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How to get from Livingston, Guatemala to Utila, Honduras in 1 day

How to get from Livingston, Guatemala to Utila, Honduras in 1 day

Looking for “How to Get From Livingston, Guatemala to Utila Honduras in One Day” and wondering if it is even possible? Yes, it is but get ready for a long day of travel, but it can be done! We spent 2 nights in Livingston and could have easily spent more as private rooms are only $10 a night and we really enjoyed our time in Livingston. But we had friends waiting for us in Utila, so we had to figure out how to get from Livingston, Guatemala to Utila Honduras.

How to Get From Livingston, Guatemala to Utila, Honduras in One Day

Catch a lanchas at the main pier in Livingston at 6:30 am (25 min, 35Q)

The easiest but not the cheapest is to arrange transport from Puerto Barrios to La Ceiba through a hotel or guide center in Livingston. We used Rio Tropicales, who uses “Roberto” (several people recommended him over others).

** what they don’t tell you: it says direct & private, but as is in most things in Central America it’s not really** Roberto only takes you to the border, points you where to get your exit stamps and so forth. He did help us out when Guatemala randomly didn’t give me an exit stamp, he sweet-talked the Honduran border patrol into letting us through.

What happens then is Roberto arranges with someone he knows in Honduras to take you the rest of the way.

But wait there are more if’s if you have less than 5 people they will not take you to La Ceiba directly, you are dropped off at the San Pedro Sula Bus terminal to catch the 4-hour bus ride to La Ceiba.

Chicken Bus - sm

We only had 3, so it was the bus station for us.

Looking back it was an expensive ride for what it was but we were a bit nervous about Honduras and on a tight timeline and choose not to go at it alone.

You can also get a ride to the border for 70Q and take another taxi there to San Pedro Sula, however when we were there I did not see many taxis, but I believe it is possible to do it this way. The ride from the border to San Pedro Sula is about a 1.5-hour ride. I am not sure what the price would be, but I think Roberto paid our Honduran driver 100Q for the 3 of us (I think, and who knows what deal they may have either way, I am pretty sure Roberto is making out on the deal)

From San Pedro Sula

There are two bus lines running express buses to Le Cebia. However, direct or express is a loose term here we stopped constantly. Time 4 hours, Cost: 115L  If you don’t have to don’t spend a night in San Pedro Sula, it is not the safest place… it’s actually the murder capital of the world. If you do end up there late and have to spend the night, make sure you are staying in a safe neighborhood and don’t go out at dark I personally would splurge on a nicer hotel.

On the upside, the bus was more comfortable than the small ruff Honduran taxi.

How to Get From Livingston, Guatemala to Utila, Honduras

The bus will drop you at the respective bus lines terminal, where taxis should be waiting. We traveled with someone who goes often and said 50L is about as cheap as it gets per person.

Ferry from the port to Utila using the Utila Princess, $25USD, 1 hour

Once you dock in Utila you should be able to walk to your hotel, it’s a fairly small island. During low season you should be able to walk up without reservations, or just book online for the best deals rooms private rooms for $18.

If you have time make sure to take a day trip to Water Caye it’s gorgeous.

Huot Iv

Monday 15th of January 2018

Do you have contact info for the person you used. I need to get from puerto barrios to san pedro Sula

Hannah Lukaszewicz

Wednesday 17th of January 2018

We arranged it when we were in Livingston Guatemala. It's best to ask once you're there.

Joseph Castillo

Wednesday 21st of September 2016

Guacamayo Tours now offers shuttle service from Antigua, Puerto Barrios and Rio Dulce. We provide free Hostel for the night if the ferry is messed due to traffic or any delays. We also provide Tours to Cayos cochinos and shuttle service to Leon when your are done diving @ Utila

Call or e-mail us and we will be happy to help you


Sunday 30th of October 2016

Thank you for some updated information, I am sure it will help those looking o how to get from Livingstone Guatemala to Utila Honduras.

Omar Maldonado

Monday 6th of April 2015

Now we have a direct shuttle from Puerto Barrios and Rio Dulce to La Ceiba in one day and we arrive on time to catch the afternoon ferry to Utila so you don't have to spend the night in San Pedro Sula.


Sunday 3rd of August 2014

Thanks! we really want to do this but we were starting to think it couldnt be done. so thank you so much guys!:)


Monday 29th of September 2014

It can be done but it is tricky...good luck!