Don’t think you can visit one of the most beautiful islands in the entire world on a budget? WRONG! Koh Lipe on a budget is possible, and still a lot of fun. Read along here and I’ll show you how you can have a blast in Koh Lipe Thailand for less than 1,000 Baht ($30 ) a day. Also, make sure to check out our Ultimate Koh Lipe Guide.

Wondering where this magical paradise is? Koh Lipe is the most southern island in Thailand located in the Andaman Sea. Koh Lipe is only 2km long and 1km wide, a perfect paradise. Many call Koh Lipe, “The Maldives of Thailand” a name we think it well deserves. We’ve spent 5 weeks island hopping in the Maldives you can trust us.

We first came to Koh Lipe in 2014 by pure accident. We were in Langkawi, Malaysia just an island away, counting down the days until we left…We saw a sign for a speedboat to Koh Lipe and knew that was our escape off of Langkawi.

Koh Lipe Ultimate guide - Thailand - Sunrise Beach

As soon as we stepped foot on Koh Lipe we knew we had found our happy place. Koh Lipe has everything we look for in the perfect beach destination: white sandy beaches, clear turquoise water, tasty food, and good beach bars. Hands down Sunrise Beach on Koh Lipe is our favorite beach in the world.

 Koh Lipe on a Budget

It is no wonder you think you can’t afford to travel to Koh Lipe when it is called “The Maldives of Thailand.” Before traveling to Koh Lipe myself we too didn’t believe we could stay in a place this beautiful in a beach hut just steps from the ocean.

Throughout this Koh Lipe article, we will calculate everything in Baht (฿), the currency in Thailand. We will show how you can have an amazing time in Koh Lipe on a budget of only 1000 ฿. But how much is 1000 baht? The actual conversion as of October 2016:

1000 ฿  =  $30 USD  =  26 EUR

Back in the USA for $30, we would have maybe had enough for one blended drink and caesar salad if we were in Hawaii. But here in Koh Lipe for $30 you will have enough to pay for your accommodation, beach snacks, dinner, and happy hour! Don’t believe us? Let’s walk though how Koh Lipe for $30 a day is possible

Koh lipe Hotel Banner - Cheap Hotel in Koh Lipe Thailand

Cheap Accommodation on Koh Lipe

Most of our 1,000 baht daily budget is going to be spent on accommodation… Is there even such a thing as cheap accommodation in Koh Lipe? One of the most expensive resorts on Koh Lipe Serendipity Beach Resort charges 19,000+ baht a night during peak season!


Some of the cheapest places to stay in Koh Lipe are run by local families and many are listed on Airbnb. There are rooms for under $20 a night on Airbnb and even a 6 person yacht with 3 cabins that would make for an epic trip but would cost $50 a person a day (slightly over our $30 a day budget).

Get $40 credit when you book your first trip! –>> sign up here! If you already have an account register a second account for your travel partner to get $4o off your next trip. 

You won’t have a problem showing up to Koh Lipe without room reservations during the low season, but DO NOT show up in peak or high season without reservations. We did that in 2014 and walked around for hours with our bags to only find rooms way out of our budget left. Koh Lipe is small, and most accommodation is booked up months in advance you can almost count on all the cheap accommodations to be fully booked.  Just follow our 3 tips and you’ll score a great hotel in Koh Lipe that is well within your budget.

Koh Lipe is small, and most accommodation is booked up months in advance you can almost count on all the cheap accommodations to be fully booked.  Just follow our 3 tips and you’ll score a great hotel in Koh Lipe that is well within your budget.

Accommodation Tips for Koh Lipe on a Budget

#1 – Stay Longer

The longer the stay the deeper the discounts and the more money left in your daily budget for happy hour! When booking online places like on Agoda, there are often special discounts when staying longer like 3 or 5-night discounts. If you show up to a small family owned accommodation you should have no problem negotiating a better rate when you can commit to a week or longer, all you have to do is ask.

#2 – Avoid Peak Season

Like most of Thailand prices fluctuate greatly based on the season, if you are on a budget it would be best to avoid PEAK season at all costs. Several accommodations peak season rates are double or triple the price of low season, so check and see if you can move your dates to save a few baht.

#3 – Book Online

If you must travel during high or peak season booking online is the easiest & best way.  Several hotels have daily rates that include free cancellation, just make sure to double check the last date to cancel. Also booking online you don’t have to worry about bringing enough cash or your credit card not working, your room is already paid for you!

We have found that Agoda is by far the cheapest hotel booking website in Asia and the have the biggest selection of accommodation. I just checked them for you and I found some crazy good deals. Please note prices can change quickly, so when you see a good deal on a room you want to book asap! Many of the deals below even have free cancellation, just make sure to double check that last day to cancel for free. Just click on the links below and enter your travel dates. The prices below are for May 2015.

Koh Lipe – City Center Location

Sunrise Beach Hotels

Pattaya Beach Hotels

If you can’t find a Koh Lipe hotel take a longtail boat over to Koh Adang for 100 baht per person. There are several chalets for rent over there 600 baht a night and camping for 200 baht a night, which includes the tent for two people. It’s super peaceful over on Koh Adang, you’ll basically have the whole beach to yourself. There is also a super affordable restaurant and little shop, meals can easily be had for under 150 baht per person.

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 Cheap Places to Eat on Koh Lipe

Madame YooHoo Restaurant

Located on Walking Street about halfway between Sunrise Beach and Pattaya Beach. You probably will hear the yoohoo lady yelling, as she sells her Thai pancakes out front. We ate at Leonardo’s twice on our last visit, both times left very satisfied. The prices are the best we have seen on the island. They serve up both Thai and Italian dishes, it appeared to be run by both a Thai and an Italian. Each time we visited a majority of the customers were Italian, all of which were ordering pasta & pizza and all looked good and satisfied with their meals. We, however, stuck with Thai, 100 baht for their curry and extra 20 baht for rice, spring rolls 100 baht and the cheapest beer at a restaurant in Koh Lipe 70baht for large Chang beer.

Madame Yoohoo Pancakes & Shakes Stand

Koh Lipe Ultimate guide - Thailand_-11

You probably will hear Madame Yoohoo before you see her pancake & smoothie stand. She is the cutest old grandma shooting her slogan “YOOHOO pancake pancake pancake.” While I have never had her pancakes I am a fan of her smoothies, not only is she the best price in Koh Lipe at only 40 baht a shake, they are the tastiest as well. I have had smoothies at 5 different shops, none compare to her’s. She usually has a line for her pancakes as well, Nutella & banana always seems to be the top seller when I am in line.

Cheap Places to Drink on Koh Lipe

Best in town cheap bar – Cocktail Bar

Koh Lipe Ultimate guide - Thailand_-28

2017 UPDATE: 100 Cocktail bar has been closed and now appears to be someone’s house or small tour agency. There is now a bar across the street called Corner Bar with cheap beers and 150 baht cocktail drinks. Cocktail Bar is located right on Walking Street, you will not miss it. All cocktails are 100 baht and beers for 80 baht (only small size available). Only a few wooden tables and stools are out front and it’s usually full from 6pm-10pm so come early or get your drink to go. They have a huge drink menu includes: caipirinha, mojitos, sex on the beach, etc. Cocktail bar is open 6p.m.-1a.m. Nightlife in Koh Lipe is really chill compared to other Thai islands.

 Cheapest Drinks – Mom & Pop Shops

Koh Lipe Ultimate guide - Thailand_-17

Hands down the cheapest drinks will be if you make your own. Beers can be bought at a small mom and pop shops in town for 35-45 baht each. 7-11 is not cheap when it comes to any drinks, alcoholic or not. The best selection is at a larger shop on Moo 7, if you are coming from Sunrise beach and on Walking Street turn right on Moo 7 (same street as OMG Restaurant) and this shop (not the shop pictured above) will be on the left side (west side) of the street and a Mexican restaurant will be across the street. The shop has a larger selection, and a scanner system so no need to ask how much items cost.  We bought a bottle of rum on our first day in Koh Lipe, and then smoothies from YooHoo lady and made our own blended fruity drinks!

Best Happy Hour – Ten Moons Resort

Koh Lipe Ultimate guide - Thailand - 10 moons pictures Ten Moons Resort on Sunrise beach has the best happy hour on the entire island of Koh Lipe. Come between 4-6p.m. for buy 1 get 1 on all cocktails, so come with a friend get 2 strawberry daiquiris for 200 baht. The beach at Ten Moons Resort is the softest sand on the island, enjoy your drink on the deck and take in the views or bring it down to the beach.

Free Things to do on Koh Lipe

Soak in some rays and get a tan- You’re on a beach get out and get some free color! Koh Lipe is one of the best beaches in the world take advantage it! Cool off in the water, just go for a swim and float around in the sea. Make sure not to forget the sunscreen, the sun is no joke in Koh Lipe. If you run out you can purchase sunscreen on walking street but expect to pay 400+ baht for a small bottle.

Koh Lipe Ultimate guide - Thailand - Hannah sun tanningWatch the Sunset on the Beach- Koh Lipe has some of the best sunsets we’ve ever seen. Night after night is another great sunset, run into town and grab a few beers at mom & pop shop, and make your way over to sunset beach or the end of Sunrise Beach and catch the free show. For an extra 60 baht grab an ice cold beer at Sunset Beach bar or 100 baht for a tasty mojito. They have beach mats and cushions set up right on the beach, the perfect set up for sunset. Don’t forget to tip, tipping in Thailand is appreciated and an extra 10 baht goes a long way. 

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7 month recap - Koh Lipe - Sunset

Get Lost – An island the size of Koh Lipe you can’t get lost, because it’s only 2km long and 1km wide. One of the best ways to explore Koh Lipe is to just start walking, follow the road see where it goes. This is the best way to find the beach that is right for you and even stumble upon some local restaurants & bars.

Spending in One Day on Koh Lipe

So now that I have explained that Koh Lipe can be done on a budget, let’s go through what spending for one day would look like.

Budget guide to koh lipe - Koh Lipe on a budget

Conclusion: Look we did it, only 1,000 baht a day including several alcoholic beverages. If you ask us it was kind of an expensive day, you can make it even cheaper by having a few days alcohol free.

We have traveled to 66 countries and Koh Lipe will always be our top beach destination.

You will never want to leave…

Bonus Options: Every other day skip the beers & booze and save your money and get a massage on the beach. Almost all massage shops on Sunrise beach are only 300 baht an hour for Thai/foot/oil massages. Possibly even less during low season.

So book your trip to Koh Lipe, What are you waiting for?

Hope your visit to Koh Lipe is amazing, and I know it will be if you follow some of our budget tips. There are so many cheap local and ooooh so tasty restaurants waiting for you in Koh Lipe. Hope the tips in this blog post help you not break the bank on your beach adventure in Koh Lipe.

Koh lipe Hotel Banner - Cheap Hotel in Koh Lipe Thailand

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Koh Lipe Budget guide pinterestAdditional Resources:

  • Airbnb first-timers, if you sign up through my referral link you get $40 credit when you book your first trip! –>> sign up here! If you already have an account register a second account for your travel partner to get $35 off your next trip. New guesthouses are being added constantly.
  • If you need any help finding accommodation in Koh Lipe, always check Agoda as I have found them to have the best selection on the island.
  • Book your transport to Koh Lipe online here. All the options from Langkawi, Koh Phi Phi, Koh Lanta, Phuket, etc.
  • For the cheapest airfare within Thailand and most of Southeast Asia, check AirAsia.

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Excuse us, we gotta run, we have a happy hour to catch!

Koh Lipe Ultimate guide - Thailand - Happy Vibe-3

Have you been to Koh Lipe? How was your experience? Do you have a suggestion for budget friendly accommodation/eats/drinks in Koh Lipe? We’d love to hear from you, just drop me a comment below on the blog.

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      Thanks Linda, Koh Lipe is really easy to photograph…it’s gorgeous!

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    I’ve read a lot about Koh Lipe over the years, and it’s on the list. I just came back from 2.5 months in Chiang Mai (my part-time home), but I just don’t go to the islands during high season. I’ll be back in a few months, and I will definitely have to try and make it to Lipe. Thanks for the great post.

    • Hannah
      Posted at 09:01h, 22 March Reply

      No way we are living in Chiang Mai! Yes if you can go to Koh Lipe in the off season do it, prices are much nicer than in high season.

  • Michael (Suitcase Stories)
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    Undoubtedly our favorite part of Thailand was the islands. This one looks great. Maybe next time we are in Asia 🙂

    • Hannah
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      The island are amazing! There are just so many to choose from here in Thailand…def check out Koh Lipe next time you are in Thailand.

  • Zascha
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    This guide was brilliant. I’m amazed with how cheaply you managed to do it. Will definitely keep this in mind.

    • Hannah
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      Zascha yes it can be done on it budget, but loads of luxury options as well. Hope you get to Koh Lipe someday soon.

  • Caryl
    Posted at 08:06h, 18 April Reply

    Impressive guide! Islands are always expensive it seems to its great to hear you did it on such a reasonable budget, with plenty to eat and drink too. I love this part of the world and we got married on our favourite island which is just across the water from Koh Lipe. Might have to pop on over to have a look next time we are in the area…

    • Hannah
      Posted at 00:33h, 19 April Reply

      This part of the world is AMAZING! Did you get married in Langkawi?

  • Gwendoline
    Posted at 13:32h, 25 March Reply

    Koh Lipe is an amazing island with beautiful beaches !!! And yes, you can live there on a budget and enjoyyy paradise 🙂
    We did it in feburary this year, awesome memories …

    • Hannah
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      Glad to hear you had an amazing time. Lipe can be done on a budget and still have an amazing time.

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    Hi. I came across your website when i was searching for a budget trip to Koh Lipe from Langkawi. Thank you so much for sharing these info. Btw, I’m planning to go to Koh Lipe from Langkawii this November, originally I planned to stay 4 nights in Langkawi but since I’ve been there before, I decided to split my days, hence 2 nights in Langkawi and 2 nights in Koh Lipe.. Would it be easy to book accom upon arrival n Koh Lipe or much advisable to book in advance.. Thank you so much and Happy safe travels!

    • Hannah
      Posted at 23:29h, 25 October Reply

      We are heading to Koh Lipe in November as well. If you only have 2 days I would book in advance, you don’t want to be wasting time dragging your bags around looking for a room. Let us know if you have any other questions.

  • Farha D
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    Thanks so much for the tips! Looking forward for my trip in a month’s time. Woohoo!!

    • Hannah
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      You are going to love it! We will be there next month too, maybe we’ll bump into you since it’s such a small island. Safe travels!

  • markell
    Posted at 08:50h, 16 November Reply

    I think about to go there beginning of December. Is beginning of December already considered high-season?
    Is it possible to go there without having accommodation already booked (at this time)?

    • Hannah
      Posted at 09:20h, 16 November Reply

      If you go before December 15th you should be able. Are you on a budget? We are heading to Koh Lipe this week and can you update if you’d like. Best way is to message us on Snapchat/Instagram when we are there to remind us @gettingstamped

      • markell
        Posted at 11:51h, 16 November Reply

        yes, I am on budget (not super low low budget, but budget)
        it will be before 15th December, maybe even end November/beginning December … so I should be fine (?)

        • Hannah
          Posted at 06:57h, 26 November Reply

          You should be fine, we are here now and many of the fan rooms go for 600 baht and are only available for walk up. When are you coming?

          • markell
            Posted at 06:14h, 27 November

            I’ll arrive tomorrow… any recommendations for a place?

  • Patrick
    Posted at 01:20h, 15 January Reply

    Thanks so much for your blog and recommendations. I’m planning on heading there toward the end of this month (January) .Were the accommodation prices you listed for low season? Because I just looked up your recommendations on Agoda and they are all about $12-20 higher than what you listed. And the first one was listed at $85. So must have maybe been a big renovation there…haha


    • Hannah
      Posted at 04:58h, 22 January Reply

      So jealous you are traveling to Koh Lipe this month! There are screenshots attached that have exact days. We just spent two weeks on Koh Lipe in December and there are some places that have rooms for under 700 baht for fan rooms but are only bookable on walk-up basis. Yes, the island is FULL of renovations. The cheapest place to stay would be to take a 100 baht boat to Koh Adang (10 minutes away) and the National Park has camping for 200baht a tent (tent/bedding included). More on Koh Adang here Let us know if you have any other questions.

  • Sabina
    Posted at 23:32h, 13 February Reply

    Thanks for all the info shared, really helpfull 🙂 Went to ten moons yesterday, beautifull cosy beach! But they changed the cocktail deal to buy 1 get 1 for 50% .

    • Hannah Lukaszewicz
      Posted at 06:24h, 14 February Reply

      Thanks for reminding me to change that, we noticed that in December when we visited.

  • Shirley McLean
    Posted at 09:56h, 14 July Reply

    Good afternoon
    We have just been reading your blog on Koh Lipe, which we have found very useful, We are travelling from Langkawi in November and was wondering what the best ferry/boat service would be at that time of year and if we should pre book it before we leave the UK.
    Our hotel on Koh Lipe said they would come and collect us on arrival, but have been told by other travellers that there is no pier at Koh Lipe so we would need to carry our luggage through the water from the ferry/boat, do you know if this is correct.
    Thank you
    Shirley McLean, Joyce Young & Eileen Nelson

    • Adam
      Posted at 11:03h, 14 July Reply

      Hi Shirley – There is a small floating pier on Koh Lipe, you will not have to drag your bags in the water. The boat drivers are good about taking the bags for you to the beach, and tipping isn’t obligatory but they are happy if you give them 20 baht. Your hotel may arrange transport right from this point, just look for the sign. If not you can take a local motorbike taxi to your hotel for around 50 baht per person usually. As for the ferry company, I am not sure there is a best one. Most run very similar boats, I would use the one that is the most convenient. The sea will be a little rough coming from Langkawi, which is normal but if you are prone to sea sickness you may want to prepare for it. If your schedule is tight you may want to pre book your tickets, but in November it shouldn’t be an issue to book when you are there. If you have any more questions please let us know. Safe Travels and enjoy Koh Lipe!

  • Shirley Mclean
    Posted at 04:06h, 15 July Reply

    Thank you so much for your quick response, you mentioned a bar on Sunrise Beach for cocktails to watch the sunset, what was it called?
    If you are in Koh Lipe between the 4-10November let us know as we would be happy to buy you both a cocktail.
    Shirley,Joyce, Eileen

    • Adam
      Posted at 14:34h, 15 July Reply

      There are bars on Sunrise beach, but not with sunset views. The bar we were probably talking about is on Sunset beach. It’s just a small shack on the beach that sets out mats and tables every day. I think it might be call sunset beach bar or something simple like that. It’s right at the end of the road going to sunset beach you can’t miss it. There are also more formal bars, but this place has the best views. I wish I was going to be there, but not in November, possibly later in the season. I hope you enjoy Koh Lipe as much as we do!

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