Playa Jibacoa Cuba – The Best Kept Secret in Cuba?

When planning a trip to Cuba make sure to make time to visit some Cuba beaches, our personal favorite was Playa Jibacoa in northern Cuba. We recently returned from our trip to Cuba, as it is now becoming easier and easier for us Americans traveling to Cuba. We wanted to travel to Cuba as soon as possible, as we all know flights to Cuba from the USA will be happening soon.

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Cuba’s Best Beach Playa Jibacoa

The long bridge to the beach playa jibacoa
The long bridge to the beach

We rented a car and explored Cuba at our own pace but if you’re on a one-week trip to Cuba I’d suggest splitting your time up traveling Cuba between Havana, Trinidad, and some of the many beautiful Cuban beaches. If you only have time to see one beach make sure to visit Playa Jibacoa Cuba.

Where Is Playa Jibacoa?

Playa Jibacoa is on the northern shores of Cuba, between Varadero and Havana. Playa Jibacoa is 60 km/38 miles from Havana and can be reached in just under an hour from an hour. A good portion of the drive from Havana to Playa Jibacoa is along the coast. Varadero to Playa Jibacoa is 90 km/56 miles and is 80 minutes away.

How To Get To Jibacoa Beach?

Playa Jibacoa Cuba Blue Old American Chevy Drives
Blue old American Chevy drives the road along Playa Jibacoa

Unless you’re on a tour that includes stopping at Playa Jibacoa Cuba the only way to get to Jibacoa is by either having a private taxi bring you or renting a car and driving yourself. We rented a car and drove from Varadero to Playa Jibacoa. Driving in Cuba was super easy, we just had to keep our eyes open for potholes as they seemed to be never-ending.

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Things To Do In Playa Jibacoa Cuba

Woman on Driftwood on the beach Playa Jibacoa Cuba
Love the trees and driftwood on the beach in Playa Jibacoa, Cuba

There aren’t a ton of things to do in Playa Jibacoa, the main draw is the beach and ocean. Enjoy the day laying on the beach, snorkeling, or go diving. In Jibacoa, there are two shipwrecks you can dive: a sunken cargo ship, and a military ship. The cargo ship is visible from the beach and military ship lies on its side and still has ladders/anchor ropes/guns. Diving the shipwrecks have been one of the favorite things to do in Playa Jibacoa by divers.

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Palm umberlla on the beach of Playa Jibacoa

For those that don’t dive, just laying on Playa Jibacoa is my personal favorite things to do in Jibacoa. There is hardly anyone at Playa Jibacoa, you’ll probably have the beach to yourself. Across the street from the beach, there is a shop selling cold beers, soda, snacks, etc. Grab a few drinks and just enjoy being in Cuba.

Playa Jibacoa Airbnb

There are several Airbnb listings in nearby Playa Jibacoa that are a fraction of the hotel prices in Playa Jibacoa. You can rent an entire beachfront home that sleeps 6 for $75 a night. If you are wanting to spend the night in Playa Jibacoa we highly suggest renting in advance on Airbnb that way you aren’t driving around looking for a casa. As an added bonus it will be prepaid online so you won’t have to bring as much cash.

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Hotels In Playa Jibacoa

There are 3 hotels in Playa Jibacoa as of May 2016, but as tourism in Cuba increases, I would imagine more hotels will become available. The #1 hotel on TripAdvisor is Memories Jibacoa, an all-inclusive property, click here for reviews.

Pictures of Playa Jibacoa

Driftwood on the beach Playa Jibacoa Cuba Club Havana bottle on Driftwood on the beach Playa Jibacoa Cuba Tree Stump on the beach Playa Jibacoa Cuba Woman in an orange dress on Playa Jibacoa Cuba

Bottle of Cuba's club Havana propped up in the sands of Playa Jibacoa
A bottle of Cuba’s finest propped up in the sands of Playa Jibacoa

The Main beach in Playa Jibacoa Cuba

Playa Jibacoa Cuba woman sitting on a tree ocean iand beach in the back ground
Playa Jibacoa is full of interesting trees and driftwood

The Main beach in Playa Jibacoa Cuba Playa Jibacoa Cuba road side vendorBlue Ford car in front of the beach of Playa Jibacoa

We made friends with a few local guys on the beach who helped us arrange to get an old American car up on a hill overlooking the beach for some photos.

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Playa Jibacoa was one of the prettiest beaches in Cuba we stopped at on our recent trip. Varadero is gorgeous but there was something special about Jibacoa.

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Playa Jibacoa Cuba woman at the end of along bridge at the beach

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  1. Hi hannah we are staying at the memories jibacoa in july 2019 and cannot wait to check out the beaches and havana, i came across your web site by accident and found it a great read keep up the good work. Roll on july rum and a fat cuban cigar chilling on a white sand beach.

  2. Thinking of going to Cuba at the end of August and have no clue where to start looking for accommodations and things to do. We like to eat well and would love nice accommodations, but I realize that I am not going to be able to get the Four Seasons, Beverly Hills, in Cuba. Excited to walk all over and take in the architecture and history. Advice on hotels/airbnb in Havana and surrounding beaches is welcome.


    • Hi Amy – There are AirBNBs available but the responce can be slower since the internet is still pretty new. You can also stay in local casa familiares which you can just walk up and book while you are here. They are a room in a home which have been approved by the government to rent. Most are nice enough, but on the more basic side. There are also normal hotels in Cuba but most are government run and nice enough but you’re contributing to the government.

  3. I am going to Cuba for 2 weeks soon and hopefully make it to Playa Jibacoa, it sounds perfect. Currently reading blogs and trying to work out a rough route around Cuba. Thanks for sharing your travels

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