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Theodore Roosevelt National Park on a Budget

Theodore Roosevelt National Park on a Budget

Heading to Theodore Roosevelt National Park and on a budget? We recently visited Theodore National Park, we had a great time, and in doing so, we were able to keep our wallets full. Here are our tips for Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

1. Pack A LunchSeven Day Strech - North Dakota-4

There are lots of picnic sites within Theodore Roosevelt National Park, many of which you will be the only ones at. Pack a picnic lunch or bust out your gas grill and make hot dogs! Take a break and enjoy the scenery.

NOTE: Make sure to read tip #4 to save an extra buck or two. There is only one store in Medora, and the prices are not budget-friendly.

2. Buy Annual National Park PassTips for Theodore roosevelt National Park on a Budget - Park Pass-1

If you are planning a #epicUSroadtrip like us, you might want to invest in the America The Beautiful pass. This pass is valid for one year and costs $80, you can purchase online here or at select National Parks.

The pass is valid for one year from your first use. The pass will get you and whoever is in your vehicle into the Theodore Roosevelt National Park or any other National Park in the country.

The fee of Theodore National Park in North Dakota was $20 per car for a 7-day pass. We have several more National Parks on our #epicUSroadtrip route. We will get our money’s worth out of the pass.

3. Make Sure Your Gas Tank Is FullTips for Theodore roosevelt NAtional Park on a Budget-1-2

Theodore Roosevelt National Park is huge. You don’t want to cut your day short because your gas light came on!

That is what happens to us, we had to turn around in the middle of the day to head back to Medora to get gas…Not only was this a headache, but we lost well over an hour heading back into town.

4. Buy Your Snacks Outside of Medora

There is one little gas station/store in town, and prices are steep for EVERYTHING. Make sure to stock up on snacks & food before you get into town.

I would suggest hitting a Walmart or Target in Dickinson, North Dakota if you are coming from that direction.

5. Head In Early

Tips for Theodore roosevelt NAtional Park on a Budget-1

The sooner you head into the park, the longer you will have it to yourself and maybe just a few other tourists. Another perk to heading in early is that wildlife viewing is at its prime in the early morning hours.

Now that we have shown you that Theodore Roosevelt National Park can be done on a budget, you have extra money in your wallet to start exploring your next vacation!


Monday 14th of December 2015

An excellent article with lots of good tips! One of the great trails that families can day hike at the park is the Buckhorn Trail, which heads to a large prairie dog town.. It's a 2-mile round trip..

Rob Bignell Author, "Best Sights to See at America's National Parks"


Thursday 29th of October 2015

This is seriously my favorite national park, mostly because I want to avoid crowds and spend time with wildlife. Can't wait to go back.