivered once every three months. Each kit costs $120, which still comes out to $40 a month. 

  • The Babbler Play Kit (Months 13, 14, 15) – Figuring out cause and effect is exactly what children do with the ball run and coin bank. The friend’s puzzle and wooden stackers continue to refine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. My daughter also loved the carrots, one of the best baby teethers
  • The Pioneer Play Kit (Months 16, 17, 18) – It’s fun to see what gravity can do with cars as they race down the ramps. The threadable bead kit works with two-handed coordination. Emotions are the focus of the “Max and Nana Go to the Park” book.
  • The Realist Play Kit (Months 19, 20, 21) – Mimicking real life, it’s time to pour your own drink with the pitcher and glass. Puzzles are getting more complex with the lockbox and 3D geo shape puzzle.
  • The Companion Play Kit (Months 22, 23, 24) – At almost two years old, the mosaic button board and buckle barrel really work fine motor skills.
The Helper Lovevery Play Kit

2 Year Lovevery Play Kits

Again, the 2-Year Play Kits (designed for 25-36-month-olds) arrive every quarter. Each of the four boxes costs $120, averaging $40 per month. 

  • The Helper Play Kit (Months 25, 26, 27) – Loving to mirror what happens around the house, your 2-year-old can wash dishes in the play sink and recall what they do throughout the day with routine cards. *This is my son’s favorite. He loves the play sink. 
  • The Enthusiast Play Kit (Months 28, 29, 30) – Focus on early STEM lessons with the weigh scale to compare the weights of things and explore the outdoors with the “My Favorite Nature Buddy” book.
  • The Investigator Play Kit (Months 31, 32, 33) – Planning ahead is a big concept made easy with the countdown timer. Simple tasks are more complex with the liquid lab and the twist and pivot pattern puzzle.
  • The Free Spirit Play Kit (Months 34, 35, 36) – Support your child’s developing independence with stacking boulders and van go outdoor adventure.
Kit 16 The Storyteller

3 Year Lovevery Play Kits

The 3-Year Play Kits cover the last age group of 37-48-month-olds. Continuing to deliver one kit every three months at $120 each.

  • The Observer Play Kit (Months 37, 28, 39) – Planning for the weather with the weatherboard and playing (and building) a house helps develop your child’s independence.
  • The Storyteller Play Kit (Months 40, 41, 42) – Build your own fort or puppet theater, then act out a story. Then, clean up when done with the mop. Your independent 3-year-old will love it all.
  • The Problem Solver Play Kit (Months 43, 44, 45) – Group, categorize and count with the measuring tape, math bars & number tiles, and even the liquid color lab.
  • The Analyst Play Kit (Months 46, 47, 48) – Begin understanding parts of a whole with the stackable fractions cups and the “Quarter, Half, and Whole” book. Recreating 2D images into 3D objects is tough but so rewarding for your little one, who’s about to be 4!

What age is Lovevery for?

Lovevery is perfectly designed for children 0-48 months. Beginning with The Looker Play Kit, you can start as soon as your baby is home from the hospital. 

Aimed at the developmental stages of your child, Play Kits help curate your child’s play in meaningful ways until preschool. If you are looking for things to add to your baby registry, this would be a great addition. 

Sometimes children have a different developmental timeline. Lovevery experts will help you decide which kits are right for your child. Their Disabilities Support Specialists are trained and ready to give advice tailored to your child’s needs.


Can you buy Lovevery toys separately?

Some Lovevery toys are available to buy separately on their website, at Target, and on Amazon. But the majority of the items included in the Play Kits can not be bought outright. Instead, once you subscribe to the kits, you’ll be able to buy individual toys from the kits through their website.  

You can also contact Lovevery directly if individual items from the Play Kits need to be replaced. They will do their best to help you get a new one. 

Lovevery has other things to buy apart from the Play Kits. They include things like an Organic Nap Map ($80), Montessori placemat and utensils ($35), and their popular Lovevery Play Gym ($140).

Is the Lovevery subscription worth it?

Yes. The truth is that Lovevery delivers quality toys that are perfect for your baby’s development. It takes the guesswork, research, and hassle out of trying to do it all on your own. 

As a new parent, the time and energy saved here are totally worth it. It’s nice to have the confidence that the toys you’re giving your baby are perfectly designed for his or her development at this exact stage. 

Money-wise, $80 or $120 feels a bit hefty. But when you break it down and realize that it’s $40 per month, it’s more realistic. 

Then, when you consider each item in the box costs about $7-12 each in the 0-12month kits and $13-17 in the 13-48 month kits, that’s when you really start to see the value. You’ll easily spend more than $20 for each kit to recreate the same kits with the same high-quality toys.

Finally, Lovevery delivers the Play Kits to you for free. So, all you have to do is open your door, and there it is– Super convenient.

Is it cheaper to DIY Lovevery kit or purchase a Lovevery play kit?

It is possible to put together your own Play Kits. But the reality is that to do it. You’ll typically spend more for products that are of similar (or possibly worse) quality. To recreate what comes in a Loveverybox, you’re probably looking at $20-60 more to do it yourself.

Here’s an example: The Senser Play Kit (months 5-6) contains a Montessori color wheel. Similar items are offered on Amazon for $25-35. So, although it’s possible to purchase it on your own, the Lovevery Play Kit is clearly a cheaper price point at $7-12. I’ve put together a list of the best Montessori toys on Amazon here.

The Play Kits geared to older children have more sophisticated toys. But let’s consider an example for this age range too. The Pioneer Play Kit (months 16-18) has a multi-level ramp for little cars to roll down. Similar items are listed on Amazon for $20-35. Compare that to the $13-17 average price for the toy in the Play Kit, and it’s a no-brainer. 

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Where to buy Lovevery Play Kits

Head straight to the website to order their Play Kits. There, it’s easy to tailor your order or subscription to your child’s age. This is where I order my play kits from. 

Lovevery is working exclusively with Target to make its products accessible to families in their stores and online. You can also find some individual Lovevery products on Amazon. Here are some of the best Lovevery products at Target you can try out:

Another idea to consider is buying gently used kits. On sites like, you’ll find used Lovevery Play Kits and toys up for sale by families who have outgrown them. Also, check out Facebook Marketplace to see if someone in your area is reselling Lovevery items. When your children outgrow them, they do have really good resale value on Facebook Marketplace and other mom groups. As the toys are solidly made, they can definitely find a new life with a new family.

Is Lovevery a Montessori?

Lovevery is based on Montessori. So it uses Montessori principles and philosophies when designing its products. But it is not strictly Montessori. Instead, it also has Waldorf-inspired toys in its Play Kits too. The Waldorf influence can be seen in a number of toys that work on social and emotional learning.   

If you’re looking for purely Montessori products or play kits, consider checking out Montikids. It’s a toy subscription box designed by Montessori-certified educators.

Are Lovevery toys nontoxic?

Yes. Lovevery makes some of the highest quality products that are (most importantly) safe for our families. Specifically, they use: 

  • FSC-certified sustainably sourced wood
  • Water-based paints
  • Organic cotton
  • Soy-based ink
  • Baby-safe plastics
  • Recycled paper
  • Recyclable packaging

Something to take note of is that Lovevery is committed to sustainability. They have a clear, comprehensive set of goals that will help to preserve the world for our children and generations to come. 

  • Lovevery products are made to last so that multiple families can use them again and again
  • By 2025 90% of Lovevery products and packaging will be made with renewable, recycled, and biobased materials
  • By 2030 Lovevery will achieve Net Zero Carbon in every aspect of their production

While Lovevery is setting out to achieve these goals, they are actively engaged in programs to help offset their carbon emissions now. To do this, they have invested in: 

  • BioLite Improve Stove Program in Uganda
  • Preventing Amazonian Deforestation in Brazil
  • Protecting High-Quality Forest Projects

Is Lovevery made in China?

Lovevery products are designed in Boise, Idaho, and manufactured in China. A final quality check is done in the US before sending their products out to customers.

Lovevery affirms that their partner company overseas has the highest standards of: 

  • Ecological sustainability
  • Ethical production
  • Safe working conditions
Lovevery Play Kit Subscription boxes

Can you skip a Lovevery box?

Yes. If you’ve prepaid for Play Kits to be delivered, you can skip a Lovevery box if you need to. Just log into your customer account and navigate to “Manage Subscriptions” under “Account Settings.” There you can skip the next Play Kit. 

It’s good to know that you can cancel delivery up to 3 business days before your next shipment is due to head out.

How do I cancel a Lovevery subscription?

To cancel a subscription, log into your customer account on the Lovevery website. Then, go to “Account Settings” and finally “Manage Subscriptions.” Here you can cancel your subscription or skip the next Play Kit. 

If you’ve prepaid Play Kits, Lovevery will refund the payment for the kits that you haven’t received yet. It’s important to note that the discount will no longer apply, so you will see that difference in your refund.

How do you clean Lovevery toys?

The toys in the Lovevery kits are so well made that cleaning them is a cinch. In each Play Kit, there is a pamphlet that gives care instructions for each item. 

But in general, here are the basics of how to clean the Lovevery toys: 

  • Wooden and plastic toys – Simply wipe them down with a soft cloth and mild cleaner. But you shouldn’t put them in the dishwasher or any sanitizing machine.
  • Fabric toys – Throw them in the wash on a cold, gentle cycle. It’s recommended not to put them in the dryer. Instead, just let them air dry.