Into the desert – Morocco

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It was like a scene from an old movie. Riding camels along the dune field at sunset. This was the reason I came to Morocco.

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For many years I dreamed of coming to Morocco. There has always been an exotic allure to the country for me. No part of Morocco had captured my imagination more than the Sahara desert.

A week into our Morocco highlights tour we had made our way to the south-east corner of Morocco to the great dune fields of Saharahara. There is no other way to explore this unique part of the word other than by Moroccan 4×4, the camel.

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Graceful animals they are not, but nothing else is more equipped for the journey than the camel. Just getting on is a trip. We mounted our camels in the traditional style, while they were laying down.

As soon as your legs are over the camels are given the signal to stand up. The call to stand was also our indicator to hold on tight. First the front legs of the camel come up, and we are flung backward nearly over the saddle. This is quickly followed by the back legs, sitting us back into the riding position.

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After a few kilometers into the dune field we rested the camels and watched the sun sink into the sand. The sunset over the dune was worth the entire trip to Morocco alone. Pinks and blues swirled over the the tan sands of the sahara. After the sun had made its way far below the horizon we made our way to camp for the evening.

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We slept in tents under the stars and moon as they have in this region for centuries. Berber tents made of thick woven material were our homes in the sand. Before bed, we ate dinner a meal cooked in the clay pot tajine by our guides turned chefs for the evening. The night had a feeling of being a million miles from anything. The feeling of being somewhere truly far away.

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After 45 countries that feeling is rare. Very Rare.

22 thoughts on “Into the desert – Morocco”

  1. Hey guys. Amazing pictures! This tour looks amazing. Who organizes it? My sister and I are thinking of going at the end of March and would love to camp out in the desert for a couple of days.

  2. OK, your photos are incredible. I will drop all pretext of calling myself a decent photographer. Morocco has always been a draw for me. I hope I don’t go someday only to be disappointed it’s not exactly like “Casablanca.” I’ll bet that sand is otherworldly under a full moon.

    • We have never been to the desert before, the Sahara is amazing for sure. We are lucky to have ridden the camels into the desert and spent the night under the stars.

  3. This is what the desert does to you, it is a great and amazing feeling 🙂
    Amazing pictures, the colours are stunning. Makes me feel to want to go back to Morocco 🙂

  4. I think I did the exact same Sahara tour as you did. I went back in 2011 and it was also the highlight of my Morocco trip. Your pictures certainly did the desert justice.

    • What time of year did you go in 2011? I didn’t realize how cold it would be at night in November. I much preferred the cooler weather than screaming hot though. Glad you liked the photos!


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