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Hoi An Tailors | Visit To Ha Na Tailor

Hoi An Tailors | Visit To Ha Na Tailor

You won’t be more than 5 minutes in Hoi An, Vietnam without someone approaching you about getting custom clothes made for you at one of the Hoi An tailors. Odds are the man on the bus or even the bus driver owns a shop, or has a sister that owns a shop and they will give you a “card” with the information.

This “information card” is simply their commission slip. We made it off the bus without a card, but our hotel made sure to give us one that they only recommend. Even if you stop and look at a map, you will be approached by someone on a bike who too is more than willing to bring you to a tailor.  Don’t use any of the above sources as your tailor of choice.

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Recommended Hotel in Hoi An – Hoi An Odyssey Hotel

Ha Na Tailor in Hoi An, Vietnam

We hadn’t really discussed getting any clothes made, as we don’t really have room in our bags or budget for this. After walking around town for just 6 hours, and seeing all the tailors with some gorgeous dresses I knew I wanted to get one. You can get anything made from a wedding dress, suit, shirt, boxers, you name it.

We only have 2 more flights in our future before we head to Africa. Once in Africa we won’t be moving, unless over-landing across 7 countries in Africa counts. I won’t have to pack and unpack, and have numerous flights is what I mean. After Africa, we head to Europe, where Adam’s parents will be meeting us, which is perfect to send back any items we no longer need. We also have my cousin’s wedding in Latvia in August.

Somehow I convinced Adam that I needed a dress. I currently don’t have any dresses, and I will need one for any “fancy” dinners in Europe with his parents, my cousin’s wedding, and I have my best friends wedding in August which I need a dress for the rehearsal dinner. Either I’m really charming, or he’s really easy. Because I got a dress made.

Hoi An Tailors | Ha Na Tailor

Ha Na Tailor in Hoi An, Vietnam

After researching online, and having read other travel bloggers that had dress’s made at Ha Na tailor in Hoi An, Vietnam. I decided to go in and see what they could do. Plus I admit, I liked the shop’s name.  Once inside I found a style I liked, and explained what I would like added. Again I had to turn 3 dresses into 1 like I did when I got a leather purse made here in Hoi An. I had the perfect little black dress, with a twist in my head.

We negotiated on a price of $40 with the fabric of my liking, they wanted $60 but I challenged them I wouldn’t take that much fabric. Negotiating the price is just another 1 of the 7 things I won’t miss about Vietnam. I guess they agreed because I got the dress for $40. The ladies in the shop were really nice, not pushy at all which isn’t always the case in the other shops around town.

Ha Na Tailor in Hoi An, Vietnam

They measured me, and measured me. I swear I was turning like a ballerina for 5 minutes, and I could not understand a single second of what they were saying.  I had my fingers crossed this would all work out. I explained to them I wanted a really shiny gold zipper, that went all the way down to my butt in the back.

I got fitted at 11:30 am and was told to return at 7 p.m. for my first fitting. Wow, that’s quick I thought. The shop lady even came and found me at the next door coffee shop with the gold zippers she just went and bought, she wanted my approval. I was shocked, now that is what I call service.

Ha Na Tailor in Hoi An, Vietnam

Returned at 7 pm for my first fitting. To my surprise my dress was 85% complete, it just needed the front zipper pockets added. It fit like a glove, and I was pleased how I looked in it. I just have to stop eating everything in sight here in Vietnam, and it should look great at my this summer!

They wanted me to try on the dress before they added my front pockets with zippers, to make sure they would fall in the right place. These ladies think ahead! I also had them deepen the cut in the front. I was told tomorrow 11 am it would be ready.

Ha Na Tailor in Hoi An, Vietnam

Went back at 11 am to find my dress 98% complete. They added my zippers but put in fake pockets as they were too afraid that real pockets would show through. They didn’t think I would like it if I could see them. I told them it was okay and I was 100% sure I wanted functioning pockets. Don’t ask me why but I love pockets. They said alright, and said be ready by 2 p.m.

2p.m. I returned and there she was, my dress!

Ha Na Tailor in Hoi An, Vietnam

Ha Na Tailor in Hoi An, Vietnam

I am more than happy with the end product. I would buy this dress at JCrew or Banana Republic for $120 without any hesitation. I love the dress and look forward to Adam bringing me out on some fancy dinner dates. HINT HINT!

Ha Na Tailor in Hoi An, Vietnam

Ha Na Tailor in Hoi An, Vietnam

*Ha Na also accepts Visa & Mastercard but we choose to pay with cash to avoid the transaction fee.  Contact information for Ha Na:

Ha Na Tailor in Hoi, An Vietnam

85 Tran Hung Dao St Hoi, An Vietnam Tel 05103.917.858 Mobile 0905.706748 or 0122.3425776 or schedule an appointment via email [email protected]

Ha Na Tailor in Hoi An, Vietnam

Have you ever had custom clothes made? Please share your photos & favorite places.

Hotel suggestions in Hoi An:

Seasun Homestay  $ 16 private room, wanting to stay down on the beach? A/C, cable tv, wifi, breakfast, indoor pool, private beach, and only 3km from old city. wifi

Phu Thinh Boutique Resort & Spa $39 is right in the Hoi An ancient town, 4-star hotel, breakfast, cable TV, balcony, pool, wifi. Your money goes very far here in Vietnam.

When in Hoi An you must eat at Cafe 43 best meals we had in Vietnam, recommend the chicken chili lemongrass, fresh spring rolls, papaya salad, fried wontons, and 15 cent beers.

Jenia from HTL

Thursday 22nd of January 2015

Hi! I just wanted to drop by with a comment that I had the same dress made at Ha Na, as you - so thank you for the inspiration! The ladies in teh shop mentioned that lots of girls have been coming in and requesting the same dress :)


Friday 23rd of January 2015

No way! That's crazy, glad the ladies are getting more business and everyone loved my dress enough to get it made. Hope you are rocking the dress!


Monday 5th of January 2015

Gorgeous dress! What material is it made out of?


Friday 23rd of January 2015

Thanks Toni! I am not 100% sure, It was the more expensive fabric I know that. It stretches and is comfortable I know that!


Monday 20th of October 2014

I'm headed to Hoi An in a few weeks and would love to get some clothes made! I am curious, however, how your dress has held up? I'm interested in Ha Na as well! Thanks!


Saturday 1st of November 2014

Dress has been great worn it to two weddings!

Lou Nguyen

Sunday 20th of July 2014

Hello Hannah and Adam ! I'm from Ho Chi Minh city. Sorry for all such bad experiences you had here. If you return to Vietnam, between late January and early February is the best time. It is among the most important holidays in Vietnam : Tet.


Monday 29th of September 2014

We didn't have many bad experiences in Vietnam, we actually had a really good time overall. We look forward to returning!


Wednesday 16th of April 2014

I had 2 dresses made in hochi minh city and wore them a few times back in the states for new years and other events. Unfortunaetly they were silk and any spillage did not come out so they didnt last long! I love the dress you had made, you are right you could easily get it at Banana Republic or jcrew for high price!


Friday 18th of April 2014

Silk and spillage not a good combo...but I am guilty of many spills! I swear Banana would have that dress any day in the store!