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Sandals Royal Curacao – Everything you NEED to Know

Sandals Royal Curacao – Everything you NEED to Know

Are you looking to check out the newest Sandals Resort and have had Curacao on your bucket list for ages? Us too! Sandals Curacao is the newest Sandals Resort, making it the 16th resort for the company, and now they are Sandals Resorts in nine Caribbean destinations.

We can’t wait to stay at the brand-new Sandals Curacao ourselves later this summer. We’ve put together this guide of everything you need to know about the resort, and we’ll be updating it later this summer after our trip.

drone photo showing the entire Sandals Curacao property

FAQ About Sandals Curacao

Is Sandals Curacao open? – Yes, Sandals Curacao is open!

When did Sandals Curacao open? – Sandals Royal Curacao opened on June 1, 2022. They pushed back the opening date from April 2022 due to construction delays.

What airport do you fly into for Sandals Curacao? – Curaçao International Airport (CUR)

How far is the Curacao airport from Sandals Curacao? – The Curacao airport is 15 miles from Sandals Curacao and takes an average of 40 minutes.

What resort did Sandals buy in Curacao? Sandals Resort bought the Santa Barbara Resort in Curacao.

Is it safe to go to Curacao? – Yes, Curacao is safe, but with any destination, exercise normal precautions. The U.S. State Department gives countries a 1-4 advisory level; currently, Curacao is a travel advisory level 1, the lowest level. For the current safety in Curacao, warnings click here to get the U.S. State Department.

Can you tip at Sandals Curacao? – The only staff members that are allowed to accept tips at Sandals Resorts are butlers and spa employees. Sandals Resorts has a strict no-tipping policy, and any employee caught accepting tips will be fired. Please don’t put staff members in an awkward position by offering them a tip. They will feel bad saying no and risk losing their job.

Where can you get the best deals to stay at Sandals Curacao? –  In order to get the cheapest Sandals Curacao prices, book directly on the Sandals website. Skip the travel agent and book it yourself. We NEVER use travel agents! Click here to see the current resort specials.

Don’t forget your insurance! You never know when you’ll need it. We suggest getting travel insurance with Safety Wing. Which coverage includes medical, trip interruption, lost luggage, and more. Often rates are as low as $12 a week. 

aerial view Sandals Curacao Heart rooms

Where Is Sandals Royal Curacao?

The brand-new Sandals Curacao is located on the 3,000-acre Santa Barbara estate in Willemstad Curacao. The resort itself is situated on 44 acres, with plenty of room to stretch out and explore.

Getting to Sandals Curacao?

Direct flights to Curacao are from Charlotte, Miami, and New York City (JFK). American Airlines and Jet Blue offer direct flights to Curacao at this time. The resort is located 15 miles from the airport.

Best Time to Visit Curacao

We think the best time to visit Curacao is from January through March, and this is great for us because that is when we like to escape winter in Wisconsin.

Curacao doesn’t have a real “rainy” season. It does have months that get more rain than others. The wettest months in Curacao are October, November, and December.

The driest months in Curacao are February through June. You will barely see any rain at all. If it does rain, it will be a quick few-minute rain shower. The hottest month in Curacao is June, an average temperature of 84 degrees, and the coldest month in Curacao is January, with an average high of 80 degrees. So as you can see, there isn’t a bad time to visit Curacao. The temperature is always between 80-84 degrees.

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A butler dressed in black riding a bike at Sandals Resorts Barbados location

Sandals Curacao

Located on the Spanish Water Bay will be in the newest Sandals Resort! Sandals Royal Curacao has 350 rooms and suites, including a few new room types we can’t wait to try out. The resort features a two-level infinity pool, three new food trucks, and even a few room categories where you get free use of MINI Coopers!

Awa Seaside Bungalow room at Sandals Curacao drone view

Room Types at Sandals Curacao

There are 350 rooms at Sandals Curacao, including the brand-new Awa Seaside Bungalows and Kurason Island Suites that overlook a heart-shaped pool. If you are planning a Curacao honeymoon, consider one of the following room types at Sandals Curacao:

  • Awa Seaside Bungalows
  • Kurason Island Suites
  • Amante One Bedroom Suites

If you are one who is barely in your room, consider one of the cheaper rooms at Sandals and staying longer or going twice a year. You could spend $4,000 a week for two people or up to $25,000. No matter which room type you stay in, you’ll be able to enjoy all the amenities, pools & restaurants at Sandals Curacao etc.

Sadly there are no Sandals Overwater Bungalow rooms in Curacao. Staying in an overwater bungalow should be on your bucket list. On your next trip, consider staying in an overwater bungalow in Jamaica or head to Sandals Grande St Lucia overwater bungalows.

Sandals Curacao Room Service

Like all other resorts, Sandals room service is offered to all guests but the menus and times may change based on the room type booked. Some rooms have an all-day room service, which is 7 am-10 pm, while the butler suites offer 24-hour room service.

Sandals Resorts Dress Code For Restaurants

Restaurants have either a resort casual or resort evening attire policy. Men, make sure to pack at least one pair of pants,  closed-toed shoes, and a dress shirt if you plan on dining at one of the restaurants with evening attire.

My husband usually brings one pair of pants that we call his “diner pants,” one pair of closed-toed shoes, and three button shirts (long sleeve or short sleeve). The women have a much more relaxed attire, and I can say I have never been turned away for wearing jeans to an evening attire place. Often I will wear long pants as the air conditioning is so cold inside or the mosquitos love me…

  • Resort Casual Attire:
    • Shorts or jeans, t-shirts or polo shirts. Swimwear must be covered. Shirts and footwear are required.
  • Resort Evening Attire:
    • Men – Dress in pants or jeans, long or short sleeve dress shirts (with or without collar). Dress shoes, closed-toe dress sandals, deck shoes.
    • Ladies – Dress pants or capris, skirts, elegant tops, and dresses. Dress shoes or dress sandals. No shorts, t-shirts, men’s sleeveless shirts, sneakers, flip flops or slippers, hats, or caps.

Gatsu sushi restaurant at Sandals Curacao resort

Restaurants at Sandals Curacao

There are 11 restaurants at Sandals Curacao, including three food trucks that are great for a quick lunch. We suggest planning out your dinners on your first day, as for restaurant schedule and menus, so you can see which days restaurants are closed. You will find most restaurants close at least one day a week.

If you are a foodie, you’ll want to visit Sandals Curacao because 8 of the restaurants are exclusive to Sandals Royal Curacao! We will elaborate more on each restaurant after we visit the resort and have a chance to eat at them ourselves and find out what is the best restaurant at Sandals Curacao.

1.  Butch’s Island Chop House

This most likely will be the most popular and one of the best restaurants as it will serve grain-fed Midwestern beef. We expect it to be similar to Butch’s steakhouse at Sandals Barbados, which is one of our favorites.

2. Zuka

This is a new restaurant to the brand. It will serve flavors from Central and South America. We can’t wait to try this out, as we love food from both regions.

3. Strand Seafood House

This will be the go-to seafood restaurant. They will serve fresh fish and seafood right on the beach.

4. Vincent

This one has us guessing what the menu will be like. Vincent will serve European fusion food with a great presentation.

5. Pietra

This Italian restaurant will be a sure hit, serving up traditional Southern Italian dishes.

6. Gatsu

If you like trying new restaurants and foods you usually don’t eat, you’ll love Gatsu, which will be the go-to sushi restaurant. If you have been to Soy or Sushi on the Sand at other Sandals Resorts, this will be similar to those.

7. Aolos

If you love dining outdoors, head to Aolos for Mediterranean food while you enjoy the gorgeous Curacao weather.

8. Kanaal

We can’t wait to check out Kanaal, it sounds like we will be there several times a day. They will serve as a cafe during the day and a wine and cheese bar at night. Sign us up!

Sandals Curacao food truck

Food Trucks at Sandals Curacao

9. Toteki

Toteki will serve traditional Curacao food, which we have never had, so we can’t wait to try it.

10. Kishi

If you love Asian street food, you’ll love Kishi. They will be serving Bao buns, curries, rice bowls, and more!

11. La Palma

Who doesn’t love Spanish Tapas? This sounds like the perfect bite to eat poolside or to tie you over before dinner.

Infinity Dos Awa Pool at Sandals Curacao

Sandals Curacao Pools

The best pool at Sandals Curacao is the Dos Awa Pool, which is Sandals’ first two-level infinity pool. There is an upper and lower deck that overlooks the Spanish Water. It is the perfect place to lounge all day long.

Make sure to check out the salt-water pool that is actually ocean-fed and has a sand bottom!

The pools have no set hours and are open all day & night. If there is a maintenance sign set out, they will ask you to leave during such time.

Bartender at Sandals Curacao Zuka bar

Sandals Curacao Bars

You’ll never be thirsty, as there are 13 bars at Sandals Curacao. You are never from a bar with a friendly bartender ready to mix up your favorite drink.

We will add more about the bars after we have a chance to have a drink or five at each of them. Stay tuned.

Three divers swimming at a dive site in cozumel Mexico - Top tourist attractions in Cozumel Mexico

Diving in Curacao with Sandals

For many certified divers, the unlimited diving at Sandals Resorts is one of the biggest perks. We have met many guests that go out every morning for a two-tank dive and come back around lunchtime. If you’re a certified diver, you know that diving can be a costly hobby. Often a two-tank dive will cost $100+ but not at Sandals. The diving at Sandals Resorts is INCLUDED, and it is UNLIMITED. We suggest stopping by the dive shop right away on your first day to go through some paperwork and signup for the upcoming dives.

If you aren’t a certified diver but want to try diving and see if it’s something you’d like to consider doing a discover scuba dive. This is a 3-hour program, and you’ll get to do one open water dive going up to 40ft below. Discovery dive prices are $100. I personally have done a discovery dive in Belize, Maldives, and Thailand and can say this price is reasonable.

If you loved the discover dive, consider getting PADI certified on your trip or start the coursework before your trip. There are 8 hours of classroom work that can be done online before you arrive. Then once in Curaçao, take your practical exam with the instructor and start diving the same day. Your PADI certification is valid all over the world, so on your next Sandals vacation, you’ll be dive certified and can take advantage of unlimited diving.  PADI open water diver certificated costs $450 and is reasonably priced for the Caribbean.

We have done most of the diving with Sandals in Jamaica. Make sure to read our best Jamaica Sandals resort article if you are unsure which one to stay at. We can’t wait to try diving in Curacao with Sandals.

Aerial view of the Sandals Ochi Beach Party with Foam

Activities at Sandals Curacao

Another reason why we love Sandals Resorts is its unlimited activities, including watersports, diving, and more. There are tons of things to do, rain or shine. Make sure you take advantage of the included amenities.

  • Water Sports like boogie and paddleboards, kayaks and canoes, snorkeling, glass-bottom boats, and pool volleyball
  • Table tennis, bocce ball, beach volleyball, cricket, and yoga
  • Free use of bikes to explore the 3,000-acre estate
  • Live Entertainment, live music, beach parties, and chocolate buffets
  • Spa with excellent massages and other spa treatments (extra charge)
  • Fitness Center with full gym equipment
  • Convertible MINI Cooper is complimentary for guests in the Kurason Island Suites and the Awa Seaside Bungalows to explore the island.

women on pick at Sandals Curacao

Our Pick for the Best Tours in Curacao

There are tons of things to do in Curacao. We suggest you plan on taking at least one excursion during your trip.

I know it will be hard to leave the resort for the day, but it’s great to get out and see what the island of Curacao has to offer. Just stop by the Island Routes desk in the lobby and check out the excursion list or book online in advance.

There are a ton of great Curacao tours on Get Your Guide. Here are our top 3 excursions in Curacao:

  1. Curacao Speedboat, Beach, Blue Room, and Snorkel Adventure is one of the best tours in Curacao. If you are looking for some of the best beaches in Curacao you’ll love this trip. This tour goes beach hopping, go snorkeling in the island’s famous cave, the Blue Room, and swimming or snorkeling at several more stops throughout the day. Make sure to bring some cash if you’d like to grab a drink or two at a local beach bar.
  2. Curacao Sunset Yach 2-hour Private Tour – If you love a good Caribbean sunset, book this tour. Sit back and relax on a private yacht while you watch the sunset in Curacao.
  3. Curacao Jet Ski and Snorkel 1.5-hour Adventure Who doesn’t love jet-skiing? Jump on jet skis and head off on this tour of Curacao’s famous sites, stop to go snorkeling at a tugboat shipwreck, and more.

Sandals Curacao Resort Map

Sandals Curacao Resort Map

So what do you think? Doesn’t Sandals Curacao sound amazing?!?

We hope you have an amazing trip, and make sure to get the best prices online here directly with Sandals.