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Beaches Negril Restaurants Review – 2024 Resort Dining Guide

Beaches Negril Restaurants Review – 2024 Resort Dining Guide

Are you a foodie and want to know what are the best Beaches Negril restaurants and what to order?

We’ve got you covered! We just returned from a family vacation to Beaches Negril Resort and ate at every onsite restaurant at least once. What can I say? We like to eat and try new restaurants.

We love Beaches Resorts for many reasons, but one, in particular, is the dining options with several world-class restaurants offering a variety of cuisines. We enjoy trying new foods, and when staying at all-inclusive resorts, everything is included, so it is a great time to try new things.

If someone in your family has a food allergy, see the bottom of this article, where I address traveling with a food allergy to Beaches Resorts. Our son is allergic to tree nuts, so we have first-hand experience with food allergies and all inclusive resorts.

At the end of this article, you will also find our restaurant itinerary for a week. This way you can eat at all the restaurants at Beaches Negril. Feel free to use it as your dining guide to Beaches Negril.

We hope our Beaches Negril restaurants review can help you decide where to eat at the resort.

Mom & Daughter at a beach bar in Negril Jamaica

Don’t have time to read the complete guide? We got you! Here are the best restaurants at Beaches Negril Jamaica according to us.

Best Restaurant at Beaches Negril Jamaica – Soy

Best Breakfast – The Mill

Best Lunch – Jerk Shack

Best Dessert – YoYo’s Frozen Yogurt

Soy Restaurant Beaches Turks & Caicos Sushi

1. Soy

Dinner Only | Resort Casual | Sushi and Sashimi

Of all 11 Beaches Negril restaurants, Soy is our favorite restaurant! We eat here at least twice on a trip.

We always order the Vegetable Spring Rool, Shrimp Tempura, Miso Soup, Dragon Eel Rolls, Seared Tuna Tataki, and Crispy Spicy Shrimp. We skip to dessert and order more rolls. That is how we roll!

If you have never had sushi, this is a great place to try sushi for the first time. If you are unsure about raw fish, there are plenty of sushi rolls with cooked shrimp/fish like the Spicy Crispy Shimp rool or the Crispy Spicy Tuna.

If you have stayed at other Beaches Resorts or Sandals Resorts, you have possibly eaten at Soy sushi bar already. The menu is similar to other properties.

Yaku Peruvian Kitchen Restaurant at Beaches Negril Jamaica plate of Seco De Cordero

2. Yaku Peruvian Kitchen

Dinner Only | Resort Casual | Reservation Required | Peruvian a-la-carte

Yaku is the newest restaurant at Beaches Negril. It replaced the Venetian restaurant, a classic Italian restaurant serving Italian food.

If you have never had Peruvian food, this is a great place to try it. The menu has classic dishes from Peru, like ceviche, grilled meats, and more. My favorite dishes were the Tequenos de Pollo and the Seco de Cordero.

If you are traveling with kids and plan on eating a few meals without your kids, this is the perfect place for a child free night out. Kids Camp is open until 9 p.m. every day, so make sure to take advantage of this!

On your first day, make sure to make reservations at Yaku. Reservations are required, and they do fill up fast. We suggest eating here early on in your stay, and if you love it as much as we do, try and get a second reservation.

One perk of having a butler at Beaches Resorts is they can make all your reservations for you. Our butler got us a table twice during our week-long stay.

If you aren’t an adventurous eater and are unsure about trying international cuisine, I would look at the menu beforehand and make sure there is something you will like.

Asian food at the Hibachi restaurant Kimonos at Sandals Resorts

3. Kimonos

Dinner Only | Resort Casual | Reservation Required | Japanese Teppanyaki (Hibachi)

Adults and kids love Kimonos. Hibachi is such a fun dining experience.

This was our kids’ first time at a Hibachi restaurant. They loved the fire, signing, “throwing the food” as the kids called it, and the food too. Our 3.5-year-old son caught a rice ball in his mouth on the first try! He shocked himself and us, and he was so proud.

You typically choose an appetizer off the menu, and the main entree is cooked before you. The chef grills steak, chicken breast, shrimp, mahi mahi fish fillet, vegetables, stir-fried noodles, and fried rice. Take as little or as much as you want.

We all enjoyed our meal. The Gyuniku Samuari grill steak was the standout. It was really tender and seasoned well. The whole dining experience lasts about an hour, so plan your night accordingly.

Reservations are required, so book this right away. We would suggest one of the first seatings. We ate at 5:30. It can get hot in this restaurant with all the grills.

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Breakfast restaurant at Beaches Turks and Caicos.

4. Stewfish

Breakfast & Dinner | Resort Casual | Breakfast Ala Carte & Jamaican & Caribbean Seafood

Stewfish is the best place to have dinner on the beach during sunset bare feet with your toes in the sand. If you love seafood, you’ll more than likely have at least one meal at Stewish.

I ordered the Pumpkin Bisque, Surf & Turf, and Chocolate Fudge Browie. All of which I would get again. My parents dined here twice, and on the second visit, their waitress let my dad get two mains as he loves to try new things. He, of course, got the Surf & Turk and the Curried Octopus, which he said was really good.

The menu isn’t huge, mainly fresh seafood, Jamaican-inspired dishes, and Caribbean cuisine, but there is a chicken and vegetarian option and a kid’s menu. We brought our kids, and they ordered the chicken tenders and mac & cheese (go figure).

If you prefer to order off an a la carte menu for breakfast, Stewfish is your only option. The breakfast menu was typical, but they had steak and eggs. Everything was good and cooked to order.

Currently, dinner at Stewfish is at The Jerk Shack, breakfast is at Mirachi, while Stewfish restaurant is under renovation.

toddler girl eating frozen yogurt at YoYo's in Negril Jamaica.

5. Yoyo’s Frozen Yogurt Bar

All day 11 am – 10 pm | Beach Casual | Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt

Any time of the day is a good time for frozen yogurt! A trip to Yoyo’s at least once a day is a must. Grab a dish or cone, pick as many frozen yogurt flavors as you’d like, and then load it up with fun toppings.

There are eight or so rotating flavors every day. Some of our favorites were cake batter, cookies & cream, salted caramel pretzel, and red velvet. There were also fruity flavors, vanilla and chocolate.

*Those with nut allergies, there were peanuts, cashews, almonds, and pistachios in separate bowls. We just avoided them and didn’t have any issues.

8. The Jerk Shack

Daytime 11 am – 4 pm | Casual Beach | Jamaican Jerk Chicken & Pork

We love The Jerk Shack. It’s usually the first meal of our trip. At Beaches Negril Resort, the Jerk Shack is located right on the famous Seven Mile Beach. Nothing says welcome to Jamaica than eating Jerk Chicken on the beach, looking out at the turquoise waters.

The Jerk Shack is a staple restaurant at Beaches & Sandals Resorts. The menu is small and simple, offering different types of meats – Jamaican Jerk chicken, pork, or sausage. There are only three Jamaicansides: festival, roast sweet potato, or hard dough bread.

If you like spicy food, ask for a side of the hellfire sauce. Proceed with caution, though. I always order a chicken breast and ask them not to chop it up with a side of hellfire jerk sauce. I do wish they had french fries or another side option.

Make sure to grab a drink at the beach bar beforehand, or you can easily walk over while you wait for your food.

During our trip, the Sesame Street Breakfast was here. There is an additional charge for this. It is under $20.

Currently, dinner at Stewfish is at The Jerk Shack, while Stewfish restaurant is under renovation.

Dino's Pizzeria restaurant by the pool in Jamaica

6. Dino’s Pizzeria

Daytime 11 am – 5 pm | Resort Casual | Pizza

Pizza on the beach or poolside is the best lunch at Beaches. Several days a week, this is exactly how you will find me, in my beach lounge with pizza and beer.

The made-to-order pizzas typically take only 10 minutes without a line. We usually order and then come back to pick the pizza up when it’s ready, OR if you have a butler service, they can bring it to you.

Dino’s is located right by the main pool and steps from the beach, making it a super easy lunch option for the whole family.

quesadillas at Mariachi Mexican restaurant at Beaches Negril Resort in Jamaica

7. Mariachi

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner | Resort Casual | Tex-Mex

Mariachi is located right by the Piazza Pool, so it is a great place for lunch or dinner. We ate lunch here several times. We basically ordered the entire menu throughout our week trip.

The menu is Tex-Mex so expect tacos, quesadillas, enchilada, and burritos. We loved the extensive menu items, by far it has the most food options.

We always asked for chips and guacamole; it wasn’t on the menu, but they always brought it. Our favorites were the blackened baja fish tacos, chicken quesadillas, and the breaded flounder burrito.

They also have a kids’ menu with unique offerings to the restaurant, like mozzarella sticks, crispy mac and cheese balls, and cheese dogs.

Currently, breakfast at Stewfish is at Mariachi, while Stewfish restaurant is under renovation.

Bar.B.Park quick service restaurant with American food at Beaches Negril

9. Bar.B.Q Park

All Day 11 am – 3 am | Casual Beach | Burgers, Wraps, Hot Dog, Chicken Tenders & Fries

We found ourselves at Barb.B.Q Park several times. The food was quick, easy, and had great options for the entire family. The restaurant is centrally located by the Piazza Pool and shares the same courtyard as Yoyo’s and Mirachi.

Make sure to try the Jamaican patties. They are similar to empanadas and come in different filling options like chicken, beef, or vegetarian. My favorite is the chicken patties.

The menu has all the typical American favorites like hot dogs, burgers, BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, and french fries. If you are vegan or vegetarian, you can get a plant-based burger here.

If you aren’t starving and want a small bite to eat or need something small to tie the kids over until a dinner reservation. BBQ Park is also the late night snacks and food option. It is open until 3 am.

Cafe de Paris coffee and pastries shop at Sandals Resorts & Beaches Resorts

10. Cafe de Paris

All day 6 am – 10 pm | Resort Casual | Coffee, Pastries, and Ice Cream

All parents need their coffee to start the day! Cafe de Paris opens early and is great for families with toddlers or young kids who get up too early in the morning.

We liked to go for a walk around the resort, grab a coffee and pastry, and bring the kids to the playground. Yes, this all happens typically before 730 a.m. Sadly, kids don’t sleep in on vacation.

Cafe de Paris also makes really good fresh, sweet crepes. For the kids, they have donuts, brownies, ice cream shakes, ice cream, and more. They also have boozy coffee drinks too!

If you are a coffee snob, you have probably heard of Blue Mountain Coffee. All Sandals & Beaches serve Jamaica Blue Mountain’s coffee blend. You can order your coffee how you typically like it: espresso, Americano, latte, cappuccino, etc.

If you order an iced coffee, I suggest bringing your own cup. The cups they use here are too small and don’t have a lid. This could be a me problem..I typically order a Vente, lol.

Bring a cup like this. I also use it for frozen drinks at the swim-up pool bar. I don’t like to bring my Stanely on vacation, just in case I accidentally lose it.

Best Beaches Negril Restaurants signs

11. The Mill Restaurant

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner | Resort Casual | Buffet

The Mill Restaurant is the largest restaurant at Beaches Negril, and all meals are served buffet style. You do need to see the hostess to be seated, as the waiters will take drink orders.

The breakfast buffet at the Mill Restaurant is quick and easy. All the breakfast items you would expect: sausage, bacon, eggs, waffles, hashbrowns, cereal, various breads, yogurt, fresh fruit, and more. We like the fresh smoothie bar and made-to-order eggs and omelets.

The lunch and dinner buffet changes with different cuisines. If you have hungry kids or a spouse, you can easily grab a plate and bring it back to your room/beach.

We ate at the dinner buffet twice during the week. One night it was Jamaican, and the other night it was Italian. We suggest eating here on Monday for lunch or dinner and trying some Jamaican dishes like the signature dish of brown stewfish.

The Mill is where they do the Cooking with Cookie Monster. This is free and happens several times during the week. My kids loved this. They give the kids chef hats & aprons to wear, and Cookie Monster comes out with his apron & hat, and the kids mix up cookie dough. If you send your kids to the Kids Club, they will bring them here.

Dinner Buffet

  • Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday – Italian
  • Monday – Jamaican
  • Thursday – Beach Party
  • Saturday – Caribbean

Lunch Buffet

  • Sunday – American
  • Monday – Jamaican
  • Tuesday – Indian
  • Wednesday – Mexican
  • Thursday – Farm-to-Table
  • Friday – Kids’ Fiesta
  • Saturday – Caribbean
Sweetie's self serve ice cream machine

12. Sweeties Ice Cream Counter

Daytime | Anything Goes | Softserve Ice Cream Machine

Make yourself a soft-serve ice cream cone right on the beach. On our trip, Sweeties was never open. We are not 100% sure why, but we heard it because of the bees. With that being said, we didn’t see any bees.

hot dog cart on the beach

13. Hot Dog Cart

Lunch Only | Resort Casual | Hot Dogs

It is just that, a hot dog cart. No frills here. Just quick and easy hot dogs. We did notice that they weren’t open every day, so we are not sure of their exact schedule.

family with young kids walking on the beach in Negril Jamaica

Beaches Resorts Dress Code

Yes, there is a dress code for the restaurants at Beaches Resorts. Restaurants are either Resort Casual or Resort Evening Attire.

Only one of the Beaches Negril restaurants requires resort evening attire. So, if you are like me and prefer to dress casual most of the time, you will only need one nicer outfit.

All restaurants require swimsuits to be covered up, shirts, and shoes/sandals. I typically throw on shorts with my one-piece swimsuit or my favorite swim coverup. I have this swimsuit paired with shorts. It looks like a nice bodysuit and shorts.

Resort Casual

  • Shorts or jeans, t-shirts or tank tops

Resort Evening Attire

  • Dress pants or jeans for men with a long or short sleeve dress shirt (collar not required) and dress shoes or sandals
  • No shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, sneakers, flip-flops, hats, or caps
  • Women can basically wear anything—dress, capris, dress shorts, jeans, etc.

Do the resorts stick to the dress code? Yes and no. They are more relaxed than what the rule is. Often, you will see men wearing shorts, a polo shirt, and sandals in a resort evening attire restaurant.

I would, however, make sure to pack one outfit that fits the resort evening attire requirements. You wouldn’t want to not be allowed in and miss out on the best restaurant at Beaches Negril.

Aerial Photo Beaches Negril Jamaica Resort on the famous Seven Mile Beach in Jamaica

How to Eat at all the Restaurants at Beaches Negril Jamaica

If you want to try all the Beaches Negril restaurants and have one week, here is our daily dining guide.


Beaches Negril Restaurant Review & Dining Guide

Daily visits to Yoyo’s Frozen Yogurt and Cafe de Paris are necessary. You may need to move around a dinner based on when you can get reservations at Yaku.

Drone photo of Sandals Negril Main pool and swim up bar in front of the beach

Sandals Negril Restaurants

One of the perks of staying at a Sandals Resort or Beaches Resort is you exchange privileges with the other nearby resorts.

If you want to escape the kids for a meal or part of the day, head over to Sandals Negril, an adult-only property for the day or dinner. There are seven restaurants at Sandals Negril, and a few are the same or similar to restaurants at Beaches Negril.

If I were going to get a nanny or drop my kids off at the kids club so I could go to dinner at Sandals Negril, I would dine at Brava for dinner or Perla for lunch.

Sandals Negril is a small property located at the end of Negril’s famous 7-mile beach. It is within walking distance of Beaches Negril, or you can arrange transportation with the front desk.

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Complete List of the Restaurants at Sandals Negril

  • Perla – Lunch Only
  • Brava – Dinner Only
  • Bayside. – Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  • Sundowner – Lunch & Dinner
  • Kimonos – Same as the Kimonos at Beaches, Dinner Only
  • Barefoot By The Sea – Breakfast & Dinner
  • Bella Napoli – Only serves pizza, similar to Dino’s, and is Lunch Only

Traveling With Food Allergies at Beaches Resorts

Traveling with a food allergy can be scary and stressful. We know…we always have an EpiPen on us and avoid certain places due to our son’s tree nut allergy.

If you have any food allergies, tell the resort before your trip. After booking, email [email protected] with your booking number as the subject line. The resort will work with you on alternative menus to accommodate your allergies. If you wish to, you can request to speak with the Head Chef when you arrive.

We always travel with two AUVI- Q EpiPens. AUVI-Q EpiPens are super small, and we put them in this insulated carry case. Do not leave your EpiPen out in the sun/heat. We left our EpiPen in our room and only brought it when we were going to eat.

When you sit down at any of the a la carte restaurants, servers will ask if there are any allergies at the table. At Mariachis for breakfast, they went out of their way to get my son a croissant that wasn’t in the same bread basket as the bakery with nuts.

Our son is allergic to tree nuts, ANA for cashews & pistachios. We informed Beaches Negril in advance, but we have always been able to avoid tree nuts on our own.

We didn’t eat ice cream at Cafe de Paris on this trip because they always had Pistachio ice cream. There were also pistachios and cashews as toppings at the YOYO frozen yogurt, but we felt comfortable eating there.

parents on the beach on a family vacation enjoying lunch in Negril Jamaica

After reading our Beaches Negril restaurant review, what restaurant are you most excited to eat at? If you have visited, what do you think is the best restaurant at Beaches Negril Jamaica?

Check out some of our other Jamaica travel guides and articles to help plan your trip or add to your bucket list.