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Daku Island – Everything You Need to Know Before you Visit

Daku Island – Everything You Need to Know Before you Visit

The charming Daku Island is a must-see during your trip to Siargao. With white sand, lush palm trees, and sparkling blue water, Daku Island is the definition of a tropical paradise.

It’s also one of the only remote islands inhabited by a few families, so it’s a great destination if you want a taste of authentic Filipino culture.

Despite being home to a few residents, Daku remains relatively untouched. You can spend the afternoon splashing in the water or relaxing on the powdery-white shores of the beach. It’s also one of the few places around Siargao with giant waves – perfect for boogie boarding or surfing!

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Wide drone photo of Daku Island with white sand and turquoise color waters

How to Get to Daku Island

Daku Island is the largest and most popular island to visit during a day of Siargao island hopping. The easiest way to visit Daku Island is with a tour. These island-hopping tours usually make the same circuit and stop at Daku Island, along with Naked Island and Guyam Island.

If you prefer to tour the islands on your own, it’s also possible to hire a private boat. However, it’s recommended that you still make the same stopovers at Naked Island and Guyam Island. Due to their proximity to Daku, it would be a shame to miss out on these two beautiful islands!

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Day trip boats parked on the beach of Daku island

What Tours go to Daku Island

Siargao Island Hopping Tour

The single most popular tour that takes you to Daku Island is the Siargao Island Hopping Tour. This tour takes you to Daku Island, Naked Island, and Guyam Island.

Boats leave General Luna in the morning; you’ll sail for approximately 30 minutes before reaching Guyam Island, your first stop on tour. This small island is perfect for swimming, snorkeling, or simply relaxing on one of their beachside hammocks. From there, you’ll head to Naked Island, a small sandbar without any trees. Make sure to bring sunscreen and a hat because you won’t find any shade on Naked Island!

Your last stop on the tour is Daku Island. End the day with a sunset swim or unwind with a cold beer. Either way, you’ll want to soak in the last bits of paradise before heading back on the boat towards Siargao.

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Things to do in Daku Island

sand point beach of Daku Island in the Philippines

1. Enjoy the beautiful point-shaped beach

One of the best features of Daku island is the pointed beach stretching far out into the crystal clear turquoise waters. Lounge on the beach or swim and snorkel in the sea on your day trip to this pristine island. 

view over and under water infront of Daku Island shot with a gopro dome

2. Surfing

With barreling waves and picture-perfect conditions, Daku Island is a great spot for surfers. Although the waves may not be as high as they are in other places around the Philippines, they’re still consistent, which means surfers of all skill levels can enjoy them.

They are also gentle enough for beginners; several shops and schools offer instructional classes.

local restaurant with a thatched roof serving traditional Filipino foods on Daku Island

3. Try some local Filipino food

Unlike Guyam and Naked Island, also of the three island tour, Daku island has a population of people living on it, and there are a few restaurants right on the beach. Many day trips will use Daku Island as the lunch stop and make use of the many small picnic areas on the beach.

If you choose to make a trip with a local boatman like we did, lunch is generally in included, so Daku Island is the place to buy lunch from one of the local restaurants.

4. Kayaking

Get out on the open waters and explore Daku Island by kayak! Several shacks and shops on the island rent out single or double kayaks by the hour. Kayaking is a great way to escape the beach crowds or just marvel at the island from a completely new perspective.

If you’re up for the challenge, it’s also possible to kayak to Daku Island from Siargao. Located just a few miles south of General Luna, Daku Island can be reached in just under an hour, depending on your strength and skill level. Not only will you spend as long as you want on Daku, but you’ll also have panoramic ocean views on your way!

5. Camping on Daku Island

Make the most of your trip to Daku Island by spending a night in one of the island’s cottages. Unfortunately, tent camping on the public beach is not permitted, but you can still book a cabin on the spur of the moment if you choose to stay longer.

Not only are the cottages affordable to rent, but you’ll also be able to see Daku once the majority of tours and boats have left. With you and the locals, you’ll feel as if you have the entire island all to yourself!

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Photos of Daku Island

sign posted on Daku Beach
thatched pinic area of Daku Island right in the sand
man cutting green young cocnuts on the beach of daku Island
Traditional Filipino boat near Daku Island
boats ancohed on the beach of Daku island
large sandy point of Daku island as seen from a drone
view down the beach of Daku Island with boats beached and in the water
two traditional Filipino boats beaches on the shores of Daku Island - Siargao Philippines
Coconut growing on the beach of Daku Island in the white sand