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Top Victoria Falls Activities

Top Victoria Falls Activities

If you find yourself on an African safari, you most likely will either start, end, or go through Victoria Falls. Most safari trips spend 2-4 nights in Victoria Falls, either on the Zambia or Zimbabwe side.

On both of our African safaris, we spent 4 nights in Victoria Falls on the Zambia side. Victoria Falls is a great place to sit still after over-landing for 20 days from Nairobi or Cape Town for most.

Top Victoria Falls Activities

1. Helicopter Ride Over Victoria Falls

Zambia - Helicoptor flight victoria falls - Saf Par-9

Helicopter flights over Victoria Falls are a must! There is a 30-minute & 15-minute options. We have taken both we went with the 30 minutes as it also went into the gorges. For more on our helicopter ride, click here.

COST: Varies between $150 – $300 Click here to check price and book your Victoria Falls helicopter tour online.

2. White Water Rafting

Photo Provided by Saf Par

Photo Provided by Saf Par

Rafting in Victoria Falls was on our bucket list, but due to high water levels, it was closed when we were there. Hopefully, next time we’re in Victoria Falls, rafting will be running. We’d like to get our paddles wet again. We haven’t rafted since Costa Rica.

COST: $120-$160, depending on which package you pick, click here for package options

3. Devil’s Pool

Creative Commons License photo by joepyrek Flickr

Creative Commons License photo by joepyrek Flickr

Devil’s pool was also closed during our last visit because of high water levels. If you are there when it’s open, it’s a must-do Victoria Falls activity.

For prices, check with your local hotel.

4. Micro-flight over Victoria Falls

Zambia - Sunset Cruise - Saf Par-5

Last year we went by helicopter over Victoria Falls, but watching the micro-flights while we were in Victoria Falls looked amazing. Make sure to get some great GoPro footage!

COST: 15 mins $170 30 mins $340 More information, click here.

5. Bungee Jumping


Once again, we chickened out of the bungee jump…the above picture is from a friend bungy jumping at the original bungy in Queenstown, New Zealand.

If you are up for the thrill and ready to take a leap of 111 meters of the Victoria Falls bridge then go for it! If you can’t make that leap, there is a gorge swing and cable slide as well that SafPar offers, click here for all options.

COST: $170

6. Sunset Dinner Cruise

Zambia - Sunset Cruise - Saf Par-13

Spend an afternoon on the river, and keep your eye out for wildlife over the 2-hour cruise. We went on the sunset cruise, which has an open bar (beer & local spirits) and light dinner.

Many people take advantage of the open bar and make it a booze cruise. No matter how much you drink, it’s a great place to catch a sunset in Victoria Falls.

COST: $50-80 depending on the boat & time selected for prices with Safar click here.

7. Abseiling 

Zambia - Helicoptor flight victoria falls - Saf Par-30

Another activity we didn’t have time for, maybe this year. There are several options available the full-day tour is full of adrenaline-pumping top Victoria Falls activities, but if you are limited on time and money, there are single activities available too. Check out all the options with Safpar click here.

COST: $55-160 depending on the option selected

Livingstone Hotel Suggestions

We stayed at Waterfront Lodge, which was a great property that had camping, permanent tents, and rooms available. It was located right along the river and had a nice pool, bumping bar, and great food too. We upgraded to a permanent tent, as it had a real bed and electricity.

Stanley safari lodge open room

On our second trip to Victoria Falls, we stayed at Stanley Safari lodge for three nights of luxury. We loved everything about Stanley safari lodge. It’s actually one of the top 3 hotels we’ve ever stayed at in the world. To read more about our Stanley safari lodge stay click here.

We had 3 full free days to ourselves. We made sure to do as many activities as possible.  There are several top Victoria Falls activities to fill your time with. We only had enough time to do half of them…We hope to check out the other Victoria Falls activities when we are back there again in 2 months.

If you are looking at taking a safari on your own, we cannot recommend Acacia Africa enough. 

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