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Top 10 Best Vegan Restaurants in Milwaukee

Top 10 Best Vegan Restaurants in Milwaukee

Sometimes, finding a good vegan restaurant can be tough. But with our guide to the best vegan restaurants in Milwaukee, you’ll be all set.

Milwaukee is mostly known for its meat and cheese, but fear not! There are some incredible vegan restaurants in Milwaukee. In fact, we’d go as far as to say it’s easy to dine as a vegan in Milwaukee. Many of these restaurants have a ton of vegan and vegetarian menu options.

Check out this guide to these Milwaukee vegan restaurants when you are next in town.

vegan tacos at Cafe Corazon in Milwaukee

1. Café Corazon

Though Café Corazon isn’t exclusively vegan, they still have a ton of vegan dishes. Owners George and Wendy Mireles are dedicated to providing fresh local fare.

This is one of the best vegan restaurants in Milwaukee to get your Mexican food fix. Sometimes, plant-based alternatives can be so boring, but not at Corazon.

Their meat alternatives include soy chorizo, herbed tofu, vegetables, and mushrooms. Their Vegan Mushroom Ragout brings mushrooms to the next level. There’s no need to feel left out at Corazon. You can enjoy all the Mexican favorites. Eat vegan tofu fajitas, tacos, ensalada’s, burritos, and enchiladas.

You can also enjoy a drink or two with their vegan cocktails. Try their signature margaritas or micheladas. View Menu

vegan vegetarian burger

2. Comet Café

If you are dying for plant-based comfort food, check out Comet Café. After a two-year pandemic-induced hiatus, they are back serving delicious fare.

Comet Café prides itself on making most of its menu vegan—and vegetarian-friendly. They are committed to your vegan needs, using separate fryers for meat and vegan dishes.

All those classic hearty dishes meat eaters enjoy can be eaten in vegan food form. Want some chili cheese fries? They’ve got you covered with vegan cheese. There are Tofu Wings, Vegan Shawarma, and even the Vegan Scramble breakfast.

Visit for brunch, lunch, or dinner. If you wake up late, don’t worry. Breakfast is served until mid-afternoon. Perfect for nursing that hangover. View Menu 

Sweet Basil Milwaukee Vegan Noodles

3. Sweet Basil

Sweet Basil serves Thai and Lao street-style food. This Milwaukee vegan restaurant is family-owned and operated. You can certainly tell it’s family-run by the care they put into their food.

Their quick and casual Thai and Lao food will instantly hit the spot. If you are a vegan or need gluten-free options, this is the place. Their Vegetable Spring Rills and Tofu Skewers are some of the most popular menu items.

I like their Panang Curry with chicken, but it is also a popular favorite among vegetarians and vegans. It can also be enjoyed with chicken, beef, shrimp, or a combination of all three.

As you know, we love Thailand! It is one of our favorite places in Thailand. Remember, we lived there on and off for four years. View Menu

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4. Beans and Barley Café

So, this has to be one of the best vegan restaurants in Milwaukee. For many vegans and vegetarians, it is their go-to spot. Beans and Barley have been around since 1979. It started off as a humble health-conscious food store but has since expanded.

Beans and Barley serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch. It offers hot and cold sandwiches, burritos, salads, fajitas, quesadillas, and more.

Try their Thai-inspired Vegetable Stir-fry or Vegetarian Chili, or the Sweet Potato and Black Bean Burrito. Both are filling and delicious.

If you want to get your day off to a healthy start, definitely choose a smoothie. You can customize your own smoothie or choose one of their popular blends. View Menu 

Vegan sausages

5. The Vanguard

Many vegan menus don’t offer good plant-based sausages. But if you want to devour some of the best vegan sausages around, head to The Vanguard. It is one of our favorite restaurants and is also featured in our best restaurants in Milwaukee article.

The Vanguard has Vegan Chorizo, Vegan Bratwurst, and Vegan Italian sausages. Is your mouth watering already? Being a vegan in a restaurant can sometimes make you feel left out, but not at Vanguard.

Vanguard aims to satisfy both its vegan and carnivore customers. Its menu also includes a section inspired by cities: Milwaukee sausage, Seattle sausage, Pittsburg sausage, Philly sausage, and Tijuana sausage.

If you are a big tofu fan, you might also like to check out their Tofu Tuesday. Vanguard is next to Hungry Sumo, which has the best sushi in Milwaukee and has some vegan options too. View Menu 

2 days in LA on a budget LA Street Truck Food Korean BBQ tacos

6. Mazorca (Food Truck)

The Mazorca food truck might be small, but it’s a fantastic choice if you want tacos. They serve up some of the best tacos in Milwaukee for veggies, vegans, and carnivores.

These are some of the most authentic tacos in the city. You can always judge a restaurant (or food truck) by the line outside. Yes, you may have to wait a short while, but it will be worth the stand in line.

If you are looking for a quick bite to eat, then Mazorca is the place to go. Grab your vegan tacos, then continue exploring Milwaukee’s top attractions. View Menu 

plate of Vegan Falafel

7. Casablanca

Casablanca is a Mediterranean and Middle Eastern restaurant. You might not be familiar with Middle Eastern food, so why not try something new? Their Middle Eastern food has a modern twist and is immaculately presented.

Casablanca serves up meat, vegetarian, and vegan dishes. There is falafel, shawarma kabob, baklava, wraps, sandwiches, burgers, salads, and soups.

At Casablanca, it is more than just a dining experience. There is also live entertainment in the form of belly dancers on certain nights. View Menu 

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8. On the Bus

On the Bus is a vegan food place that’s quirky and delicious. As the name suggests, there is a blue VW bus involved! Order your food from a VW campervan, and be sure to get a photo with it. You’ll be able to find On the Bus at the Milwaukee Public Market.

This is an ideal place to grab a quick bite of vegan food. For a small establishment, they have a fairly large menu. They mainly serve burgers and sandwiches but also have smoothies and bowls too.

Unlike some of the other best vegan restaurants in Milwaukee, this one is exclusively vegan. Try the Jalapeño Bacun burger or the Mushroom Burger. They won’t disappoint. Be sure to get a side of perfectly seasoned fires to go with your burger as well. View Menu

yogurt bowl at breakfast restaurant.

9. Urban Beats Cafe and Juicery

Urban Beats is a hip and trendy locally-owned raw juice bar and cafe. Located just outside Milwaukee, this fresh and organic restaurant is a must-visit Milwaukee vegan restaurant.

This is the place to go if you are craving a smoothie, acai bowl, or salad. They serve up great breakfast dishes alongside entrees. You’ve got to try the Veggie Crunch Sandwich. It’s stuffed with hummus, radish, and more irresistible veggies and served on seeded wheat ciabatta.

They serve meat options, such as burgers, sandwiches, and tacos, but there are many vegan-friendly options. View Menu 

10. Strange Town

The first vegan restaurant in Milwaukee, Strange Town, has been a popular vegan food spot ever since. Visit for lunch or dinner, but we recommend an evening meal at Strange Town.

One of the best things about this place is its small, shared plates. You can order a bunch of dishes and try them all out. We highly recommend the mushroom bruschetta and the Jump Bap (rice, mushroom, and kimchi). View Menu

Where are your favorite vegan restaurants in Milwaukee?


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