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Everything You Need To Know About Trekking Mount Batur At Sunrise

Everything You Need To Know About Trekking Mount Batur At Sunrise

Bali is an island full of adventure and one of those adventures starts bright and early. We’ve traveled to Bali multiple times and both agree no other morning was as epic as the one where we went on a Mount Batur trekking tour for sunrise. Most things to do in Bali start after sunrise so we promise this is the only one that requires such an early wake-up call.

Trust us sunrise at Mount Batur is worth it. If you can’t make it there early enough for sunrise the Mount Batur hike is still a must even in the afternoon. Bali is full of volcanos but Mount Batur is the most active volcano in Bali. We’ve put together everything you need to know about trekking Mount Batur.

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Where Is Mount Batur?

Mount Batur volcano is located on the island of Bali and the Kintamani District. It sits at 5,600 feet above sea level and like mentioned above it’s the most active volcano in Bali with the most recent eruption in 2000. It is also referred to as Gunung Batur.

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How To Get To Mount Batur

You’ll more than likely be staying in Ubud or down in one of the beach towns by Kuta. The most common way and easiest way to Mount Batur is by booking a sunrise trek that includes hotel pickup. Most trekking companies include this in their rate, and the price varies on your pickup location. You could hire a taxi but it won’t be much cheaper than booking a sunrise trek that includes transportation and a guide up to the top.

It is possible to rent a motorbike and drive yourself but it’ll be dark the entire drive so we’d advise against this. For reasons unknown, there are lots of people and dogs out at 3 am, and you’ll have to weave your way through small villages narrowly avoiding these obstacles.

  • Ubud to Mount Batur | 30 miles (49 km) 1 hour 20 minutes
  • Kuta to Mount Batur | 49 miles (79 km), 2 hours 10 minutes

There are several hostels and a few five-star hotels nearby that we’d suggest staying at. This would require a lot later alarm clock and you could enjoy the view for a few days. Trekking tours would also be cheaper as you wouldn’t need transport.

Mount Batur Trekking Companies

There isn’t a marked path to summit Mount Batur so it’s best to trek with a guide. There are tons of companies in Bali that sell Mount Batur Trekking trips. You can do this once you arrive in Bali or you could arrange it in advance at home.

We booked our sunrise trek online at home. This way we knew we had it booked and didn’t have to shop around looking for a good rate, this also gave us more time to enjoy our honeymoon in Bali. We tied in the trek with visiting the Ubud monkey forest and some of the best temples in Bali. It was also good to get that cost out of the way and we knew exactly how much it was on our Bali budget.

Next time we go back we’re booking this tour, camping on Mount Batur sounds epic. Here are a few Mount Batur Trekking tours you can book online:

Mount Batur Sunrise Tours

Company Tour Name Hotel Pickup Price Check Availability
My Bali Trips GROUP TOUR Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking with Breakfast On Top and Visit Hot Springs  yes $45 Check Availability 
My Bali Trips PRIVATE TRIP Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking with Breakfast Ontop and Coffee  yes $63 Check Availability
Get Your Guide PRIVATE Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking with Breakfast On Top and Visit Hot Springs  yes $75 Check Availability
Get Your Guide Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking with Breakfast Atop and Coffee Plantation Tour  yes $59 Check Availability
Get Your Guide Mount Batur Sunrise Hike with Breakfast, visit Natural Hot Spring, and Coffee Plantation Tour  yes  $67 Check Availability
Get Your Guide 2-Day Sunset and Sunrise Camping at Mount Batur incl. gear & porter, Dinner & Breakfast, and visit Natural Hot Springs  yes $135 Check Availability
Get Your Guide Mount Batur Sunrise Trek and White Water Rafting, includes breakfast & lunch  yes $99 Check Availability
Viator Mount Batur Sunrise Hiking and Coffee Plantation Tour *price varies on hotel pickup  Yes $40+ Check Availability
Viator Private Tour: Bali Active Volcano Sunrise Trekking, with Breakfast, visit Natural Hot Spring, and Coffee Plantation Tour  Yes $82 Check Availability

Best Time To Trek Mount Batur

The best time to trek Mount Batur is during dry season in Bali which is May through September. We hiked in April which is technically rainy season but we had a good dry day. You wouldn’t want to trek on a rainy & cloudy day as it would be slippery and you wouldn’t see much.

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How Hard Is Trekking Mount Batur?

Well, that all depends on your physical ability. The Mount Batur sunrise trekking tours start in complete darkness and you make your way up 2,296 feet. It took us about 2 hours to summit Mount Batur. The entire trek including watching the sunrise on Batur took 5 hours.

Hotels Near Mount Batur

If early mornings aren’t your thing or if you want to spend more time near Mount Batur consider staying in a nearby hotel. There are several hotels with amazing views and peaceful settings. If you’re on a Bali honeymoon we highly suggest staying 2 nights and staying in Bali villa with a private pool.

  • The Ayu Kintamani Villa 4 Star Hotel $100+ | gorgeous private pool villas & volcano views ||
  • Lakeview Hotel and Restaurant 3 Star Hotel $50-100 | gorgeous rooms with views | Check Rates Online |
  • The Volcania Guest House 2 Star Hotel $30-50  | great views & outdoor shower  | Check Rates Online  Agoda |
  • Batur Lakeside Hut  2 Star Hotel $30-40 | Huts right on the lake | Check Rates Online | 

Manand woman trekking Mount Batur at sunrise in Bali

What To Wear?

Wear layers. When you start the trek it’ll be dark and cold but as you start making your way up the volcano you’ll get hot. I started the trek wearing everything you see in the photo hat, gloves, pants, sweatshirt, jacket, etc. but by the time I got to the top I was down to my shorts and sports bra. Once at the top, as we were waiting for the sunrise I slowly added all my layers back on. We both just wore regular Nike shoes, you don’t need hiking shoes.

What’s The Included Breakfast?

Most trekking tours include breakfast, which consists of boiled eggs that cooked using the heat of the mountain’s hot springs, bananas, and hot coffee. Nothing fancy at all so we suggest bringing a few snacks along.

Things To Pack For Mount Batur Sunrise Trek

If you’re planning a Mount Batur sunrise trek you’ll want to be prepared. Here are a few things that you should be on your Bali packing list.

  1. Headlamp – The hikes starts in the pitch black it’s a must to have a headlamp, don’t rely on your phone’s flashlight that’ll be a pain to deal with and you don’t want to kill your battery. You can pick up a cheap headlamp here for under $10.
  2. Water – Most tours will give you a smaller bottle but we highly suggest 1.5 liters per person for the hike.
  3. Snacks – Even though most sunrise treks include “breakfast” it isn’t much and your body will need something more after the hiking up Mount Batur. We always travel with a few RXBAR protein bars.
  4. Dry Bag Backpack You never know when it’s going to rain and you don’t want to be caught in a torrential downpour with your camera & phone. We also hike with our waterproof backpack, it’s comfortable and carries a lot. A small dry bag works, too, but it isn’t as comfortable to carry while trekking. They are also good for the beach, they keep sand out really good.
  5. Lightweight Tripod- You’ll take better photos if you have a tripod. You’ll get to the top of Mount Batur before it’s bright out. Snap an amazing time-lapse with a tripod. We suggest a lightweight travel tripod.
  6. Camera – If you have several cameras or looking at getting a new camera, you’ll want one with manual controls. This way you can take better photos of the Mount Batur sunrise.

The hike was worth every step. If you find yourself in Bali make some time on your trip to wake up at un-Godly hours and march up a mountain. You won’t regret it. There are many great sunrises and sunset spots in Indonesia, we’ve heard Borobudur at sunrise is another great spot.

Where’s your favorite sunrise spot in Indonesia?

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