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Best GoPro Mount for the Songkran Water Festival

Best GoPro Mount for the Songkran Water Festival

With the Thai New Year and the annual squirt gun festival coming up you may be asking yourself what is the best GoPro Mount for the Songkran festival?

After experiencing the Songkran festival with my GoPro last year I learn what mounts for the GoPro are best for the Songkran festival. I have listed the most common types of GoPro Mounts from Best to Worst for the Water Festival below.

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The Chest Mount for the GoPro

The best GoPro Mount for the Songkran Water Festival is the chest mount. The reason it is the best is because your chest will be one of the most stable points of the body as you are walking around the intense festival which will lead to steadier and more stable footage from Songkran. Chest level is also a better angle to give a perspective of you using your squirt gun to shot people too.

The Sticky Pad Mount for GoPro

If you are looking for a more edgy angle of footage try sticking your GoPro to the top of your squirt gun. This will give you the perspective of a first-person shooter in a way. Having the camera mounted to the top of the gun will keep the gun fixed in the frame at all times giving the view something steady to look at in an otherwise chaotic Songkran water festival.

The Head Mount for GoPro

Best GoPro mount for Songkran water festival

The head mount for the GoPro will give the footage almost the same as you are experiencing the Songkran water festival, but your head moves a lot and can give shaky and hard to watch the footage.

Using this mount will lead to a lot of editing to make a video that won’t make you seasick. Keep in mind as you walk down the streets people will be dumping buckets of ice cold water on you and no matter how hard you try your natural reaction will be to turn your head.

The Stick Mount for the GoPro

Best GoPro mount for Songkran water festival-2

The Stick Mount for the GoPro will give some good footage and allow you to very close to people and encourage them to shoot your camera for some fun shots. The downside to the stick mount for the GoPro for the Songkran festival is that one of your hands will be occupied by the camera and not be taking part in the water festival. I prefer to enjoy the festival which should lead to more good natural shots.

The Wrist Mount for the GoPro

One of my least favorite mounts for the GoPro during the Songkran water festival is the wrist mount. The wrist mount is fixed to a very active part of the body, especially with a day full of pumping a squirt gun.

Unless you’re planning on pointing your wrist at people all day to get footage of the festival I would leave the wrist mount for the GoPro at home during the Songkran festival.

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Friday 10th of April 2015

Awesome. Thanks for the tips. Think I'll get the chest mount out!