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Naked Island Siargao – Everything You Need to Know Before You Go!

Naked Island Siargao – Everything You Need to Know Before You Go!

Naked Island is probably one of the most unique places you’ll visit in the Philippines. Unlike other islands, Naked Island Siargao has nothing except white sand.

No restaurants, no rocks, and definitely no trees! It’s completely bare and naked – hence the name.

At only 60 feet long, it’s also one of the smallest islands off the coast of Siargao. Although it may not seem like there are many activities, Naked Island is still a great place to take pictures or cool off in the refreshing waters.

It’s a top destination worth a stopover while visiting Siargao Island.

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How to get to Naked Island

Naked Island is located near Siargao. You’ll need to hire a private boat charter or join a popular “3 Island Tour” in order to reach the island. From Siargao, it’s roughly a 30-minute ride.

aerial drone photo of the sand bank island of Siargao - Naked Iasland with white sand and clear aqua blue water

What tours go to Naked Island

The easiest way to visit Naked Island is with an island-hopping tour around Siargao. That way, you won’t have to worry about directions or planning. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the spectacular views around the Philippine Sea.

Most tour packages to Naked Island are part of a Siargao tri-island tour. The boats embark from General Luna and head directly to Naked Island as a first stop. After about 30 – 45 minutes of free time, you’ll head to your next destination, Daku Island.

Some tours include a BBQ buffet lunch on Daku Island. If you book a tour with a local boat company, it may or may not include lunch here.

Finally, you’ll head to Guyam Island. After spending an hour or two here, you’ll head back to General Luna.

Some tours will visit the islands in reverse, which means Naked Island will be the last stop on tour. This is a great option if you want to relax and watch the sunset from the pristine shores of the island.

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top down view from a drone of Naked Island with traditional boats anchored

Facilities at Naked Island

As you might have guessed, there are no facilities on Naked Island. After all, it’s known as ‘naked’ for a reason!

Don’t expect to find any cafes, restaurants, shops, or bathrooms here. If you need a snack, you should bring your own food and drinks on the boat tour before you dock.

Also, there aren’t any facilities for renting water sports equipment. If you want to snorkel or play games during your visit, you’ll need to provide your own equipment. Some boats may have these things as part of the tour, but it’s not guaranteed.

Keep in mind that without any shelter, the island itself can get quite hot, especially during the peak hours of the day. Although you can always retreat to the ocean to cool off, it’s recommended to bring sun protection like hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen with you on your trip.

There’s nowhere to purchase these items once you’re already on the island.

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Drone photo of Naked Island with near by islands in the back ground - siargao

Things to do on Naked Island

Despite the lack of facilities, Naked Island is still a wonderful place to spend part of the day. While it may not have the same exciting options that other sites have, you can still enjoy your time on the island with one of the following activities.

Take Some Epic Photos

The main reason to come to Naked Island is to have a private drop of sand for a few minutes and make your Insta friends jealous! This little island is the perfect place in Siargao for a tropical photo shoot! Bring your camera, and if you have a drone, don’t forget to bring it along!

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Without much on Naked Island itself, many people flock to the waters for a quick swim. The water is crystal clear, and you can see right to the white sand at the bottom.

You’ll find visitors swimming around the shallow waters along the shore or jumping off their boats into the deeper parts of the ocean.

Go for a Walk Around the Island

You can walk from one end of Naked Island to the other in a couple of minutes. At only 60 feet long, it’s one of the smallest islands in the Philippine Sea. There aren’t many places in the world where you can walk the span of an island in such a short amount of time!


If you bring snorkel equipment, you’ll have a fantastic time diving in the tranquil waters around Naked Island. Plenty of tropical fish, squid, and even giant clams lurking beneath the waves.

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