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How To Get To Anguilla | The Fastest Way to Paradise

How To Get To Anguilla | The Fastest Way to Paradise

Are you looking for the details on how to get to Anguilla? Here are all the options and prices, along with Anguilla insider tips.

There are many ways to get to Anguilla, so we have gathered all the info so you can find your way to the island that fits your budget and times.

How to Get from St. Martin to Anguilla

When traveling to Anguilla, you can arrive via ferry from St Maarten or fly into Anguilla. Most tourists opt for the Anguilla ferry as it is super easy, and flights to St Maarten are cheaper than Anguilla. Even with the damage from the hurricane last year the service between the islands is still running.

The ferry to Anguilla only takes 20 minutes. Most international flights to Anguilla will actually stop at SXM, so it would be faster just to take the ferry over than wait at the airport. So instead of putting AXA (Anguilla’s airport code) as your destination enter SXM (St. Maarten) and you’ll be amazed not only how much cheaper it is but shorter the duration of the trip is too.

We are going to start with the best and the fastest way to Anguilla! Several cities in the USA fly directly to St. Maarten, so you could quickly get to Anguilla before lunch this way. There are even direct flights to SXM from Amsterdam & Paris.

Don’t Forget Your Passport 

Blowing Point Anguilla ferry terminal GB ferries stand
Blowing Point ferry terminal in Anguilla

Ferry To Anguilla From SXM St. Maarten Airport

If you plan on heading straight to Anguilla from the SXM airport, it would be best to go with GB Ferries. Click here to book tickets. GB ferries will pick you up at the airport arrivals and shuttle you over to the ferry terminal which happens to only be a 5-minute walk from the airport.

We arrived early, so we opted to walk over. The airport information desk told us right where to go.

  • Daily shared shuttles
  • Free wifi onboard
  • Free beverages onboard
St. Maarten SXM ferry to Anguilla Immigration

You’ll go through immigration before boarding the ferry in St Maarten & in Anguilla. There was no departure tax when leaving/arriving in St. Maarten. Don’t lose the yellow Anguilla immigration form, as you’ll need this when taking the Anguilla ferry back to Anguilla.

NOTE: When taking the Anguilla ferry back to SXM airport, there is a non-resident Anguilla departure tax of $36USD  for adults, and the rate for children under 12 varies based on age. 

If you are not staying overnight in an Anguilla hotel, there are special rates for St. Maarten day-trippers Anguilla departure tax.

Anguilla departure tax rates window at Anguilla Ferry terminal

Ferry To Anguilla From St. Martin French Side

If you happen to be spending some time on the French side of St. Martin, you can take the public ferry right from Marigot Bay, or you could take a taxi from SXM airport to Marigot Bay to catch a cheaper public ferry to Anguilla.

  • $30 one way adults and $20 children under 12
  • Ferries run every 45 minutes
  • The first ferry to Anguilla 8:30 am and the last ferry to Anguilla 5:15 pm
  • Taxi from SXM to public ferry

*NOTE: When taking the Anguilla ferry back to the French side of St. Martin, there is a non-resident Anguilla departure tax of $28 USD for adults, $3 USD for children 2-4 years old, and $15 USD children 5-11 years old.

If you are not staying overnight in an Anguilla hotel, there are special rates for St. Maarten day-trippers Anguilla departure tax.

woman standing on the beach at SMX airport - on the way to Anguilla

Anguilla Blowing Point Ferry Terminal

No matter if you take the St. Maarten ferry from the Dutch side or the French side, you’ll be brought to Anguilla’s Blowing Point ferry terminal. Here, you’ll go through immigration and customs. This took us only 5 minutes as there was no line and not many people on our GB ferry.

We rented a car with Junie’s Car Rental, which had someone waiting for us just past immigration with a sign. Renting a car in Anguilla is a must. There are 33 beaches in Anguilla to explore, and the best way to do this is by car.

There are Anguilla taxis, but they are expensive, and you’ll have to book in advance. We stayed at CeBlue villas in the Valley (15 minutes away), and they suggested we rent a car during our stay as a taxi to them would cost more than 1-day car rental. Our rental car with Junie’s Car Rental was $35 a day. The best restaurants in Anguilla are spread out over the island and trust me, you’ll want to eat at them.

NOTE: You’ll have to purchase an Anguilla driver’s license, which you can buy right at Junie’s.

  • 3-day Anguilla driver’s license $15
  • 3 month Anguilla driver’s license $25

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Flights to Anguilla

We don’t advise flying to Anguilla as it is usually a long way to Anguilla. There are only three destinations that fly have a direct flight to Anguilla: St. Barts, San Juan, Puerto Rico, and St. Maarten. All other flights to Anguilla layover in St. Maarten SXM airport.

There is an airport in Anguilla, and it’s located in The Valley and the airport code is AXA. The airport is within a 20-minute drive from any of the hotels in Anguilla. It most likely would be cheaper to fly from your home city to St. Maarten (SXM) and then purchase a flight from St. Maarten to Anguilla. We definitely advise comparing prices to both destinations.

Anguilla Air Services from St. Maarten SXM Airport to Anguilla (AXA)

  • 10-minute flight
  • Average of $100 each way
  • 3 flights daily

Even though flying to the island isn’t necessarily the fastest way to get to Anguilla, it can yield some epic views of both islands. If it might be worth flying one way to Anguilla, I personally would fly from Anguilla to St Maarten just for another epic landing over Maho Beach in St. Maarten. You could justify the extra money as a day trip even though it’s only about $20 more.

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We hoped our article helped you realize how to get to Anguilla is super easy, and the trip is well worth it. Make sure to check out our other Anguilla articles to help plan your trip to paradise. Don’t forget to spend a day on Sandy Island and eat at the best restaurants in Anguilla!

Thanks to CeBlue Villas & Junie’s Car Rental for hosting during our time in Anguilla. As always all opinions are our own.


Saturday 22nd of August 2020

Very good information. Haven't been to Anguilla in 15+ years, but will have 10 hours in St. Martin from the cruise ship. Might be able to squeeze in a trip to the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Jennifer T Lizama

Saturday 21st of March 2020

Omg, this is very helpful! You just made it so easy for me and my kids to plan a trip to Anguilla. Can't wait to book a trip