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9 Best Breakfast in Key Largo, Florida

9 Best Breakfast in Key Largo, Florida

Not decided on where to go for the best breakfast in Key Largo? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with these top 9 Key Largo breakfast spots.

Every time we visit the Florida Keys, we start our trip off with a few nights in Key Largo. Key Largo is in the upper Florida Keys, only one hour from Miami. There are so many things to do in Key Largo you should plan on staying a few nights.

Key Largo provides classic breakfast dishes as well as internationally influenced morning cuisines. Keep reading to see which of these breakfast restaurants in Key Largo you’ll head to.

Shrimp and Grits at Harriettes Restaurant in Key Largo

1. Harriette’s Restaurant

If you’re searching for the best breakfast in Key Largo, look no further than Harriette’s. Harriette’s has been a Key Largo standard since it opened in 1982. This colorful, charming restaurant feels like you just stepped into your grandmother’s house.

We love everything about Harriette’s, especially the staff. All the waitresses and employees were so good to our kids,  trying to interact with them and keep them smiling.

They are best known for their epic muffins and classic American favorites. We tried the peanut butter chocolate chip muffin. Our waitress said her favorite was the guava cream cheese, but the most popular was the key lime (go figure). Oh, and get the shrimp and grits. Adam says it is the best he had in the Florida Keys.

Maybe you’ve enjoyed too many tiki bars in Key Largo and need a breakfast suitable for your hangover. If this is the case, then the Hangover Cure includes two pancakes, an egg, and bacon or sausage.

You can have breakfast all day or lunch all day, too. Just remember that Harriette’s Restaurant is only open 6 am-3 pm. We visited at 8 a.m. and got seated right away, but they quickly filled up. If you are going out diving or snorkeling in Key Largo early in the morning, they are typically slow before 8 a.m.

Perhaps you want something with a little more fire – try the Breakfast Burrito. It’s filled with scrambled eggs and spicy beef or chorizo. Or how about you try something classically the Florida Keys? The Conch and Eggs have a fishy flare that’s bound to please.

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Mrs Mac's Kitchen Key Largo Florida outside of the restaurant

2. Mrs. Mac’s Kitchen

Picture Key Largo in the 1970s, and Mrs. Mac’s was just opening its doors. The interior of Mrs. Mac’s Kitchen is quite a feast for the eyes. There’s a clutter of license plates plastered on the walls and even license plate light shades.

table at Mrs Mac's Kitchen full of breakfast food in Key Largo Florida

Mrs. Mac’s Gourmet Fluffy Omelets are an absolute must-try. There are eight different options to choose from, including Veggie, Greek, and Chili, Cheese & Onion. Grits are something that locals come back each week for at Mrs. Mac’s. The Fresh Fish & Grits and Shrimp & Grits are excellent choices. Oh, and get the jalapeno bacon too!

If you are searching for something a little different, try Paula’s Texas Benedict. It’s Texas toast with corned beef hash, eggs, tomato, and hollandaise. For sweeter treats, try the Crepes or Juans Caramel Bacon Waffles.

If you are looking for one of the best restaurants in Key Largo, Mrs.Mac’s should be on your list!

pancakes with syrup and butter

3. Doc’s Diner

Head to Doc’s Diner for another one of the best breakfasts in Key Largo. This family-owned breakfast cafe is another popular joint in the Florida Keys. “Where the locals go” is their motto, and it’s true. There’s a crowd of old-timers.

Doc’s has won countless awards for the best breakfast, the best cup of coffee, and more. They serve up big portions at a fair price, and they, most importantly, taste good.

Doc’s has several weekday breakfast specials. Mondays feature French toast, and Wednesdays feature eggs, bacon, biscuits, and gravy.

The Breakfast Burrito Grande is a whopping morning plate. It’s crammed full of chicken, scrambled eggs, jalapeño peppers, salsa, and cheese. Perfect for a robust start to the day.

Perhaps you want to sample some of Key Largo’s amazing seafood. The Fisherman’s Choice is super fresh and caught just before breakfast. It’s the catch of the day: eggs, hash browns, grits, toast, or biscuits.

Omelete and hasbrowns for breakfast

4. Hideout Restaurant

Another of the top Key Largo breakfast spots is Hideout. You might be hiding in this cozy restaurant, but the views are on full display. This breakfast place is right on the water and an ideal place to start your day.

This laid-back eatery has a homely indoor space and an outdoor patio. They’ve got omelets galore, Biscuits & Gravy, and lots more. Try the Fish & Grits or the Crab Cake Benedict for something from the sea. Order the Blueberry or Chocolate Hotcakes for a sweet meal that will leave you drooling.

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breakfast skillet and pancakes for breakfast

5. Keys Bite

Keys Bite just feels like you walked into a kind of seafood haven. From the ocean blue exterior to the sea theme inside, it’s all about the water.

One of the dishes they do really well at Keys Bite is skillets. They’ve got the Keysbite Skillet, Southern Skillet, and the Mexican Skillet. The Keysbite Skillet is hashbrown topped with ham, bacon, peppers, onions, and more. Try the Mexican Skillet for a bit more kick, with ground beef, jalapeños, and cheese.

For vegetarians, there’s the Veggie Eggs Benedict. It’s a crowd-pleaser even if you eat meat. They also have mouthwatering Breakfast Wraps and Breakfast Sandwiches. They don’t just serve breakfast; they serve lunch and dinner, too.

6. Made 2 Order

OK, so technically, this breakfast place isn’t in Key Largo. But since it’s just a 12-minute drive, we had to include it. Plus, they have some of the best breakfasts in Key Largo (well, sort of).

This breakfast spot is more than just good food. There’s a buzzing atmosphere and amazing views.

This is also the ideal breakfast place for kids. The kids will love the Belgian waffles and Mickey Mouse pancakes. For slightly older customers, there are the Breakfast Fajitas. These fajitas have eggs, spicy sausage, bacon, onions, and Jalapeño cheese.

Other savory options include The Islander – fried egg, cream cheese, tomato, bacon, and avocado.

There have been many claims that their Famous French Toast will change your life. This French Toast is a unique twist on a classic favorite. Croissants dipped in an orange juice mix, served with orange butter! Are you drooling yet?

breakfast burrito

7. Alfredo’s Cookhouse

Alfredo’s is your go-to if you want some breakfast with a bit of Mexican flare. This old-school diner is the spot for hearty dishes and fresh seafood.

What’s more, they serve breakfast until 3 PM. So, if you’ve had a long sleep or are nursing a hangover, don’t worry.

Their Mexican-inspired breakfast specials include the Breakfast Burrito, Chilaquiles, and Huevos Rancheros. The Huevos Rancheros is a mouthwatering breakfast dream. A tortilla filled with beans, sausage, ranchero sauce, cheese, eggs, and hash browns.

For something sweet, order the Buttermilk Pancakes. The Tropical Pancakes are covered in strawberries, bananas, and coconut.

coffee shop coffee breakfast

8. Cafe Moka

Cafe Moka serves up a variety of healthier breakfast options. There are croissants, acai bowls, quiches, and more.

Sit at the large windows, allowing light to flood the restaurant. This warming atmosphere creates a super positive start to your day.

You must order a latte at Cafe Moka. They have an eclectic range of blended flavored lattes to die for. This place is fantastic whether you’re enjoying a coffee and croissant or something more hearty.

9. Denny’s Latin Cafe

Last but by no means least, we’ve got Denny’s Latin Cafe. Denny’s embraces two things: breakfast and Latin flavors. Heavily inspired by Cuban cooking.

First things first, order a coffee. You won’t be disappointed. The Huevo con Jamon translates to eggs and ham and is cooked to perfection. Or try the Tortilla Española, a classic Spanish omelet.

outside of Harriettes Restaurant in Key Largo

When you go out for breakfast in Key Largo, what is your go-to order?