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Top 17 Things To Do in Key Largo Florida

Top 17 Things To Do in Key Largo Florida

Self-proclaimed as the Dive Capital of the World, there are endless amounts of underwater activities and things to do in Key Largo.

There’s plenty to do above water in its two state parks and famous Everglades National Park. Meals in Key Largo are delicious and almost always served with a beautiful beach scene. It also has quite the brewery scene, with refreshing drafts that you must give a try.

So when road-tripping from Miami to Key West, make sure to spend some time in Key Largo.

Key Largo boasts some of the best island life and is definitely worth a stop. Check out our list of top things to do in Key Largo; you won’t be disappointed!

Underwater statue of Jesus at the John Pennekamp State Park - Top things to see on a road trip to Key West

1. John Pennekamp Coral Reef Park

As the first underwater marine park in the US, the John Pennekamp Coral Reef Park is full of natural beauty and abundant wildlife. In the park, you can enjoy various activities – from kayaking, snorkeling, and canoeing to hiking and birdwatching.

There’s even an on-site aquarium where you can see the marine life up close and personal! Most visitors come to admire the colorful coral reef, one of the last remaining living reef formations in the US. You can also tour the reef by glass-bottom boat or scuba diving and snorkeling.

diver swimming near the Spiegel Grove Ship wreck in the florida keys - Top activities for road trippers

2. Dive Spiegel Grove Wreck

Lurking deep below the ocean’s surface is one of Key Largo’s most fascinating dive spots. The USS Spiegel Grove is over 500 feet in length and was used as a dock landing ship by the Navy from 1955 – 1989. It sank in 2002 and is now considered one of the best artificial wreck dives to cross off your bucket list.

You’ll descend roughly 60 to 70 feet into the water to admire the stunning USS Spiegel Grove. Besides exploring the ship, you’ll also get to see groupers, barracudas, and even schools of minnows. However, due to strong currents, experienced divers should only dive this wreck dive.

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small aligator in the Florida Everglades on a day trip from Miami

3. Everglades National Park

No trip to Key Largo would be complete without a day trip to the Everglades. At the Everglades National Park, you’ll get to experience one of the most ecologically diverse regions in the US. The marsh wetlands, mangrove forests, and flowing rivers make the Everglades a unique landscape you must visit during your trip to Florida.

The Everglades is also home to various birds, fish, mammals, and reptiles. There are over 35 species of threatened animals living in the park, including the Florida panther, the West Indian manatee, and the American crocodile. Although these animals are hard to spot, the Everglades is still an excellent destination for wildlife watching.

You can also spend the day in the Everglades hiking or cycling through the designated trails. Kayaking and canoeing are also great ways to experience the Everglades. However, boating, swimming, and jet skis are prohibited in the park.

Dinner at Sol by the Sea - Seafood platter - Places to eat of a Key West Road Trip

4. Sunset Dinner at Sol by the Sea

Nothing says relaxation like fresh seafood, tropical cocktails, and panoramic sunset views. Located on the dock-side pier, the Sol by the Sea restaurant is the perfect setting for a romantic dinner with some of the best sunset views in Florida. If you ask us, it is one of the best restaurants in Key Largo

Grab a seat by the open windows and enjoy mouth-watering dishes like seafood paella, tuna tartar, and even Cajun crab fries. Wash it down with a hand-crafted dragon fruit mojito or rum shack mai tai, and you have yourself a perfect evening!

It would be a crime to leave Key Largo without enjoying at least one sunset dinner, so make sure you get yourself here for some gorgeous views. It is the perfect way to end the day after a busy day visiting all of Key Largo’s attractions.

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Harry Harris Beach Key Largo with people sitting on the sandy beach

5. Harry Harris Park & Beach

Fun for the whole family, Harry Harris Park & Beach has everything you need for a memorable day in the sun. It is one of the best beaches in Key Largo. Although the beach itself is small compared to other beaches in Florida, it’s still a great place to relax and enjoy a few outdoor activities.

If you’re looking for a bit of adventure, you can fish, snorkel, and swim in the calm, shallow waters. The protected tide pool is ideal for children and young swimmers. We also recommend bringing food and drinks and finding a shady spot underneath the palm trees for an afternoon picnic.

Islamorada Fishing Charter pier Whale Harbor

6. Fishing Charter

Whether you’re backcountry, offshore, or shallow flat fishing, Key Largo has tons of charters to take you out into the open waters. Brimming with abundant marine life, Key Largo offers some of the best sport-fishing in Florida. It’s common for novice fishers to catch mahi-mahi, groupers, snappers, marlins, kingfish, and more!

There are many fishing charter companies to choose from. You can choose between fun party boats, private reef trips, and even after-dark fishing tours. Some companies will also clean and cook your catch right in front of you, making for an unforgettable lunch at sea.

Before heading out for a day at sea, we highly suggest eating a big breakfast. Our favorite breakfast spots in Key Largo are Harriette’s and Mrs. Mac’s.

woman snorkeling off of the beach in Belize

7. Key Largo Snorkeling

The crystal clear waters of Key Largo are ideal for snorkeling. You can offshore snorkel right from the sandy coastline of the beaches or hire a charter to take you to some of the best deep-water snorkeling sights.

One of our favorite Key Largo snorkeling spots is John Pennekamp State Park, where you’ll see the fantastic living coral reefs. You’ll also get to see the magnificent Christ of the Abyss Statue, which is submerged almost 60 feet beneath the ocean’s surface.

An eco-tour will get you up close and personal with some of Key Largo’s most famous residents. On this tour, you’ll get to swim through the mangroves to see spawning fish and other newly hatched marine animals.

Woman riding in the African Queen Boat in Key Largo - Top Road Trip attractions

8. Ride African Queen

For one of the more unique things to do in Key Largo, hop aboard the African Queen steamboat for an unforgettable cruise around Key Largo. You may recognize this boat from the 1951 Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn movie, “The African Queen.” Now is your chance to take a ride on this iconic vessel through the beautiful canals of Florida.

Docked in the Marina Del Mar marina, the African Queen offers a variety of tours for all types of travelers. Cruises around the Port Largo Canals leave several times daily to show you the beautiful sights around the harbor.

You can also join a dinner cruise, where you’ll indulge in a fabulous three-course dinner before sailing into the sunset.

Islamorada Sandbar party - Must do things driving from Key West to Miami

9. Party at Islamorada Sand Bar

Experience one of Florida’s biggest parties right in the middle of the ocean!

Join hundreds of other boaters and party-goers at a sand bar party as you spend the day drinking and relaxing in the Atlantic. Once you arrive, the water is shallow enough to set up your lounge chairs, umbrellas, and even BBQ grills.

Since the party happens a mile offshore, you’ll need a boat, kayak, or paddleboard to join. With music blasting in the background, you’ll mingle with tons of people who are there to have a good time and party in the ocean. Trust us on this one – it’s one of the coolest things to do in Key Largo!

If you want to continue the party, make sure to check out these tiki bars in Key Largo and some of the best bars in Islamorada.

Woman feed Tarpon at Robbies in the florida Keys - Top things to do on a Key West Road Trip

10. Feed Tarpon at Robbie’s

Technically, it’s in Islamorada..but not far from Key Largo. A stop at Robbie’s is mandatory.

Located on the shore of Islamorada is Robbie’s Dock, a must-visit destination in Florida. At Robbie’s, you can eat at the Hungry Tarpon restaurant we love to go to for breakfast, shop at the open-air market, or rent jet skis and parasails for a fun day on the water. However, visitors from all over the world come to feed the residents, Tarpons!

For a small fee, you’ll be given a bucket of feeding fish. As you lay on your belly and dangle the fish over the dock, massive Tarpons will leap from the surface and snatch the food right out of your hand. Although these “Silver Kings” are giants, they love to be fed and are very friendly towards humans.

The frenzy of 100 or so Tarpons creates quite the show and is equally as entertaining for spectators as it is for the feeders. This is a must-visit spot for those families with kids on a Florida spring break. The kids will love it!

woman standing in front of the history of diving museum - Things to do on a Miami to Key West Drive

11. History of Diving Museum

If you are interested in the world of scuba or deep-sea exploration, then the History of Diving Museum is for you.

Step back in time and discover how scuba diving became one of the most unique water sports in the world. Learn about early pioneers, look at antiquated technology, and even marvel at the different treasures recovered from shipwrecks. There’s also an interactive exhibit to test how long you can hold your breath underwater!

Flight of 6 beers at Islamorada beer company - things to do in the Florida Keys

12. Islamorada Brewery

Serving home-brewed craft beer and strong spirits, the Islamorada Brewery is guaranteed to quench your thirst on a hot Flordia day. The brewery is located on the small island of Islamorada, surrounded by swaying palm trees just a few steps from the water.

During your visit to their showroom, you’ll be able to taste the different rotating beers on tap. Try the Floridays Tropical Pale Ale or the Sandbar Sunday Wheat Ale.

Next door to the brewery is the on-site distillery where you can sample their liquor flight of rum, gin, and vodka. There is also a charming beer garden where you can soak up the sun while drinking refreshing beverages.

Patio at Florida Brewing Company one of the best bars in Islamorada
Photo Credit Florida Keys Brewing Company via Facebook

13. Florida Keys Brewing

If you’re a fan of small microbreweries, then a visit to the Florida Keys Brewing Company is worth a stop. Located in the heart of Islamorada, the Florida Keys Brewing Company has over 20 different beers on draft.

Grab a pint of Bayside Coffee Blonde or the Grapefruit to be Alive and head to the tropical beer garden in the backyard. There are tons of lawn games and picnic tables where you can enjoy the real Florida island life. The brewery is located right across the street from the taproom, so you know that each pour is as fresh as can be!

Exterior view of the Ceecha Lodge and spa - Places to stay on the drive fromMiami to Key West

14. Spa at Cheeca Lodge

Since you’re on vacation, why not treat yourself to a relaxing spa day at the Cheeca Lodge and Spa? Located on 27 acres of tropical gardens, the Cheeca Lodge and Spa is the epitome of luxury and relaxation. Best of all, you don’t have to be a guest of the resort to pamper yourself with a spa treatment.

They offer a variety of relaxing services like massages, facials, and body scrubs. Some of their most popular treatments include the golden veil body scrub and the signature hot lava shell massage. After your spa day, you can go for a swim in the saltwater lagoon or sip blended tropical cocktails in the hotel’s oceanfront tiki bar. – Book A Room Online Now

Anne's Beach in Islamorada Florida Keys

15. Spend the Day on Anne’s Beach

Although it was recently impacted by Hurricane Irma, Anne’s Beach is the best beach in Islamorada and a favorite of many Florida locals. It’s not full of outdoor activities or entertainment but a great place to unwind after a busy day.

Located just off the main road of Islamorada, Anne’s Beach is easy to access. It’s not overcrowded, making it the perfect escape for a picnic under the shady palm trees or spotting wild birds and marine life.

Since the depth is very shallow, the temperature of the water is always lovely and warm. If you’re looking for a quiet, peaceful beach, then don’t forget to stop by Anne’s Beach in Islamorada.

woman standing in front of the MM88 beach sign at mile marker 88 on the overseas highway during a Florida Keys road trip

16. Sunset at Mile Marker 88

Located right on the sandy shores of Islamorada, Mile Marker 88 is one of the best restaurants on the water in Islamorada that attracts both locals and tourists. They whip up gourmet dishes like lobster and mango guacamole, key lime seafood penne, and crispy Florida yellowtail. For dessert, the key lime baked Alaska and molten lava chocolate cake is to die for!

Not only do they serve some of the tastiest dishes in Florida, but most tables in the restaurant also offer unparalleled ocean views. The Keys may not be known for their big beaches, but Marker 88 has its very own beach on the property. When the day ends, it’s one of the best places to watch the sunset.

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