How to get from Hanoi to Noi Bai HAN Airport

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So you’ve had your fill of the chaos of Hanoi and you are ready to head to the Hanoi HAN airport? The best way on how to get from Hanoi to Noi Bai HAN Airport from downtown or the old quarter of Hanoi, Vietnam to the Noi Bai HAN International airport is to take the shuttle buses for 40,000 VND. If you are wondering how much a taxi is from the old quarter to the airport, it is between 300,000 – 350,000 VND depending on where you book and how much you negotiate. The cheapest option to get to the Hanoi airport is definitely the shuttle and below is a guide to how to find and take the shuttles from Hanoi to Noi Bai HAN airport.

$1 USD= 20,000 DONG

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How To Get From Hanoi To Noi Bai HAN Airport

HAN Airport - Map location of HAN airport
The Noi Bai airport HAN is located about 35km outside of Hanoi

Shuttle To The Noi Bai HAN Airport:

For the cheapest way to get to the Noi Bai HAN Airport international from the old quarter of Hanoi is to take the shuttle bus. The shuttle bus stand is located near the lake with the pagoda in the center. Take a taxi from your hotel to the shuttle stand located on Trang Thi and Quang Trung (see map, or using google maps, or GPS coordinates: 21.0257380, 105.8498460)

HAN Airport -Airport shuttle map

The taxi ride to the shuttle stand should not cost more than 40,000 dong and should be more like 20,000 dong. Make sure to take the all green taxis, as they have more honest and have reasonable meters.

Taking other colored taxis the meters can run 3-4 times as fast, or they will try other dishonest tactics (or at least that was our experience). Always take a metered taxi because a fixed fare will be more than 4 times what you should pay.

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HAN Airport -street location of HAN airport shuttle

The shuttles leave every hour on the hour in front of this building heading to the Hanoi airport.

HAN Airport -shuttle address HAN Airport -HAN airport shuttle ticket office

They can leave late as they try to fill them, so it’s best to go earlier than late. The cost for the Hanoi airport shuttle is 40,000 VND and the ride takes between 40-60 minutes depending on traffic.

The stand told us the real price and didn’t try to give us a tourist price which I appreciated, but don’t pay more than the listed price.

HAN airport cheap hotels

Other options to the Noi Bai HAN airport:

Take a taxi the whole way from Hanoi to Noi Bai HAN Airport is also an option; it’s straightforward and can be arranged in many places, but is very costly compared to the shuttles. Almost any Hanoi hotel can book a taxi for you or a tour agency around town for about 300,000 – 350,000 dong.

Hanoi City Bus to Hanoi Airport Noi Bai HAN:

There are two Hanoi city buses that connect the Noi Bai airport and Hanoi city center. Catch the bus #7 or #17 right outside the airport terminal exit. The bus cost 5,000 dong ($0.30) per person and will take around an hour to reach Hanoi city center.

The buses run 5am-1opm and roughly every 15-20 minutes. Hanoi Bus #7 goes to Kim Ma bus station and bus #17 goes to Long Bien bus station.

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41 thoughts on “How to get from Hanoi to Noi Bai HAN Airport”

  1. Shuttle bus is the best option. I have used every form of transport and for ease, comfort and price – just get the shuttle bus.
    Thank you so much for the information and guide in this blog. Really appreciate it.

  2. Hey the google maps pin is not correct for the airport shuttle. It puts you at 23B Quang Trung instead of the intersection you spelled out.

    • Unless it has moved the streets we spelled out should be correct, we may have had issues with that as well and that’s why we took the photo. However, be aware this was several years ago and things change quickly in Vietnam.

  3. Hey, have a question on the express bus no. 86. My flight will touched down at 10.30pm, I’m wondering could I catch the last bus from Noi Bai Airport to Hanoi old quarter?

    • Hi~ The last bus will move at 23:05 in International terminal. When you come out the gate, please turn left. You can find the bus stop is right opposite the column number 2

  4. I’m wondering about How to get from Noi Bai HAN Airport to Hanoi .

    Looking at the various Hotel booking websites they say ‘includes Airport transfer’

    So what does one need to do upon arrival? Most hotels include this in their price, so are there any special Hotel transfer buses etc and how does one find which one to get on, please? Where in Airport does one go?

    • If the hotel includes it you will most likely have to contact them in advance with your arrival information and they then will give you more details on the transfer. If they don’t show up then take a taxi/uber/bus. Safe travels.

  5. 20th of April 2017
    Works fine, exactly like in the description. It’s probably the cheapest and simplest and fast option to get to the airport, even Uber will cost about 10 USD.

  6. Super helpful. I used this advice to get to the airport today using the 40,000VND shuttle bus! So much cheaper than paying 18USD for a transfer from a hotel! Thank you! I will link to this when I publish my Hanoi post!

  7. I should go in Hanoi in May landing on Friday around 21.30. Does anyone know the best option to reach the old quarter (close to Kiem lake)?

  8. I took the 86 bus from the airport to the city center, as of September 2016 was 37000 dong. I plan on taking it back to the airport from Hanoi Railway Station. Cheers and thank you 🙂 – p.s. i took the other shuttle bus last year and it is also still running.

  9. Hey there!
    Thank you for the information, it’s really helpful.
    The only proplem: do you know, if they also drive around 5am?
    Thanks a lot!

  10. From now, you can take the bus route 86 from Hanoi railway station to Noibai airport with the price is 30.000đ for each. The first bus start running at 5h05 am and keep running until 23h00 pm continuously with the frequency is 20-25 minutes per route.

  11. Info on the shuttle bus timetable from Hanoi to Noi Bai Han Airport as of April 5th 2016. First bus leaves 4.45am, next at 6.00am and then every hour up to 7.00pm with last bus at 7.30pm

  12. Thanks for a helpful post and the update. Anyway, does any of you know the operating hours of the shuttle? I have a flight at 6am on Apr. 3 to HCMC and I’m thinking of leaving Hanoi at 4am. Is the shuttle a viable option?

    • Best bet is to always locate the shuttle office the day before so you know where it is and give yourself enough time the day of your flight, then when there double check the operating hours.

  13. Thanks for this. Went to check it out since it’s near my hotel and price is the same (40k) as of Feb 2015. Hotel tried to talk me into a private car for $15, think I’ll take my chances with the shuttle and hope it doesn’t leave too late.

      • Hi all, just sharing FYI. Came to the bus area at Hanoi at 8 am today (as per the map). The person said we will leave at 8.05. there were only 3 ppl there. I was prepared to wait bcos of the above comments. At 8.15 the person called a cab for us. 3 of us shared the cab, ended up paying 70k per pax. Yes, it’s not much difference but this practice is rather unacceptable. The company should have told us the amount to pay and we should be allowed to make a decision. As I know, bus 86 is only 5 mins walk from there and only costs 35k.

        Also, when I came from Airport to Hanoi, no one on the bus spoke english. It doesn’t stop downtown or anywhere near the lake. After some help from other passenger the driver dropped me off near my hotel. Just take note, you need to voice out your destination else they will keep driving further and further away (was told by the other passenger that the end-stop is very far from downtown).


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