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The Best Travel Camera Bag for a DSLR camera

The Best Travel Camera Bag for a DSLR camera

On the first year of our round the world trip I tried 3 different bags until I found the best travel camera bag for a DSLR camera: Lowepro Event Messenger 100. As travel photography has become a bigger and bigger part of our blog and travels, it’s critical to always have my DSLR camera with me at all times on our RTW trip. Having the right camera bag is the key to being ready to catch that great shot when you stumble on to it.

Best travel Camera bag for travel - best DSLR camera bag - Photography-7

For me the best travel camera bag for a DSLR is the Lowepro Event Messenger 100.

Why I love this camera bag for travelBest travel Camera bag for travel - best DSLR camera bag - Photography-12

It’s a small messenger bag style and not a backpack giving me quick access to my camera when I see something interesting to take a photograph of. When traveling in crowds or less safe area I can wear it in the front of my body keeping would be thieves out. The Lowepro Event Messenger 100 camera bag doesn’t look like a traditional camera bag. It comes in a neutral color and it’s much more stylish than most bags. Not looking like a camera bag I think helps keep thieves away while traveling too. My travel camera bag fits all my essential gear, it’s comfortable, it’s been durable, stylish, and protects against all the abuse of traveling. All these factors are why for me, it’s the best travel camera bag for a DSLR.

What I fit into my Lowepro Event Messenger 100 travel camera bagBest travel Camera bag for travel - best DSLR camera bag - Photography-1

I carry a bunch of gear in this small and stylish bag, more than I even thought I could when I bought it. I have a Nikon D5300 with a Tamron 18-270mm all-in-one attached to the body. There is still enough room to keep my rather large wide angle Tokina 11-16mm. The Lowe pro 100 camera bag is very capable of fitting two lens. Before I upgraded my lenses from the kit lenses that came with my camera the Nikon 18-55mm and the Nikon 55-200mm lenses fit comfortably. My current lenses also have their lens hoods attached inside the camera bag.

What accessories do I carry in the Lowepro Event Messenger 100 camera bag for my DSLRBest travel Camera bag for travel - best DSLR camera bag - Photography-11

The front pouch of the camera bag is large enough to carry all the accessories I need for a day. I have three spare batteries, a lens pen, lens cloth, wireless small remote shutter, a remote bulb timer (programmable shutter release awesome for night photos and time lapses), two filter cases (one polarizing filter for my Tamron all-in-one, and one ND filter (for my wide angle), tripod mount, zipper SD card wallet, and I think that’s it. Sometimes the front pouch of my camera bag looks a little pregnant, but it all fits without a struggle.

Best travel Camera bag for travel - best DSLR camera bag - Photography-10

In addition to the front zipper pocket of the Lowe pro 100 camera bag it has an open top back and side pockets. In the back pocket I keep a micro tripod that comes in handy when I come across a low light situation that it didn’t expect or a quick group selfie. The tiny tripod isn’t designed for a DSLR camera but it holds it when it’s not extended as long as it’s used carefully. This little tripod is a life saver for interesting unplanned shots when I don’t have my large travel tripod. The side pocket I use periodically for small things I might need on a particular day like another small camera or an extendable stick for my GoPro. You could also use them for filters or other items, but I find them a bit narrow to be useful for things I need often. The best travel camera bag is the one that comfortably fits all of your gear.

Best travel Camera bag for travel - best DSLR camera bag - Photography-8

If all that isn’t enough the bag is super durable and has protected my gear in some tough situations on our travels. After almost a year of daily use it is in very good shape. All of the stitching is solid and showing no signs of problems. The zippers and pockets are in good shape. The only ware that is visible is the rubberized portion of the shoulder strap is cracking a bit, and the front pocket cover is pilling from the velcro on the front flap. As for protection that is where it saved me more than once, but the most memorable was a fall that I thought would have destroyed my camera and lenses. The fully packed camera bag tumbled out of my locker while on our African safari and landed on the metal floor of the truck. I cringed as I opened the bag only to find everything in perfect order. I am not saying you should try this at home but my camera and lenses survived a 4+ foot fall on to a hard floor.

This truly is an awesome bag, and that’s why I say it is the best travel camera bag for a DSLR camera. I bought this bag myself and in no way was I paid to write about it. If you found this helpful and want your own please follow one of the links above to amazon from this page because Amazon will give me a small cut and keeps this blog alive (it will not effect your price at all). Thanks and happy traveling and photographing!


Thursday 12th of February 2015

Were you a photographer prior to starting your RTW trip? Any tips on where to start for new photographers? How did you chose your camera? Did you take lessons? BTW the photos are just amazing.


Wednesday 12th of November 2014

I've got a Timbuktu messenger bag that works well for me. It's about the same size but has an extra pocket for a laptop that fits my 11" netbook. I think it's designed for an ipad but I prefer the power, storage space and versatility of a laptop. The bag is also incredibly light (just over 1 lb) which is very important when carrying it on long hikes as well as carry on luggage limits when flying.

Tracey @ A Taste of Trace

Thursday 2nd of October 2014

I've been looking for a decent travel-sized camera bag & this one looks great! My boyfriend and I are planning on doing something similar to you guys (quitting work and traveling) in January & I'm really excited! I was wondering though, how do you keep your electronics (DSLR, laptops, etc) safe while you're out and about? Do you find that just leaving them in a locked bag is fine?


Saturday 4th of October 2014

Glad we could recommend something to you Tracey. Congrats on the decision to quit and take on this crazy adventure. We have 2 DSLR's, 2 computers, 2 other cameras, and crazy camera equipment and yes we lock all bags up, have a little chain to lock that to either bed pole/heater something no easy to remove from. We never stay in dorms either. Any other questions email me.

Karisa @ Flirting with the Globe

Monday 29th of September 2014

I may need to add one of these to my Christmas list! I find myself traveling more and more with my smaller hybrid (that can be stuffed in my purse) and leaving my SLR at home!


Monday 29th of September 2014

Adam carries this bag every day, I can't imagine him not having his DSLR...You should check it out, but if you could remember come back at shop from the above amazon links for any of your purchases that way we get a little commission for our travel fun. Thanks!