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02 Mar A Week to 10 days in Belize – What to Do?

I put this together for a friend escaping the brutal winter weather and thought it might be useful to others: A Crash Course to Belize! Belize is a perfect destination for North American travelers during the winter months for a ton of reasons: Its warm for starters, just off shore lies the 2nd largest reef system in the world along with a bunch of beautiful islands, on the other side of the country is full of...

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How to Get From Livingston, Guatemala to Utila, Honduras

30 Dec Our Favorite Beaches of 2013

If you are new to Getting Stamped, we happen to be complete BEACH LOVERS! If there is a good beach near by, you can bet we will find it. 2013 is coming to an end and made us think about some of our favorite places of the year, and we would thought it would be fun to recap our favorite beaches we visited in 2013. We have had loads of beach days, but these stick...

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Nica Bus

28 Oct How to get from Hopkins Village, Belize to Placencia, Belize by bus

Ready to leave Hopkins Village Belize? Confused on the easiest way to, Placencia Belize? So were we, but it actually wasn't that hard!  Here is our guide there. Take the bus from the center of town in Hopkins to the highway outside of town $2 BZD leaves at 11 am and 2pm. 10 minute ride. Or hitchhike, it's very common Wait across highway, the side away from Hopkins. Take the bus labeled placencia $6 BZD buses leave from Dangringa...

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26 Oct How to get from San Ignacio Belize to Hopkins Village Belize

Comfort: 2 stars - converted school buses Safety: 3 stars - well organized and felt safe Cost : 2 stars - Catch the bus in the San Ignacio city center bound for Belmopan. Cost $3bze per person. 1 - 1.5 hours Transfer buses in the Belmopan station bound for Dangriga. Cost $6 bze per person. This leg of the journey is one of the most scenic as it winds you through the cloud covered mountains.  1.5-hour ride. Transfer buses at Dangriga...

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09 Oct Tops and Flops of 3 months in Central America

Traveling the developing world is a roller coaster, full ups and downs. We were more up than down, but looking back we can laugh at most of our lows, and smile about all of our highs. Tops 1.) Visiting beaches that most people don't even know about The Silk Cayes, Belize - Bocas Del Toro, Panama - San Blas Islands, Panama (pictured above) we are beach bums at heart and we love finding remote piece of white sand...

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