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Top 12 Best Places for a Honeymoon in Florida

Top 12 Best Places for a Honeymoon in Florida

A honeymoon in Florida is one of the most affordable and best US honeymoon destinations. Florida is known as the Sunshine State for its beautiful warm weather all year long, making it the perfect place for newlywed couples to honeymoon.

The Florida Keys is the best place to travel between February to May and October to December, especially if you are looking for a romantic getaway. Florida has so much to offer newlywed couples, including the best beaches, theme parks, live music and entertainment, and world-class restaurants.

If you are looking to spend time relaxing in the sun while taking in the ocean views at one of the many top destination hotels and resorts located throughout Florida. Florida resorts offer luxury amenities such as couples massages, full-service spas, white sandy beaches, steam rooms, water sports, and much more that will keep all couples entertained.

If sunshine and sea are what you crave, then you and your spouse will love visiting one of the beautiful natural national parks. Florida is home to multiple national parks that are perfect for newlyweds, including Lovers Key State Park and Honeymoon Island State Park, which offer blue waters and white-sand beaches.

Fort Myers Beach white sand beach with palm trees and women in blue swimsuit

Why Honeymoon in Florida?

Between the sun-soaked beaches, outdoor pools, hot tubs, world-class restaurants, and an abundance of cultural attractions, Florida has everything you could want in a honeymoon destination.

It’s one of the few places that cater to all types of travelers, from foodies to city dwellers or thrill-seekers and nature lovers.

Adventurous couples can spend the day exploring Florida’s jaw-dropping landscapes with a ride through the Everglades, a hiking trip through the state parks, or a romantic sunset cruise through the Gulf of Mexico.

Partygoers can head to one of the big cities like Miami for nonstop entertainment and dancing. The nightlife of Miami is known as the major hub of entertainment in Florida and as the state’s party capital. Miami has high-end hotels, excellent restaurants, and a great entertainment scene.

Newlyweds can relax in one of the five-star resorts located directly on the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic Coast beach. No matter your plans, you won’t regret choosing a honeymoon in the beautiful Sunshine State of Florida.

What are the Best Locations to Honeymoon in Florida?

  • Key West
  • Disney World
  • Sanibel Island
  • Palm Beach
  • Amelia Island
  • Lovers Key State Park
  • Miami
  • St. Augustine
  • Destin
  • Vero Beach
  • Siesta Key
  • Honeymoon Island State Park

Best Florida Honeymoon Destinations

Aerial View of the lower keys and Key West - Road Trip Guide to the Florida Keys

1. Key West

The island of Key West is a tropical paradise for honeymooners. Surrounded by the crashing waves of the Gulf of Mexico, Key West feels like you’ve been transported straight to the Caribbean Islands.

Despite its small size, Key West has some of the best beaches in Florida. It’s also known for its eclectic Caribbean and Latin American atmosphere, whose influences can be found in the Old Town.

For a bit of sun and sand, head to Fort Zachary Taylor Beach. The calm waves are perfect for swimming, although it’s possible to spend the day snorkeling or fishing in crystal-clear waters. Although there are a few snack booths, we recommend bringing your own food and cooking a picnic lunch on one of the provided outdoor grills for a romantic surprise.

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Palm Beach Honeymoon Destination

2. Palm Beach

As one of the wealthiest cities in the United States, Palm Beach is overflowing with mega-mansions, expensive cars, and high-end restaurants. If you want to spend your honeymoon in a luxurious restaurant or immaculately clean beach, look no further than Palm Beach.

You can treat your new partner to a romantic sunset catamaran cruise. As you sail away from the harbor, you’ll be rewarded with spectacular city views of the downtown Palm Beach skyline, as well as the million-dollar mansions lining the coast.

As you sip a glass of champagne (or two), you can watch the sunset paint the sky vivid shades of orange and pink. You’d be hard-pressed to find something this romantic anywhere else in Florida!

View of the Kimpton Vero Beach at sunset right on the water

3. Vero Beach

Situated on the Atlantic Coast side of Florida, Vero Beach is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. This small, charming city is mostly known for its 26 miles of white sand beaches and is part of Florida’s Treasure Coast. Three of the main beaches are South Beach, Humiston Park, and Jaycee Park.

After a day of beach hopping along the coast, you can head into the historic downtown center of Vero Beach. There are lots of things to do in Vero Beach, as you’ll find independent art galleries, gourmet restaurants, and charming boutique shops.

If you’re looking to be pampered on your honeymoon, we recommend staying a few nights at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort, located just steps away from the ocean.

Sanibel Island Honeymoon Destination

4. Captiva Island/Sanibel

Very few honeymoon destinations in Florida are as luxurious as Captiva and Sanibel Island. With high-end resorts, some of the best white sand beaches in Florida, and some of the most colorful sunsets in Florida, Captiva, and Sanibel are two of the most romantic places in all of Florida.

Captiva is a compact island with just one main road running through town, offering easy access. It gets far fewer tourists than the neighboring Sanibel Island, which is perfect for couples who want something more laid back, as couples who go to Captiva tend to spend most of their time relaxing. However, there are plenty of opportunities to go swimming, kayaking, shelling, or golfing.

On the other hand, Sanibel is better suited to outdoor activities. Besides sunbathing on the beaches, it’s possible to hire bikes, scooters, and boats to explore the island’s spectacular landscape.

Drone photo of St. Augustine Beach

5. St. Augustine

Affectionately known as the Oldest City in the US, St. Augustine feels more like a town in central Europe rather than a city in Florida. Founded in the mid-1500s by Spanish settlers, St. Augustine is bursting with life, color, and culture around every corner.

As you walk down the cobblestone streets and narrow alleys, you’ll see an abundance of historic landmarks and Spanish-influenced buildings that are postcard-worthy, and there are lots of things to do in St.Augustine.

For a truly romantic experience, hire a horse-drawn carriage to lead you and your new spouse through the charming city center. Not only will you get to see some of St. Augustine’s most famous sights, but you’ll also learn more about the city’s history from your knowledgeable guide and coachman. A carriage ride is easily one of the most memorable things you’ll do on your honeymoon.

Lovers Key is a great honeymoon destination

6. Amelia Island

Amelia Island is a hidden gem tucked away off the Atlantic coast of Florida. Here, you’ll find fewer crowds and tourists compared to other islands and cities in Florida, which is ideal for couples who want to escape the bustle of city life. It also happens to be one of the most temperate places in terms of weather, with seemingly endless sunshine hours and relatively low humidity.

Head out to Fort Clinch State Park for a bit of fresh air. It’s 1,100 acres of dunes and tidal marshes, perfect for cycling, beachcombing, hiking, and wildlife viewing. Besides alligators and deer, visitors also have the chance to see dolphins and manatees that frequently visit the Atlantic Ocean.

Adventurous couples can choose to spend a few nights camping at Fort Clinch State Park. Going to sleep under the stars with the crashing waves outside your tent is guaranteed to be one of the most memorable experiences of your honeymoon in Florida.

Woman in front of Disney castle in Kissimmee florida - top things to do

7. Disney World

Disney World may not be the most romantic honeymoon destination in Florida, but it is one of the most magical!

Besides the main Magic Kingdom amusement park, the Walt Disney World Resort has three additional theme parks, two water parks, golf courses, shopping and entertainment venues, and over 25 themed resorts.

Epcot Center is considered one of the best theme parks to visit in Disney World. If you weren’t able to honeymoon in a different country, you could still enjoy Epcot’s international culture and sights. Eat fish and chips in the UK pavilion, grab a pint of beer in a traditional Bavarian town, or watch acrobatic dancers in the China Pavillion.

You can easily tie in a few days on a beach too. Here are the nearest beaches to Disney World worth considering. This way, you could have a relaxing time on a beach and visit Disney World.

White blue and yellow life guard shack on Miami Beach - must do things in Miami

8. Miami

Miami is easily the trendiest place on this list for a honeymoon in Florida. It’s just the right mix of beach and city, making it perfect for couples who want the best of both worlds.

There are lots of things to do in Miami, including spending the day swimming and sunbathing at one of the many beaches, going shopping along the Miami Beach Boardwalk, or visiting the unique Art Deco buildings and cultural museums.

No trip to Miami would be complete without a day lounging on the glamorous shores of South Beach. It’s one of Miami’s most popular and vibrant areas, with something happening almost every hour of the day.

After a day on the beach, you can hit up one of the many gourmet restaurants or swanky nightclubs that sit right off the coast. If you’re looking for a place where you can party until the sun comes up, South Beach is where you’ll want to be.

If you have time, consider driving from Miami to Key West. If you can’t make it all the way down to Key West, consider driving an hour to Key Largo in the Upper Keys. On our last trip, we stayed at Baker’s Cay Resort. It would be the perfect place for a honeymoon in Key Largo. 

White sand at Princess Beach located in Destin Florida

9. Destin

The quaint fishing village of Destin has grown to become one of the most beautiful beaches in the Florida Panhandle. The laid-back atmosphere and plethora of outdoor activities also make it an excellent destination for honeymooners who want to escape the crowds of tourists often found in other cities.

Its location right on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico also means you’ll have plenty of days to lounge on the beach and relax in the sun. Destin is also one of the best Florida spring break destinations, which you can come back to with your kids!

You can’t go to Destin in the summer without spending a fun day at Crab Island, one of the best things to do in Destin. However, it’s technically a shallow sandbar and not an island. Crab Island is a popular spot for boaters, swimmers, kayakers, or anyone looking for a fun day in the water. It’s located just a few minutes from Destin Harbor and is only accessible by boat.

lifeguard shack on Siesta Key one of clearest water in Florida

10. Siesta Key

A short drive from Sarasota takes you to Siesta Key, a barrier island located on Florida’s Southwest coast. The entire island is eight miles long, and there are multitudes of attractions and cultural sights for newlyweds to explore on their honeymoon.

Siesta Key Public Beach is one of the most unique beaches in the world. Unlike other beaches, the sand at Siesta Key is mainly quartz, which stays cool even on the hottest of summer days. This vast stretch of sand is dotted with beachgoers and sunbathers, who flock to the coast to immerse themselves in a tropical paradise. No wonder it’s been consecutively voted “the finest, whitest sand beach in the world.”

Aerial view of Caladesi Island with sand banks and small islands - Top sights

11. Honeymoon Island State Park

You can tell by the name – Honeymoon Island State Park is practically made for newlyweds. The sugar-sand beaches and bright turquoise waters are juxtaposed against the wild pine forests, creating a spectacular setting for a honeymoon.

While the beaches are the highlights of the park, the wildlife trails are also worth walking. The main hike is a leisurely 2.5-mile loop boasting some of the best views of the island. It’s common to spot ospreys, bald eagles, and, in rare cases, armadillos. Best of all, this barrier island is connected to the mainland by a causeway, making it easy to escape, even if just for a few hours.

You will have to stay on the mainland in either Clearwater or the St. Pete Beach area, which we would recommend. As you know, we love them both!

We would lean more towards St. Pete if you are on a honeymoon in Florida. Make sure to eat dinner at 1200 Chophouse. It is the best restaurant in St. Petersburg if you ask us. 

Lovers Key is a great honeymoon destination

12. Lovers Key State Park

It’s easy to fall in love with the pristine surroundings in Lovers Key State Park. It’s home to more than 700 acres of tide pools, lagoons, and sandy beaches just waiting to be explored.

Wildlife spotting at Lovers Key is some of the best in southern Florida. Besides the 40 species of birds, it’s possible to spot manatees and dolphins along the coast. Lovers Key State Park is just a 45-minute drive south of Fort Myers, making for a low-key romantic day trip.

wave crashing on Florida beach

Best Time to Take a Honeymoon in Florida

With an average of more than 230 days of sunshine, Florida is a great destination for honeymooners almost every month of the year. Although the weather forecast depends on which part of the state you’re visiting, the best time to visit Florida is generally between February to May and October to December.

Fall Honeymoon in Florida

Fall is one of the best times to visit Florida. The temperatures have dropped (although they are still pleasantly warm), and the majority of crowds and tourists have returned home after the summer. Although November is Florida’s driest season, it’s still at the tail end of hurricane season.

Winter Honeymoon

Winters in Florida drastically differ depending on where you are. Northern Florida can be cold, with daytime temperatures in the 40s Fahrenheit. Southern Florida is still relatively warm, with an average temperature of 65 degrees Fahrenheit. The holiday season also brings in large crowds (especially tourist destinations like Orlando and popular beach towns), which means you can expect higher prices.

Spring Honeymooners

The weather starts to get warm at the start of Spring, which is excellent for newlyweds planning a beach or island honeymoon. Florida’s subtropical climate also means a high chance of rain, although showers are few and far between. Best of all, you’ll be visiting right at the cusp of the high season, which means you can enjoy the beaches and pools without the floods of tourists bothering you.

Summer Hot Honeymoon

Due to summer vacation and holiday travelers, summer is one of the busiest times for most cities and islands in Florida. The downside is that summer is the hottest and most humid. Hurricane season also starts in early June, which means you’ll have a higher chance of wind, rain, and potentially dangerous conditions during these months.

Did you honeymoon in Florida? Where did you go? 

We’d love to hear about it!