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11 Best Pregnancy Gifts for First Time Moms

11 Best Pregnancy Gifts for  First Time Moms

Don’t forget to buy the expecting mother a gift too! All pregnant moms love opening cute baby gifts, but we feel extra special when the gift is for us. If you are looking for some of the best pregnancy gifts for first time moms and have no idea where to start, let me help. 

As a mother of two myself, I can say I would have loved to receive any of the below items as an expecting mother’s gift. I also have every item on this list and know they would make great pregnancy gifts for first time moms or any expecting mother for that matter. Sometimes first time moms don’t know these items exist and can help them during their pregnancy.

This list is gifts for the mother, something she would like and enjoy while she is still pregnant. Make sure to check out my baby registry must have list of items all moms should have on their baby registry.

No matter if it is Christmas, a baby shower, a birthday, or a sip-n-see, here are the best pregnancy gifts for first time moms. 

Little Sleepies Mommy and me matching pajamas

1. Mommy & Me Matching Pajamas

Spoil the expecting mother with cute matching pajamas. Comfortable pajamas are a great pregnancy gift for first time moms but kick it up a notch and buy the baby a matching pair too. They make for great photos in the hospital or later in life at home. 

I didn’t have these with my firstborn but made sure to have a few pairs with my secondborn, and now I am slightly addicted to getting matching pajamas for both kids and myself.

I have several matching pajama sets from Little Sleepies, use code GETTINGSTAMPED for 15% off your order. 

Several of my favorite bamboo companies make matching pajamas, yes, for Dad, too. This would make a great first time dad gift too. I highly suggest buying bamboo pajamas for newborns, They are the softest baby pajamas, and they grow with the baby too (super stretchy) and are overall worth the money. 

2. Pregnancy Support Belly Band

When I was pregnant with my first, I started wearing a belly support band around 28 weeks and wish I would have worn one much sooner. If you’re looking for a pregnancy gift for a first time mom they will love this gift. I suggest gifting it around 20 weeks. 

A support band helps so much with keeping all the baby weight in one spot and helps support the abdominals and keep some of the pressure off the back. 

I have the Probump pregnancy belly support band by Baobei. It’s not cheap, and you can’t get it on Amazon. However, there are cheaper pregnancy support belly bands out there like this one on Amazon

Woman standing in front of Muir Rock with clear water in the background - Kings Canyon National Park Road Trip

3. Maternity Leggings & Maternity Jeans

One of the biggest mistakes expecting mothers make is not buying good maternity clothes sooner. Maternity jeans and leggings are so much more comfortable than trying to squeeze into your pre-pregnancy clothes. 

Let’s get real: there aren’t many comfortable things about being pregnant, but you can control what you wear. A great pregnancy gift for expecting mothers is some maternity clothes. Some of the best maternity jeans and maternity clothes, in general, I found at Gap Maternity. They are often running sales, and  Honey can always find you additional codes. If you haven’t been using Honey, you are losing out on a lot of great deals. 

Okay, back to the best maternity pants, I have like ten pairs of maternity jeans/leggings from Gap. I personally like the full-panel maternity jeans, I feel like the inset ones are always falling down, and my butt always hangs out when bending down (sorry, TMI). I often was able to get a pair of Gap maternity jeans for under $30 after promo codes. 

Gap also makes great maternity leggings, t-shirts, dresses, sweaters, etc. I would say 90% of my maternity clothes are from Gap. 

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4. Felt Letter Board

A felt letter board makes for a great expecting mother’s gift. A felt letter board can be used for weekly bump photos, baby announcement photos, and monthly milestone photos once the baby arrives. 

If you are going to buy this pregnancy gift, we suggest gifting it ASAP. 

5. Stretch Mark Oil

If you ask me, this is the best stretch mark oil available. I used Mother’s Special Blent toning oil with both my pregnancies and have purchased it as gifts for first time moms, and they too are stretch mark free. 

I started using this stretch mark oil once I was in my second trimester. I spread it all over my belly, thighs, and butt. Basically, anywhere a stretch mark could appear. It often sells out on Amazon. That is how popular it is. I go through about two bottles per pregnancy.

6. Pregnancy Pillow

Getting comfortable sleeping while pregnant is tough and it only gets tougher the further into pregnancy you get. A pregnancy pillow is another item many first time moms don’t realize they should have started using one sooner. Yes, they are big and bulky and take up a big portion of the bed BUT they make sleeping so much easier! When I was pregnant I would bring it with me to our cabin and hotels, it makes such a big difference. 

I too am guilty of not investing in a good pregnancy pillow until my third trimester. If you have a pregnant lady in your life and you know she doesn’t have one, a pregnancy pillow is a great gift for first time moms. I have this pregnancy pillow, I got it in 2019 during Amazon Prime days for a good price.

Balinese Massage in Bali

7. Pregnancy Massage

Everything hurts during pregnancy, especially at the end. There are a bunch of benefits from pregnancy massages like: help reduce anxiety, relieve muscle aches, relieve joint pains, decrease depression symptoms, and are said to help with labor. 

During each of my pregnancies, I tried to get at least two pregnancy massages. It just felt good to relax and be pampered a little. You 

Every woman loves a spa day, even though pregnant women can’t get that deep tissue or foot massage they long for…they will have to wait for that gift in a new mom care package.  A pregnancy massage is much different than your standard one-hour full-body massage. There are certain parts of the body the masseuses are to avoid, as they could trigger labor/etc. 

8. Big insulated cup

Hitting that daily water consumption level is hard for some women. I was one of them. 80-120 ounces of water is a lot of water! I found it the easiest if I had a big water bottle where I know if I drank at least two of them full, I’d hit my 80 ounces for the day. 

I find myself drinking more water from a straw and if it is ice-cold water. I love this cup because it comes with three lid types, one of which is a straw. Once the baby is born, if the expecting mother is planning on breastfeeding, she’ll need to keep up with her water consumption then, too in order to keep up her milk production. 

I was an exclusive pumper and tried to drink 20 ounces with each breast pump session I did.  Make sure to mention to the first time mom that she most likely can get a free breast pump through insurance. It is super easy and quick. I highly suggest getting a hands-free and wireless pump like the Elvie Stride.

9. Anything from Frida Mom

There aren’t many companies I would say buy anything they make, but Frida is one of them. They just get it! Everything Fridamom/Fridababy makes is awesome.  They have a FridaMom hospital packing kit that has everything a mother could need.  

If there is only one thing you get from Frida Mom, I would get the Upside Down Peri Bottle. This is a must for C-Section moms and natural birth moms. I had two c-sections myself and had this Fridamom Peri bottle the second time around. The first time I had the free one they gave you at the hospital (which doesn’t do half the job as the Fridamom one).

10. Depends

No, I am serious! No matter if the expecting mother has a C-Section or delivers vaginally she will need Depends. I used them for about the first 2-3 weeks. These are the Depends Underwear I bought and recommend. 

The hospital underwear everyone knows about, but it’s just this mesh underwear with HUGE pads. It’s not comfortable at all, and it’s not something you will want to put real clothes over and go out in public with. No one could ever tell I had these Depends on. They hid under my maternity jeans great (yes, you will still get some use out of those maternity jeans the first few weeks after birth).

baby in SNOO bassinet

11. The gift of sleep – Snoo Bassinet

Okay, this is a total splurge gift, but it’s the most epic pregnancy gift for first time moms you could ever buy. The Happiest Baby Snoo bassinet is amazing. It’s basically like another set of arms at night. We used it for both of our babies, here is my detailed Snoo review.

Our daughter was sleeping through the night 9-11 hours straight since she was six weeks old. The dreaded 4-month sleep regression didn’t hit us. There were a few nights when she woke up after 6 hours and needed a quick feed, but that was it.

My husband and I both agree the Snoo is well worth its price tag, which is $1,595, BUT you can rent it for $149 a month click here for pricing options and specials.

If you are an expecting mother what were some of the best pregnancy gifts you received?

What do you think should be added to this list?