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Hue Vietnam Guide – Everything you NEED to Know

Hue Vietnam Guide – Everything you NEED to Know

Hue - Vietnam - Citadel-9

Hue Vietnam is often a stopping point for those travelers making their way from North-South or South-North. Many tourists make a stop for a day or two to take a look at the ancient city. The biggest draw here is the Citadel, which is a Chinese style town and settlement dating back to the 1800s.

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Hue Vietnam Basics:

Does Hue have an ATM?: YES

Getting to Hue

You have several options from buses, trains, planes, and taxis.  We flew due to the time it would have taken on a bus and the flight was really cheap. There is an airport in Hue but at the time of our flight it was closed, so we flew into Danang and then took a 2-hour bus to Hue.

For a detailed list of how to get from Danang to Hue click here. Our flight was under $50USD with luggage per person and took only 1 hour from Ho Chi Minh City. Once we landed in Danang it was 100,000 VD from the airport to the bus terminal, and then 60,000 for the bus to hue, and 30,000 from the bus stop in Hue to our hotel.

Make sure to always ask for a metered taxi, otherwise, you will pay much much more than needed. You could easily get a private taxi right from Danang airport to Hue, think we heard the price down to 1,000,0000 but I know this could be negotiated down further we didn’t try.

Lots of people take the sleeper buses, and they sell single-ride tickets or open tickets that will include your legs around the whole country. Lot’s of people recommended Sinh Cafe, we didn’t use them so unsure. I get car sick easily, and the buses are always honking and passing so we opted to fly, the open ticket would have been $60 per person and our flights from Ho Chi Minh-Da Nang and Da Nang-Hanoi were only $100. Flying saves days on buses too.

The train is a good option too, but the prices we were seeing online would have been more than flying.  Make sure to check the train schedules, and if possible buy your tickets at the train station to get the best prices.  Prices vary based on the class of seat your purchase, sometimes you get what you pay for.

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HighsHue, Vietnam - Colors of the Market

The Market: We had a great day just wandering around the Hue market, there is something about Asian markets.

Vietnam Beer Review-4

Hue Beer: One of the better beers we had in Vietnam, and it was only found in Hue.


Hue - Vietnam - Citadel-7Weather:  We had a few great hours a day but even after some research and talking to others it sounds like the weather in Hue is notoriously bad. It’s usually misty, drizzly or outright rainy.
Hue - Vietnam - Citadel-13Attractions: The main attractions the Perfume River & the Imperial Citadel just weren’t that impressive to us. The tombs are quite a distance outside of the town, and going on a day trip or hiring a driver is a must. The entry into all the cities attractions was 180,000 VD ($9USD) valid over 2 day period.
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Hue, Vietnam - Colors of the Market-9Food: There aren’t many cheap options, coming from Ho Chi Minh we expected more options. Nothing we had was bad, we just expected more. We ate at Hot Tuna and Little Italy, as the prices were cheaper than the small local places which seemed odd to us.

Hue Vietnam Travel Tips

Corto Del Mar-9Eat at Little Italy: We originally walked by this restaurant, as we assumed we wouldn’t be able to afford a restaurant with a touchscreen menu. WRONG!

We ended up here 3 times, the pasta was made in-house and was super tasty and cheap. We went there on the weekend to get their pizza special, buy a small pizza get one free. The beer was reasonably priced as well, no complaints here.

Vietnam Beer Review-5Fresh beer on side streets: Just one street off the main tourists street you will find small restaurants serving up fresh draft beers for 5,000/6,000 VD.

Hotel suggestions in Hue

Cuc Bang An Hotel was the hotel we stayed in, it was centrally located, clean, free    Wi-Fi, A/C, cable TV with few English channels, fridge, we would stay again. 2 stars and $13 for a night for 2 guests when we stayed in 2014

Tigon Premium Hotel has dorm beds as cheap as $4 but if you are a couple a superior double/twin is only $12. Rooms come with A/C, cable TV, Wi-Fi, and some rates include breakfast buffet.

Midtown Hotel looking for a few more amenities the Midtown Hotel has a rooftop pool, sauna, hot tub, steam room, free Wi-Fi, ATM on-site, Cable TV, fitness center, A/C, great views, fridge in rooms, and much more. Normal rates on Agoda are $66 but when searching on my mobile via app was $30 always compare prices via app.

Lola (xpath travel)

Thursday 23rd of November 2017

Hi! I came across your blog and this post is just amazing. Hue has a sort of old, vintage feeling to it that I adore so much!

Hannah Lukaszewicz

Friday 24th of November 2017

So glad you found our travel blog. Yes Hue is old and has that fun vintage feel to it. What was your favorite city in Vietnam?

Maria Scarinci

Monday 30th of January 2017

Excellent blog, excellent tips...thanks so much!


Sunday 19th of April 2015

I would use the Agoda app and you can book right from there. You can also search hotels near your location which is very helpful. Glad we could help!

jodie williams

Friday 17th of April 2015

Hi Hannah...... what app do you use on your mobile to find the cheaper rates on hotels? .. im travelling to Vietnam in May for a month.... your blog has been really helpful, thanks for sharing your adventures!


Wednesday 10th of December 2014

1 point on trains, prices online can be very expensive but we found going to the station was way less.

Also, there seemed to be very little difference between hard & soft sleeper prices.

HTH :-)


Friday 9th of January 2015

Thanks for the tips!