How to get from San Ignacio Belize to Hopkins Village Belize

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Comfort: 2 stars – converted school buses

Safety: 3 stars – well organized and felt safe

Cost : 2 stars –

Catch the bus in the San Ignacio city center bound for Belmopan. Cost $3bze per person. 1 – 1.5 hours

Transfer buses in the Belmopan station bound for Dangriga. Cost $6 bze per person. This leg of the journey is one of the most scenic as it winds you through the cloud covered mountains.  1.5-hour ride.

chicken bus belize

Transfer buses at Dangriga bound for Hopkins Village

Note: make sure the bus will go into the town of Hopkins, if not you will be left off 4 miles outside of town on a dirty road. Currently, only two buses per day make this trip at 10:15am and 5 pm from Dangriga.

Tip: enjoy the ride and sample some of the vendor’s treats that hop on and off your buses. Most food is safe especially the dried goods like one of my favorite fried plantain chips. There are also a number of other snacks and bread. If there would be anything I would avoid is any pre-packed meals containing meats and cheeses as you don’t really know how long they have been out in the Belizean heat. If you can see where they are made or if it is made to order you should be alright.

11 thoughts on “How to get from San Ignacio Belize to Hopkins Village Belize”

  1. Hey, thank you for this useful article! Can I ask you one more thing? We’re currently planning our trip to Belize and can’t really decide on the type of the luggage we should bring – is it possible to travel by bus with, let’s say, one average-sized suitcase? Thanks!

    • Glad we could help. Just be prepared for your luggage to be either literally strapped to the roof or at the back of the bus with a ton of others stuff on top of it. Keep all valuables on you. We liked to sit in the back of the bus so we could keep an eye on our bags. Where are you all planning on going?

      • Thank you once again! We’ll try to follow your instruction. Well we’re going there at the end of February so I have not really started making plans yet but I suppose we’ll spend few days in San Ignacio and then we’ll move to Hopkins, we have just 15 nights in Belize and I do not think we should go to more than one-two places; I was thinking about giving Placencia a try, but I think it is too far and Hopkins could be a good and not-so-touristy substitute? 🙂

        • With 15 days you might be abe to visit three places, but it all depends on your travel style. Belize is a pretty small country and most cities aren’t more than a few hours from each other. Hopkins was nice, but we found it a bit slow for us, but it could have been that we visited in low season. We also enjoyed our time on Caye Caulker you may want to consider the islands as well. If travel time between places is a concern there are also small planes that can bring you between most tourist cities in the country, however that’s not the cheapest option. Hope that helps your planning! Enjoy Belize, it’s one of our favorites!

  2. Thank you for the post… your info helped us a lot! We did this trip on 2017-04-03, and the Dangriga bus is now $7 bzd. Everything else was accurate though. Thanks again!


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