The Best Restaurants in Anguilla in 2021

Anguilla may be a small island but it has a great food scene with a large variety of cuisines. Since Anguilla is right on the ocean they have some amazing seafood but also Moroccan, Mexican, Italian, French, and much more. If you are traveling with kids don’t worry even the best restaurants in Anguilla have kid-friendly options.

Bring your wallet and your appetite when traveling to Anguilla. Restaurants in Anguilla aren’t cheap and most meals will cost $20+ per person. However, there are a few rare gems that are amazing and don’t break the bank. Just remember it doesn’t have to be expensive to be good. Here are the top 7 best restaurants in Anguilla, according to us!

ALL PRICES BELOW ARE IN USD but can be paid in Eastern Caribbean EC but they will have to convert as the menus are in USD at all restaurants in Anguilla. 

The Best Restaurants in Anguilla

Beachside seafood tacos at Blanchards beach shack in Anguilla - top Restaurant

1. Blanchard’s Beach Shack

Blanchard’s Beach Shack is the #1 restaurant in Anguilla on TripAdvisor and one we agree with. Blanchard’s Beach Shack is just that, it’s a shack on the beach, Mead’s Bay to be exact. The line will start forming before they’re even open.

Don’t worry they have a bunch of tables & picnic tables set up. It’s a great place to have lunch and spend the afternoon. It also is home to the cheapest beer in Anguilla that we found, a can of PBR was $2.98 and Red Strip $3.48. It’s one best restaurants in Anguilla dollar for dollar.

The menu is written on a chalkboard at the walk-up window and you’re given a buzzer to come get your food once it’s ready. The menu offers burgers, hot dogs, chicken tenders, tacos, jerk chicken platters, salads with chicken/tuna, wraps, french fries, ice cream shakes, cocktails, beers, and ICE CREAM.  You can spend the whole day at Blanchard’s Beach Shack if you want as they have beach chairs for rent $5 a day. They even have free Wifi that reached our table on the beach.

  • Recommended dishes: 3 tacos (jerk chicken, jerk shrimp) $9.98, large french fries with cajun spice $3.98, passion fruit daiquiri with rum $7.98, a large dish of ice cream (easily feeds 2 people) $5.98
  • Price $10-$20 per person
  • Open: Monday-Saturday 11:30am-8:30pm
  • Location: Mead’s Bay
  • TripAdvisor Reviews

NOTE: Right next door to Blanchard’s Beach Shack is Blanchard’s which is more of a formal restaurant. We didn’t have a chance to dine here but it was packed for dinner when we were at Blanchard’s Beach Shack watching the sunset one evening.

Lobester lunch awaits at Sandy Island
Sandy Island is known for its lobster and crayfish which is all locally caught

2. Sandy Island 

One of our favorite things to do in Anguilla is spending the day on Sandy Island. We suggest heading to Sandy Island just before Noon so that you spend most of the day on the island and have lunch at the restaurant. Our favorite meal in Anguilla was the grilled lobster at Sandy Island.

We found that all the best restaurants in Anguilla charge $50-60 for lobster so it’s right on par being at $55 for lobster. The menu offers chicken, ribs, lobster, crayfish, Mahi Mahi, Snapper, Grouper, Shrimp, and more. If you are looking at sampling a few things there are combination plates or even platters big enough for 2 people or one big seafood lover.

It was the best lobster we have ever had, the seasoning was perfect and it was served with a great dipping sauce that reminded us of a curry sauce. We have lived in Thailand for over a year and they nailed the curry sauce.

  • Recommended dishes: Grilled lobster $55, local Anguilla Crayfish $50, BBQ chicken $18, Triple Lobster Plater with a spiny lobster tail & crayfish & Slipper lobster $150
  • Price $25+ per person, kid’s menu $8-$12
  • Open: Daily November through August 10 am-4 pm 
  • Sandy ground look for the Sandy Island sign at the entrance of the parking lot. Catch the ferry to Sandy Island at Sandy Ground $10 per person round trip.
  • TripAdvisor Reviews

Fine dinning at Pimm's Restaurant - fresh caught crayfish in Anguilla

3. Pimms

Pimms is located literally on the ocean at Cap Juluca. When we dined there we were watching the fish swim by. If you’re looking for a fancy night out in Anguilla definitely head to Pimms for dinner. Our dining experience at Pimms was our favorite dinner out. Not only was the food delicious but so was the service. The menu offers various seafood dishes, steak, chicken, lamb, and more. 

  • Recommended dishes: Anguilla Crayfish $52, Lobster $52, and Crayfish spring rolls
  • Price $40+
  • Open: Thursday-Tuesday 6:30pm-9:30pm
  • Location: Cap Juluca, West End Village 
  • TripAdvisor Reviews

NOTE: We highly suggest having your Anguilla hotel make you a reservation and ask for a table along the water’s edge.

Check Cap Juluca Rates Booking.comGrill food at Ce Blue Villas in Anguilla

4. Your Own Villa in Anguilla

If you happen to be staying in an epic villa with crazy beautiful views you may not even want to leave. We stayed at CeBlue where each villa has a huge kitchen that completely opens up to the deck complete with a private pool, outdoor patio seating, and a grill. We cooked a few meals not only because it was cheaper but simply because we didn’t want to leave our villa and it happened to be the best sunset spot on the island.

Rent a villa on Airbnb. Get a $40 credit when you book your first trip! –>> sign up here!

  • Recommended dishes: whatever you’re cooking
  • Price $5+
  • Open: 24/7

Check CeBlue Rates | Expedia || TripAdvisor 

NOTE: The best grocery store in Anguilla is Best Buy. There are 2 Best Buy grocery stores in Anguilla but we found the West End location is much larger and with more options. The other location is fine but barely anything has prices marked but over by the deli counter there is a scanner to check prices, which we suggest doing so you don’t have a surprise bill at the checkout. Best Buy is open daily. 

Man working the grill at Ken's Restaurant in Anguilla

5.  Ken’s BBQ

We read about Ken’s BBQ on TripAdvisor and we’re happy to find it was right down the street from our villa at CeBlue. Ken’s BBQ isn’t hard to miss as there will be a line of people waiting in line in front of his smoking grill.

Most restaurants in Anguilla serve BBQ ribs but no one does them like Ken. No matter what part of the island you are staying at, a trip to Ken’s BBQ is totally worth it. You’ll have to time your visit right as Ken’s BBQ is only open Thursday thru Saturday. 

  • Recommended dishes: BBQ ribs $6, BBQ chicken $3, French fries $3, and garlic bread $1
  • Price $5-$10 per person
  • Open: Thursday-Saturday 10:30am-12:00am 
  • Location: The Valley across the street from the People’s Market on The Valley Road look for a line of people around a smoking grill
  • TripAdvisor Reviews

NOTE: Go before 8 pm just in case he sells out of something. We highly suggest ordering extra so you’ll have leftovers for the next day.

Fresh tuna at the Straw Hat Restaurant in Anguilla

6. Straw Hat

We were recommended to Straw Hat by not only locals on the island but some of our followers as well. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We ate at Straw Hat for dinner on our last night in Anguilla.

We were told everything on the menu was good and we can say we had a hard time deciding what to order. All of the mains come with paired sides but if you pick their simple grill menu Chicken, Tuna, Steak, etc. you can pick your two sides.

  • Recommended dishes: grilled tuna steak with 2 sides $33, Steak and Frites $41, Ahi Tuna Banh Mi (lunch only) $20, 
  • Price $15+ per person
  • Open: Daily 7:30am-9p.m.
  • Location: Mead’s Bay in Frangipani hotel
  • TripAdvisor Reviews

Check Frangipani Rates | Expedia | | TripAdvisor 

NOTE: We highly suggest having your Anguilla hotel make you a reservation as it books out. There is live music playing nightly and it’s located right on the beach with a great view.

7. E’s Oven

E’s Oven is a local favorite. It may not be on the beach or have an epic view but the food hits the spot. If you’re looking to try the local Anguilla Crayfish but don’t want to pay $50 then head to E’s.

E’s oven offers the best seafood options at a fraction of the beach restaurants. The menu includes lobster, snapper, Anguilla crayfish, shrimp, goat, lamb, chicken, and more. 

  • Recommended dishes: steamed snapper with cream sauce $25, roasted chicken $14, Anguilla Crayfish $34
  • Price $15+
  • Open: Wednesday-Monday 11:30am-10:30pm
  • Location: On the main road Rte 1, just put E’s oven in Google Maps 
  • TripAdvisor Reviews

We didn’t have a bad meal in Anguilla. No matter what Anguilla restaurant you end up eating at it’ll be good that is unless you burn your meal cooking. In that case, maybe you skip the #4 best restaurant in Anguilla and stick to the other 6 restaurants.

Have you been to Anguilla? What’s your favorite restaurant in Anguilla?

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  1. Thanks for the heads up on these spots. Will be in Anguilla in late Feb ’19 (staying at Zimi Beach first time) and having this list will make for easier meal planning on an island that seems like its restaurants are one of its attractions.

  2. Sounds great ! If you are coming from or heading to St. Martin, you have to stop at Toppers. Everything from meatloaf to lobster. GREAT PLACE !

  3. So many excellent culinary choices in anguilla so little time! Sharkys karlas hanks Falcons nest…chriss conch shack to name some…hit them all!!!


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