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Best Mexican in Milwaukee | Local’s Restaurant Guide

Best Mexican in Milwaukee  | Local’s Restaurant Guide

Who doesn’t love a good Mexican style meal once in a while? If you are looking where to find the best Mexican in Milwaukee, we got you covered.

We are locals in Milwaukee, that love to explore the Milwaukee restaurants scene and are obsessed with Mexico. We spend at least a month a year in Mexico eating, drinking, and soaking up the sunshine.

We love Mexican food so much that we have it at least once a week!

Spicy sauces, juicy meats, and fresh vegetables are all part of the Mexican cuisine. And the hands-on approach to eating always makes the food taste better.

So, if you are looking for the best Mexican in Milwaukee, we’ve got you covered.

Birria tacos Mexican food

1. Lazo’s Taco Shack

This hard-to-find restaurant is tucked away off Wisconsin Ave, near Marquette University and downtown Milwaukee. Parking is relatively easy in the area. We have always been able to find street parking. Yet it is worth seeking out the new Mexican cuisine served.

Guests can enjoy a mix of traditional flavors with a modern twist. Lazo’s provides a breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu along with specialty days. Margarita Mondays, Taco Tuesdays, and Thursdays, along with a Happy Hour, satisfy most options.

With a fusion of modern and Mexican, the food is fresh and exciting. We both love the Birria tacos, pictured above. Delicious shrimp tacos are popular, and the chimichanga raspberry cheesecake surprises. Diners looking for a Mexican with something different are guaranteed not to be disappointed. View Menu

tacos Mexican Restaurant Wisconsin Dells

2. La Dama

This stylish restaurant offers authentic Mexican food with a modern touch. Located just south of downtown Milwaukee, diners can expect a laid-back atmosphere. With an inside dining Cantina and a beautiful screened-in patio outside. Guests can try a cocktail, or one of the numerous Tequilas offered.

The menu is inspired by the markets of Mexico City, Puebla, and Oaxaca. With a highly specialized menu, items like Sea Bass or Carne Asada are on offer. Yet these traditional dishes are given a twist by adding unique ingredients. The fish gets a mixed adobo, while the sirloin’s addition is smoked aubergine. Some unexpected twists elevate the Mexican food style to another level. View Menu

Plate of nachos at Antigua Mexican Restaurant in Milwaukee

3. Antigua

The Mexican restaurant Antigua bills itself as a Latin-inspired kitchen. Taking their lead from locations as diverse as Spain, Cuba, and Colombia.

Diners can try a Valencian Paella, Cuban plantain, or a Colombian empanada. Alongside more typical Mexican dishes. Guests can sample classics like Steak Ranchero or more inventive items like Tequila Chicken.

With culinary nods to countries like Argentina, Ecuador, and Peru, the menu entices. Visitors can travel to South America with their taste buds and discover new flavors. The combinations and cooking are stylish and well executed, leaving a culinary satisfaction. Along with Tapas Thursdays and Happy Hour Tuesdays, guests can enjoy great food and special nights. View Menu

local tacos in Holbox at Taco Queto restaurant

4. Taqueria Buenavista

With several branches and a food truck, Taqueria Buenavista is more of a franchise. The original restaurant, based on West Burnham Street, opened 10 years ago. This family-run business serves up traditional, authentic, home-style Mexican cooking.

The decoration and the furniture of the restaurant are functional, nothing fancy. And the menu offers customers a wide range of complete dinner plates.

Diners can collect pre-orders or sit and eat in one of the booths. The portion sizes are generous, and that includes the drinks alongside the food. Hot sauces are provided, which all help enhance the dishes. Popular with locals and visitors alike, this is a must visit Mexican restaurant in Milwaukee.

Al pastor tacos and chorizo tacos on a plate

5. Al Pastor

Serving fresh Mexican food cooked to order, Al Pastor opened 20 years ago. This local family owned restaurant delights in satisfying guests who crave authentic flavors. The menu includes traditional items like tacos, quesadillas, chimichangas, and burritos.

With special nights like Taco Tuesdays, guests can sample a variety of mini-tacos. If you have a large group or need catering, you can order Taco Trays with up to 40 tacos! Their famous Alambre dish includes steak, bacon, ham, chorizo, pineapple, salad, and tortillas. View Menu

guacamole and chips with magarita

6. Guanajuato Mexican Restaurant 

Located in the Bayview area of Milwaukee, Guanajuato originally opened its doors in 2007. In 2013, the owners moved to a new location and succeeded in becoming a local favorite. The family-run business specializes in high-quality, hand-crafted Mexican food.

Open 7 days a week. The owners proudly serve authentic Mexican cuisine. The restaurant is often referred to as GTO as well, for short. 

Guanajuato boasts breakfast, lunch, dinner, and children’s menus, along with other specialties. Diners can expect flavorful, traditional dishes as well as innovative creations. The very spicy Bistec en Chile de Arbol will delight chili lovers. While the Combinacion Guanajuato plate will satisfy guests craving a Mexican selection. View Menu

chicken fajitas on hot platter

7. Cielito Lindo

Cielito Lindo is a great choice for some authentic Mexican food in Milwaukee. It is located just two miles from downtown Milwaukee, in the Walkers Point neighborhood.

Guests are welcomed with a truly unique Latin American dining experience. The decor reflects the restaurant’s name, which translates to ‘Beautiful Little Sky’. The colorful murals and ceiling help create the feeling of Mexico.

The very reasonable prices do not reflect the quality of the cooking. Locals and visitors from outside town recognize the authenticity of the food. The friendly and casual atmosphere is a part of Cielito Lindo’s charm.

With an extensive menu, diners can enjoy dishes like quesadillas, burritos, and enchiladas. The drinks offered compliment the food, and the mole sauce is amazing. For a traditional taste of Mexico, make a stop at Cielito Lindo. View Menu

guacamole and chips playa del carmen

8. Chilango Express

Since 2014, Chilango Express has settled into its West Allis home. Originally located in a gas station, the business moved to its current location in 2019.

The colorful decor of the restaurant adds to the Mexican flavor and ambiance. With traditional options and different dinner plates, visitors can savor a variety of dishes. This continues with drinks like Horchata, Mexican Coke, and Mango & Guayaba. Weekend specials add to the wonderful choices offered, like the lamb Barbacoa. For a real taste of Mexico City, Chilango Express is the go-to. View Menu

9. Paloma Taco and Tequilla

This dog-friendly restaurant in Milwaukee opened in 2020 in the Washington Heights area. With a quirky take on the Mexican taqueria and inspired cocktail creations. Guests visiting are treated to Mexican style cuisine with a modern slant.

The community vibe ties in with the colorfully designed interior and exterior. And with an open kitchen, diners can see the cook staff working. The food is cooked fresh to order, and emanating aromas have diners salivating.

The attention to detail at Paloma’s is what helps it stand out from the crowd. The various tacos offered are a good example of this elevated quality. Corn or soft flour shells, queso crunchy shells, or just a bed of lettuce. The fillings can be traditional, like beef, cheese, tomato, onion, and lettuce. More modern options include Crispy Tofu or Brussel Sprouts with different toppings.

The amazing food creations are matched by the inventive cocktails on offer. The delightful ‘Paloma’ mixes fresh lime, grapefruit juice, soda, and Sauza tequila. While the Tropical Mojito combines lime, mint, and pineapple with rum and soda. Exquisitely made drinks, just like the food, mean diners eat very happily. With a canine taco option on the menu, this goes for dogs too! View Menu

tacos dorados on a plate

10. Casa de Alberto

For a friendly welcome and a great Mexican culinary experience, Alberto’s ranks up there. With wonderful food and attentive wait staff, diners can expect to eat well.

The owners, Alberto and Laura, always have smiles to greet new and old alike. With tacos, enchiladas, and tostadas, guests can expect reasonably priced traditional food.

The Mexican rice, guacamole, and freshly cooked nacho chips are especially good. The Strawberry margaritas, Tequilas, fresh juices, and lemonades only elevate any meal.

Where do you think the Mexican in Milwaukee is? What are you favorite Mexican restaurants in Milwaukee? We are always on the hunt for new places to try.