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Top 10 Best Sushi in Milwaukee Restaurants

Top 10 Best Sushi in Milwaukee Restaurants

Sushi in Milwaukee? Is it any good? At one time, people had to visit Japan to experience really good sushi. This is no longer true, with sushi found in every corner of the globe, including Milwaukee.

As you know, we have traveled all over the world, and when we decided to make our home base in Milwaukee, we were a little nervous about the food scene and what our options would be. Milwaukee has not disappointed! 

We typically go out for sushi in Milwaukee at least once a month. While most places offer sushi takeout, we prefer to dine and get fresh sushi. Here are our top ten places to find the best sushi in Milwaukee.

sushi at Hungry Sumo Milwaukee

1. Hungry Sumo

This is our go-to place for sushi in Milwaukee. We mainly order the sushi here, but they also serve other Asian dishes with a mix of Thai, Chinese, and even ramen. Hungry Sumo is one of our favorite restaurants and is one of our best restaurants in Milwaukee article

So you might be thinking, “If this is the best sushi in Milwaukee, what should I order?” We always order a handful of rolls, but some of our favorite sushi rolls are summer, spicy tuna, Godzilla, and the dragon. Whatever you do, order the Sumo Pork Bun for an appetizer. They come in an order of two, and the meat just melts in your mouth. 

They do not take reservations and are always busy. We always go and put our name in and then head over to one of the neighboring bars. Usually, we go to Vanguard and grab a drink or two until they text us that our table is ready. On our last visit, we waited about 30 minutes for our table. Menu

dragon roll at Spicy Tuna sushi restaurant in Milwaukee

2. Spicy Tuna

Spicy Tuna restaurant is located opposite the VA hospital in West Milwaukee. We suggest dining in so that you can see the gorgeous, artfully presented sushi like the photo above. The menu also has ramen and other dishes beyond sushi.

There is an online prior ordering option available for take-out orders. And take out orders totaling over $40 and get a free order of egg rolls! Menu

fresh sushi in Milwaukee at Kawa

3. Kawa Ramen & Sushi

Combining the Japanese staples of ramen and sushi, this restaurant is exceptional. Located in the 3rd Street Market Hall. If you have non-sushi-loving friends, there are several other food options in the market hall. 

They are known for their ramen. It is probably the best ramen in Milwaukee. The ramen bowls are made to order with deep, flavorful bone broth. The noodles are bouncy, and their chew shows the quality of cooking. The ramen is only dine-in, and they only sell 120 bowls daily. That may seem like a lot, but they sell out of ramen daily. 

Back to the sushi. We usually get two rolls of sushi and one bowl of ramen when we visit. The chefs also prepare sushi items on demand, using the freshest ingredients.

Kawa is open seven days a week. Remember that their ramen is only available for dine-in, but pick-up and delivery are available for other items. Menu

mixed sushi plate restaurant

4. Rice N Roll Bistro

If you find yourself on the East Side or downtown and are looking for the best sushi in Milwaukee, head to Rice N Roll. This intimate little restaurant fuses the flavors and foods of Japan and Thailand.

We suggest trying the sushi combination platters, crispy Calamari, or spicy Tom Yum. The chefs take inspiration from their childhood food and create greatness. Their Red Curry is another favorite dish of ours if you are craving something other than sushi. Menu

sushi in Milwaukee platter with chopsticks

5. Kyoto

Located in Greenfield, Kyoto is a little off-the-beaten-track. However, let us tell you that it is worth the effort of searching. It is only about 20 minutes from downtown and 20 minutes from where we live too, and we drive here often.

Kyoto restaurant plates up beautiful sushi. The sushi sashimi lunch gives diners a lot of food to try for a great price. The Miso Soup is tasty, but adding crab, scallops, or shrimp helps elevate it.

You cannot get sushi to go or have it delivered. Kyoto is dine-in only, but it is open seven days a week. We never have to wait long for a table. They have a large dining room. Menu

best sushi restaurant

6. Screaming Tuna

If you are downtown and looking for the best sushi in Milwaukee, head to Screaming Tuna right on the riverside. Screaming Tuna takes pride in using sustainable catches for its menu.

Offering something to cater to every guest’s dietary requirements or tastes. From crispy pork belly to delicate sushi rolls to gluten-free and vegan. This multiple award-winning restaurant merits a visit from all sushi lovers in Milwaukee. Menu

fresh tuna sushi rolls

7. Jin’s Sushi Seafood & Bar

Aimed at the higher end of the sushi and seafood dining experience. The restaurant incorporates a well-stocked bar with a double-sided water feature.

A wall of polished tanks houses the shellfish and seafood. The live lobsters and fish remain as fresh as possible until their preparation. We suggest ordering one of the Traditional Japanese cocktails with your sushi. Menu

large sushi restaurant

8. Fujiyama

Fujiyama is a contemporary Japanese restaurant specializing in sushi and hibachi located in West Allis. Hibachi is translated as ‘fire bowl’ and normally contains seafood, meat, and veg. The traditional aspect of the restaurant can be felt in the preparation of the sushi. Guests can openly watch the sushi masters expertly cutting the fresh seafood.

The hibachi, noodles, and other dishes allow diners to experiment with their choices. Fun fact: the first time I ever tried sushi was at Fujiyama back in college. Menu

sushi combo platter

9. Kanpai

Kanpai opened in 2012 with a mission to bring Japanese fusion cuisine to Milwaukee. In creating its own style, the restaurant remains unique in the city. They are another great downtown Milwaukee sushi restaurant. If you are in town for one of the festivals at the Summerfest grounds, Kanpai is super close.

Some of our favorite dishes are starting with the Truffle Parmesan Akami, getting the spicy combo, or Sweet Potato Teriyaki. More traditional menu items are also offered, and guests will not be disappointed. Menu

Raw sushi platter

10. Koi

This family-run restaurant serves quality sushi in Milwaukee without the downtown prices. Koi is located on Milwaukee’s south side near the Milwaukee Airport.

With an American Asian style, guests can sample dishes like the Hawaiian Roll, the Koi Rolls, Crispy Rolls, and Spicy Tuna are star menu items. Ordering is slightly different. You mark your choices on the boxes of a menu card. The first time we visited, we had a few questions, and the waiters were able to answer them and help us pick out a few sushi rolls to pick out. Menu

Where do you think the best sushi in Milwaukee is?