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Heading to Vegas and want the best views of the Las Vegas strip or the Grand Canyon? Soar high above on a helicopter tour! No other views of the Las Vegas strip at night will compare to those high above in a helicopter.  We’ve put together a guide of the best cheap Las Vegas helicopter tours!

We highly suggest booking a Las Vegas helicopter tour in advance to guarantee your seat and of course the cheapest price. When we were looking for a cheap Las Vegas helicopter tour several companies were booked out a week in advance.

If possible book your Vegas helicopter at the beginning of your trip just in case the weather cancels your original date and you have a few days open to moving your helicopter trip to.

Quick Answer: The Best Las Vegas Helicopter Tour

Papillion Helicopters offers not only the best value helicopter tours in Las Vegas but the best prices. Vegas strip night tours for only $89 can not be beaten! If you are wanting to take a helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon you can add on a helicopter flight over the Las Vegas Strip for only $60 to top of the perfect day in Las Vegas.

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Cheap Las Vegas Helicopter Tours

Cheapest Las Vegas Helicopter Tours

CompanyTour NameFlight TimeVegas PickupPriceCheck Availability
Papillion HelicopterLas Vegas Strip Night Highlights10-15 minutesno$89Check Availability
Papillion HelicopterLas Vegas Strip Night Highlights with Limo transfer10-15 minutesyes$115Check Availability
Papillion HelicopterGolden Eagle Air Tour – Grand Canyon 70 minutesyes$349Check Availability
Papillion HelicoptersGolden Eagle Air Tour Grand Canyon &  Las Vegas Night Strip Helicopter90 minutesYes$409Check Availability
Viator ToursLas Vegas Strip Night 10-15 minutesNo$134 Check Availability
Viator ToursGrand Canyon from West Rim70 minutesYes$399.99Check Availability
Viator ToursGrand Canyon Helicopter with West Rim Picnic70 minutesYes$409Booking Currently Unavailable 
Maverick HelicopterNight Flight Las Vegas Strip10-15 minutesYes$104Check Availability
Maverick HelicopterSilver Cloud Grand Canyon Tour90 minutesYes$419 Check Availability

Papillion Helicopter Tours

The CHEAPEST Las Vegas Strip tour is with Papillion. Start your tour off in style by being picked up at your hotel in a limo! Or to make your cheap Las Vegas helicopter tour even cheaper drive yourself. Depending on your budget and free time Papillion has several types of Las Vegas helicopter tours that go to the Grand Canyon, some that even include a pontoon boat ride!

  • $89 adult/$89 child Las Vegas Night Strip no transfers  Click here for availability
  • $109 adult/$109 child Las Vegas Night Strip with round-trip limo transfer from hotel Click here for availability
  • $349 adult/$349 child Golden Eagle Air Tour Grand Canyon Click here for availability 
  • $409 adult/$409 child Golden Eagle Air Tour Grand Canyon &  Las Vegas Night Strip Helicopter flight Click here for availability 
  • $Call for current prices Click here for availability 

If you’d like to sit in the front seat of the helicopter make sure to click the front seat request button when booking (it’s next to the itinerary on the left side). If your front seat request is confirmed it will only be an additional $50 charge.

If you’re traveling with a few people consider renting a private helicopter. Papillion offers private tours with groups of up to 6 people. Rates vary based on how many people and dates.

Viator Helicopter Tours

Viator currently offers the longest night tour flight available out of all cheap Las Vegas helicopter tour operators for a total of 15-minute flight time over the Las Vegas Strip. Viator offers several different affordable Las Vegas helicopter tours including trips over the Grand Canyon to see all available helicopter tours click here.
  • $89.99 Las Vegas Strip Night Tour with hotel transfers Click Here for availability 
  • $399.99 Grand Canyon West Luxury Helicopter Tour Click Here for availability 
  • $409.99 Grand Canyon All American Helicopter Tour Currently not Bookable

Maverick Helicopter Tours

  • $104 per person Night Flight Over Las Vegas Strip Click here for availability 
  • $549 per person Grand Canyon Adventure Tour Click here for availability 
  • $379 per person Silver Cloud Grand Canyon Tour Click here for availability 

5 Star Helicopter Tours

5 Star Helicopter Tours may not be as cheap as some cheap helicopter tours in Las Vegas. 5 Star Helicopter Tours guarantees everyone a forward-facing seat so that everyone gets to take in the amazing views.

  • $149 per person Night Strip Helicopter Flight with luxury hotel transfers
  •  $349 per person Grand Canyon West Rim Helicopter Tour

If you are looking for other areas to save money on while planning a trip to Vegas, consider staying in an Airbnb. There are tons of condos for a fraction of a hotel price. Staying in an Airbnb will also help save money on meal costs as you can easily make breakfast before heading off exploring all the things to do in Las Vegas.

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No matter what company you choose to go with you for sure will have an epic time and get some amazing photos. Don’t forget your camera! Good luck finding the cheapest Las Vegas helicopter tour!

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