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San Ramon Waterfalls – Ometepe Island, Nicarauga

One of our highlights of our time on Isla Ometempe was our hike to the waterfalls in San Ramon.

Ometepe waterfall

The hike is 3km each way on a one-way path. The fist 2km’s are easy on a paved road, or you can opt for a taxi to take you to this point, or a more scenic voyage on horseback (plus they can get you even closer) we hiked all 3km for the workout. The last 1km is the toughest, as the path narrows and you encounter a rocky, up, and down path.

Ometepe waterfall-10

The path is very easy to follow, guide service is offered all around the island but isn’t necessary as the trail is very easy to follow. There is only one spot where you cross the river where the path is a little tricky to follow, but look for the footpaths between the rocks.

Either way you hike it the waterfall is worth it!

The 60m waterfall was one of the most impressive I have seen. I would recommend getting there early cause at about noon the groups coming from Santa Domingo will fill up your pictures as the pool at the base of the falls isn’t very large. We stayed in Merida at La Omaja hotel as guests. Merida gives you closer access to some of the good stuff on the island.

San Ramon is a 45-minute walk from town (which we did both ways for an extra 12km workout). The hike up the volcano is easy access from Merida as well, and saves you the multiple bumpy rides from Santa Domingo.

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What to Bring:

Some water and a camera is all you really need, you can wear a swimsuit and jump in the pool below the waterfall if you like. I would bring a smaller, cheap camera if you plan to do the total hike. You might manage a big DSLR if you just did the final leg of the hike. However, it’s still the hardest with some chances to slip and fall.

Ometepe waterfall-8

Brandon Edward

Thursday 13th of February 2014

Thanks for the heads up guys. We're on Ometepe this morning and I think we'll be headed out that a way. Good luck on your trip!


Sunday 16th of February 2014

Thanks, you will have a lovely hike. Hopefully you have some time alone at the waterfall.


Monday 16th of September 2013

Looks beautiful! Like something out of the Lost World.


Sunday 16th of February 2014

It was a great surprise for sure.