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Top 25 Things to Do in Door County Wisconsin

Top 25 Things to Do in Door County Wisconsin

One of Wisconsin’s top vacation destinations, there’s no shortage of things to do in Door County for just about every traveler.

Door County is located on the Peninsula stretching out into Lake Michigan, where you can find the calm Green Bay on one side, plenty of adventure on the lakeside, and lots of fun and nature in between. There are so many activities in Door County.

Door County is the perfect weekend getaway for people in the Midwest and even further away. Here is our list of the top 25 things to do in Door County!

Things to Do in Door County Video

25 Best Activities in Door County

We have put together this list along with the video to help you make the most of your next trip to Door County. A few of these are seasonal activities and require a bit of planning, but many are offered most of the year.

Door County is a special place; we hope you enjoy it as much as we did on our last trip.

Woman with cherry blossoms in Door County - Things to do in the spring

1. See the Door County Cherry Blossoms

If you plan your time in right, you can see the peninsula covered in white cherry blossoms. From mid-May, lingering into mid-June some years, you can catch the natural beauty of Door County’s cherry trees.

Check the cherry blossom forecast and plan your trip to fit. Don’t worry if you happen to miss the cherry blossoms. There are plenty of other things to do in Door County.

Couple sitting on the bluffs of Cave Point County Park in door Count - Must visit

2. Visit Cave Point County Park

Another must-visit place in Door County is the beautiful Cave Point County Park. On the peninsula’s lakeside are limestone cliffs carved out over many years of waves crashing against them.

The churning waves have created pockets into the cliff face making little coves and caves. Below or above the waterline, they are fun to explore.

Woman stading on the top of Cana Island Lighthouse in Door County

3. Climb Cana Island Light House

One of Door County’s most famous and picturesque lighthouses can be found on Cana Island. The island is connected by a narrow causeway, but in recent years the lake has reclaimed it, and now a tractor takes visitors to Cana Island Lighthouse.

The lighthouse has been guiding ships around Door County since 1869. A 97-step climb will bring you to the top of this picture-perfect 89-foot-tall lighthouse. From here, you’ll have great views of Lake Michigan and the shoreline. Make sure to check out some of the other lighthouses in Wisconsin too. 

windiest road in Wisconsin Door County at Fall

4. Drive Wisconsin’s Windiest Road

The craziest stretch of road in the state is located between Gills Rock and Northport. This piece of pavement winds its way between the trees like and snake. Find a spot to stop along the way because the fun road makes for a great photo op.#23. Grab a frozen Custard at Not Licked Yet…

Order a big dish of custard to keep your energy levels high while exploring. When in Wisconsin, you need to have the local favorite, frozen custard. Similar to ice cream, but if you ask us locals, it’s way better.

Goats eating grass on top of Al Johnsons restaurant - Best places to eat in Door County

5. Breakfast at Al Johnson’s

You can’t go to Door County without visiting this classic Door County restaurant. Most restaurants are known for what’s on the table, but here at Al Johnson’s, they are known for what’s on the roof. Seriously, check the goat cam here!

Back in 1973, this Scandinavian restaurant added a real grass roof (just like in Norway), and shortly after came the goats.

That’s right. This restaurant has goats trimming the grass on top of the roof. Come for the goats, and stay for the pancakes and Swedish meatballs. It might sound like a weird combo, but trust us; it’s a must-have. They truly are one of the best places for breakfast in Door County.

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2 wine glasses in front of tasting menu at a Door County Winery - Things to do

6. Sip your way through the Wineries in Door County

You might not associate Wisconsin with wine, but once you visit, you just might! There are some great wineries in Wisconsin to check out.

There are eight wineries in Door County, all serving up their own one-of-a-kind wine. Many produce wines from local fruits like cherries along with traditional wines. No matter what your taste in wine, you’re sure to find something to sip. 

Door County Fish Boil "boilover" at Rowley's Bay Restaurant

7. Go to a Door County Fish Boil

There’s nothing that says Door County like a fish boil. More than a meal, a fish boil is an event. It’s a place to come together with locals and other visitors.

It’s become a tradition to gather around the fire, hear stories, and socialize. The real show starts when the fish is ready. The boil master stokes the fire and causes a boil over, which erupts into a fireball of near-atomic proportions.

Exterior of Alexanders Supper club in Door County Wisconsin

8. Have Dinner at a Supper Club

In Wisconsin, it isn’t dinner. It’s supper – and you have it at a Wisconsin supper club. You don’t have to be a member. It’s not that kind of club. Come and sit down to a nice meal at one of Door County’s many supper clubs, and don’t forget to order a Brandy Old Fashioned if you want to fit in. 

Make sure to check out our list of the best restaurants in Door County to help you plan your trip. 

view from a sunset cruise in Door County - Things to do

9. Take a Sunset Cruise

One of the best ways to see Door County is on a boat at sunset. The soft light and colorful skies make for the best backdrop to enjoy Door County’s natural beauty. Set sail with Door County Boats for one of their sunset cruises, and you won’t regret it.

woman in a red shirt on a zip line tour in door county - things to do

10. Go Ziplining

For those who love a little adventure, one of the best things to do in Door County is strap in and go zip-lining. Soar down the four-line course at Lakeshore Adventures. Bounce over the suspension bridge and race down the dual last line.

woman riding a segway in a cherry orchard in Door County - Best weekend itinerary

11. Join a Segway Tour

Strap on a helmet and hit the streets and trails of Door County. There are several Segway tours available in Door County. We rode with Glide NEW Segway Tours on a tour of Peninsula State Park and a few nearby cherry orchards.

Woman holding beer sample paddle at Door County Brewing - Places to eat in Door County

12. Grab a Beer at Door County Brewing

After a busy day exploring, head to Door County Brewing for a flight of their delicious beer. They have teamed up with Hacienda Brewing, and they have a brewpub with an awesome atmosphere and some great beer.

car ferry sailing to Washington Island for a weekend in door County

13. Take the Ferry to Washington Island

As if there aren’t enough things to do in Door County on the main peninsula, there are also 34 named islands to explore also. The largest and most visited is the beautiful Washington Island.

You can take the ferry from Northport to Washington Island. Come for the day or stay a few nights. You can even bring a vehicle on the ferry. More info on the ferry here.

Lavender Field in Washington Island Door County

14. See the Lavender Fields of Washington Island

If you plan your visit to Washington Island right, you can see the beautiful purple-lavender fields in full bloom. In mid to late July, part of Washington Island turns a stunning shade of purple.

Ariel View of Plum Island Lighthouse

15. Visit Plum Island and Other Door County Lighthouses

Door County has a total of 11 lighthouses, some are easier to visit than others, but they are all interesting and unique. Some of the most accessible are Baileys Harbor Bird Cage Lighthouse which can be seen from shore.

Also, while you are on the ferry out to Washington Island, keep your eyes open for the Plum Island Lighthouse. These and a few others can be easily found. The others you’ll have to work a little harder to check out. Most are best seen by boat.

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cherry pit spit Door County Wisconsin

16. Try and Set a Record at the Cherry Spit Pit

Another uniquely Door County thing to do is take part in the Cherry Pit Spitting Championship. The idea is to propel your cherry leftover high into the air and as far as possible. The world record stands a little shy of 50 feet, and there is even a Cherry Pit Spitting Hall of Fame.

Lautenbach’s Orchard is home to the official pit and home to the contest and one of the best places to experience it. If you miss the championships, you can test your skills at the pit anytime during the summer months.

Peninsula State Park Door County Wisconsin shoreline

17. Hike Through Peninsula State Park

Another pristine part of Door County is Peninsula State Park, located on the northern bayside of Door County. Here you’ll find steep bluffs backed by hiking trail-filled forest.

Visit Eagle Bluff Lighthouse - Things to see in Door County

18. Pay a visit to Eagle Bluff Lighthouse

Also in Peninsula State Park is another one of Door County’s best lighthouses, Eagle Bluff. Shorter in stature at 43 feet is bolstered by the tall bluff it stands on, bringing it nearly 90 feet above the lake.

  • Address: 10249 Shore Rd, Fish Creek, WI
a couple Kayaking in Lake Michigan in Door County - 3 day weekend in Door County

19. Go Kayaking in Lake Michigan

The adventurous can brave to cool waters of Lake Michigan and jump into a Kayak to see a whole other side of Door County. One of the best trips to tackle in a kayak is to paddle to Cave Point County Park.

Aboard a kayak, you can actually get inside the caves and truly appreciate these natural formations.

20. Visit Whitefish Dunes State Park

Take a walk along the rolling dunes of White Dunes State Park. These tall mounds of sand line the shore of Lake Michigan and are a unique natural phenomenon.

fall colors in Door County Wisconsin road with trees

21. Check out the Fall colors in Door County

Another stunning time to visit Door County is during the autumn colors. Every year the peninsula is covered in the warm colors of fall leaves.

Timing varies, but generally late September to October, you can catch the seasons changing here in Door County.

Wooden path at the Ridges Sanctuary with light house at the end - Things to do in door county on a weekend

22. Walk the Ridges Nature Trails

Go for a stroll along the extensive trails and paths in the Ridges Nature Trails in Baliey’s Harbor. Don’t miss the range light keeping watch over Lake Michigan from the boardwalk.

23. Grab a Frozen Custard at Not Licked Yet…

Order a big dish of custard to keep your energy levels high while exploring. When in Wisconsin, you need to have the local favorite, frozen custard.

Similar to ice cream, but if you ask us, locals, it’s way better.

Renard's Cheese - Wisconsin Cheese shop in Door County - Weekend in Door County

24. Stop for Some Cheese Curds at Renard’s Cheese Shop

A trip to Wisconsin wouldn’t be complete without a stop for cheese! The place to get it is Renard’s right off Hwy 57 near Sturgeon Bay.

They have all types of cheese and several dishes featuring, as you might have guessed – cheese. We like to get fresh cheese curds for the drive home.

orange and pink sunset at Andersons dock in Door County

25. Go to Anderson’s Dock for Sunset

One of the best ways to end a day in Door County is to head down to Anderson’s dock. This old warehouse, now covered in colorful graffiti, makes the perfect addition to your sunset photos.

There’s no better way to end your time in Door County than watching the sun sink into the bay’s calm waters from the dock.

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things to do in Door County Pin for Pinterest
pinterest pin for things to do in Door County - Cana island lighthouse

What are your favorite things to do in Door County? Did we miss some of your favorites? Please comment with anything you think we should add to our list!

Our trip was in partnership with Door County Tourism, but all opinions are our own. We are so glad we finally got to visit Door County. We’re lucky to have this great spot just 2.5 hours from home.