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Boracay on a budget: $20 per day – Without Skimping!

Boracay on a budget: $20 per day – Without Skimping!

Put the ramen cup down, and back away! Sure Boracay is by far one of the priciest places in the Philippines, but the good news: It’s still cheap! Boracay on a budget can be done. It’s probably the #1 tourist spot in the Philippines and you can have a blast without spending a fortune.

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Recommended Hotel in Boracay – Henann Crystal Sands Resort 

Boracay on a Budget

If your not careful your money can run out of your wallet as fast as a speedo clad tourist into the bright blue waters of Boracay, but here is our guide on how to not let that happen!

Boracay on a Budget

Not a good look, just like overspending in Boracay!

It’s not only possible to travel on $20 per day in Boracay, you can actually live pretty well. We traveled here in one of the peak weeks (Chinese New Years- Feb 2014) and still found it easy, and downright comfortable to travel Boracay on a budget.

$20 Boracay countdown or (900P) ~  $1 = 45P

-$7.78 Accommodation in a guest house 700 PHP / 2 for a couple in a shared bath (High Season), private room, or a dorm bed can be found at around 350. We stayed at Trafalgar Cottages, but many other similar rooms can be found in the same price range in the Station 3 area.

I would book a night or 2 in advance online and then walk around town as there are many options that aren’t available to book online.  Yes if you would like you could spend a few $100 a night in a fancy hotel in Boracay, but there are several affordable hotel options.

Boracay on a Budget

-$1.07 Breakfast – One medium-sized Papaya (23 PHP) and a piece of bakery (25PHP)

Boracay on a Budget

-$1.45 Lunch – Tons of quick, local, and good options line the beach near the D-mall area. Take your pick from Filipino favorites, or try some Turkish meats spinning on the grill. Plenty of options for 65PHP or less.

Boracay on a Budget

-$0.45 Afternoon Ice cream – Stop at one of the 3 beach-side locations of McDonald’s for a candy dipped cone, try one of the local favorites ‘Ube’ coated (Purple Sweet Potato).

-0.80 Water – Lounging in the sun all day will take away your hydration, make sure you are getting enough water, 3 liters a day is my minimum. Buying water by the liter can add up(40P), head to one of the smaller locally ran shops and pick up a 6-liter bottle (70P) and refill your Nalgene bottle or a smaller plastic bottle.

-$1.45 Lounge chair – Laying on a towel getting all sandy is for suckers, but so is paying for a beach chair. Head to a restaurant that will let you use their chairs when ordering. We lounged for the cost of one beer (65P) and were able to use two chairs from lunch til’ sunset.

Boracay on a Budget

-$1.78 Happy Hour Drinks on the beach – Don’t miss out on my favorite part of the day, especially on Boracay! Head to White Beach that faces due west and sees an almost nightly fantastic sunset. There are a few good happy hour specials on the beach, but we found Pat’s just south of D-Mall has the some of the cheapest beer on the entire island (including the grocery stores) from 5-8pm beer is 2 for 1 at 80 PHP making each one only 40PHP.

If beer isn’t your thing they also have 3 rum and cokes for 120 PHP and they are strong. Grab a seat close to the waters edge on the beach to prevent others from blocking your view of the sunset. The sun goes down quickly here so two beers are good, but the special runs till later and it’s a nice place to sit with low-key live music.

Boracay on a Budget

-$1.48 Dinner – Several restaurants constantly have juicy, tender, chicken spinning on their spits, we frequented Andok’s restaurants (several locations) because it was good and cheap, coming in at 67PHP for a chicken quarter with unlimited rice. Free service water or drinks for under $.50 or some similar places included free iced tea.

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Boracay on a Budget

There you have it with $3.69 to spare! With the leftovers, if you are on the Boracay for a few days you may want to take a day trip, splurge a little, or just drink some more!

After our time in Boracay, we headed off to Palawan. Every traveler we had met loved El Nido and we heard there we tons of things to do El Nido. So we had a week planned there and a week in Coron Palawan for Adam to get advanced open water certified. We also visited the infamous Kayangan Lake!

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Have you been to Boracay? Any budget tips you’d like to add?




Saturday 25th of July 2015

This is an awesome post! I grew up frequenting Boracay with my family friends and you are definitely experiencing it Filipino style! I live in Toronto now and have been here 5 years. I will be visiting this year and my first stop will probably be Andok's! Cheers!

Jay Zee

Sunday 7th of June 2015

Good tips - The Andok's branch at D'Mall must be the highest grossing Andok's branch in the Philippines! :) I agree, if you want to enjoy Boracay in quiet and get cheap accommodations at the same time, Station 3 is the place to go!

Leo Avila | OverdrivingWithLeo

Wednesday 22nd of April 2015

Visiting Boracay is such a fun experience! The food is really nice and the fun and adventure never stops. Glad you shared these tips and hope that I can get to use all of these on my visit this May! You should visit again too!


Friday 20th of March 2015

I came from Boracay two weeks ago and man I loved that place! And after coming from expensive Beijing I just couldn't be on the budget because it was cheap! I loved everything!


Saturday 21st of March 2015

Boracay is a fun place to get away, and the price is right! Coming from an expensive place splurging in Boracay is worth it and still cheap.

Sally Munt

Wednesday 11th of February 2015

I am currently in Boracay and loving it! It is so beautiful! I shared a bottle of Boracay melon rum last night. 140 PHP between three of us wasn't bad. The mixers however cost almost double. I think we will drink it straight next time, it is nice enough after all!


Sunday 22nd of February 2015

Glad to hear you are having a fabulous vacation! Sounds like you had a fun night, was there a rough morning?