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Germany’s Best Water Castle – Mespelbrunn castle

Germany’s Best Water Castle – Mespelbrunn castle

One of Germany’s most fascinating castles is tucked deep into the forest and surrounded by rolling hills outside of the city of Mespelbrunn, Germany. Mespelbrunn Castle is one of the most well known moated castles in the country and has become the image of what a German water castle is. It has survived many wars over the centuries and remained in the family for hundreds of years.

Here is everything you need to know before visiting Schloss Mespelbrunn Castle.

How to get to Mespelbrunn Castle

When visiting Mespelbrunn Castle, make sure to use the main roads. Google maps have a few small roads that approach the castle from the east that is not fit for cars, do not use these roads.

Instead, from the A3 highway head into the town of Mespelbrunn and then go to the castle from there. As of our visit in late 2017, Google Maps had us taking the wrong way. Check first.

Mespelbrunn Castle Address: Schloßallee, 63875 Mespelbrunn, Germany

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  • Frankfurt | 1 hour away and 44 miles/71 km
  • Würzburg | 55 minutes away and 39 miles/62.5 km

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Photo from above Mespelbrunn Castle with a reflection on the water of the castle

History of Mespelbrunn Castle

Originally built as a house in 1412 and later rebuilt as a fortified castle with towers, walls, and a moat in 1427. Today the only thing standing from the 15th century is the round tower. Generations have changed the structures to now a Renaissance-styled home.

To this date, it is still a private residence of the family of the Counts of Ingelheim. They live in the southern wing of the castle. They moved out of the main rooms, which are open to the public.

Top down view of Mespelbrunn Castle in Germany

Things To Know Before Visiting Mespelbrunn Castle

  • Guided tours of the interior only – You are allowed to visit the castle grounds and courtyard without a tour, but if you want to see the castle interior you must be on a tour.
  • Photos are not allowed inside the castle – You can take photos of the exterior only, inside the castle photos are not permitted and you cannot purchase a photo pass.
  • There is a restaurant at the castle – The restaurant on the castle grounds is reasonably priced and serves coffee, sandwiches, schnitzel, salads, soups, brats, and much more.

Orange pink and white colored Renaissance style courtyard of Mespelbrunn Castle

Mespelbrunn Castle Tour

If you want to see the interior of the Mespelbrunn Castle, the only way to do so is on the formal castle tour. Tickets can be purchased from the stand just outside the property for just 5 Euros, and the tour lasts about 40 minutes. The main downside is the tour is only in German, but there are printed materials for purchase that are easy to follow along in just about all major languages.

Tour Costs:

  • Adults: €5
  • Children & Students (6-17): €2.50
  • Groups 25+: €4.60

Hours of Mespelbrunn Castle

Open daily from 9:00 to 17:00

Closed in the winters from approximately November to March, depending on the year.

Mespelbrunn Castle Parking

There is ample parking just outside the castle grounds. Parking here is generally 2 euros, but during low seasons the fee is not always collected. During busy periods there may be a walk of up to 200-300 meters on flat ground.

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Decorated wall inside the Schloss Mespelbrunn castle

Mespelbrunn Castle Interior

One of the main highlights of Mespelbrunn Castle is its beautiful interior. The castle’s interior is open to the public on tours only. It is smaller compared to other castles in Germany, but unique and interesting to see.  There are several rooms you can visit as part of the Mespelbrunn Castle tour. Many rooms have furniture and artifacts from the family.

Highlights of the Castle Tour:

  • The Knights’ Hall – The first stop on tour is the imposing room with red sandstone columns and windows used by the knights to gather.
  • Chapel – Late gothic in design, the chapel on site has lovely hand-painted windows and an altar made of alabaster.
  • Chief Porch – Full of little details, this section of the house is beautiful, but even more so when you take a closer look.
  • Banquet Hall – Inside this room, you’ll find an impressive collection of weapons, including a large ceremonial sword of the Echter Family.
  • Ancestors Hall – As the name indicates, you’ll find a collection of family paintings, including a portrait of the last Lady Echter, who married Count Ingelheim in 1648, thus transferring the castle into the Count Ingelheim family.
  • Echter Room – This room is filled with special souvenirs from the most famous family member of the Echter Family, Julius Echter.
  • Chinese Room – In the 1700’s it was very popular to collect things from Asia, and in this room, you’ll find many pieces from East Asia.
  • Bed Room – Here, you’ll find an old family bed that is said to be the birthplace of many of the Echter family, including Julius.

Swan swimming in the moat around Mespelbrunn Castle

Mespelbrunn Castle Facts

  • Date of Construction: May 1st, 1412
  • First Owner: Hamann Echter
  • The Castle was remodeled several times, but most of the current structure was done by Peter Echter between 1551 and 1569.
  • The Castle remained in the Echter Family until the last male in their line, in 1665. Then by marriage, the Counts of Ingelheim line continued ownership through the present day.
  • The Castle was opened to the public in the 1930s.
  • One of the few castles to survive the 30-year war.

Woman in a dress in front of Burg Eltz Castle in Germany

More Castles Near Mespelbrunn Castle

There are literally thousands of castles in Germany and several castles nearby Mespelbrunn that are worth visiting. The most famous and beautiful is Burg Eltz, located about 2 hours by car from the city of Mespelbrunn. Here are a few to Castles to consider visiting before or after Mespelbrunn Castle.

Another one of our favorite castles is Liechtenstein Castle, which is just over 2 hours away. If you looking for a castle hotel in Germany, head to Burg Satzvey. We spent one night here, and it was just over $100 a night. If you have time, put these two castles on your Germany road trip.

Things to do near Schloss Mespelbrunn

Visit the romantic Road – Mespelbrunn Castle is close to one of the main starting points to the Romantic Road in Germany – Wurzburg. This famous road should be part of your itinerary if you love castles and picture-perfect little German towns!

Stay in a Castle – Very close by to this amazing castle is another castle where you can actually sleep in. The best part is that it’s cheaper than most hotels and you can rent it on Vrbo.

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Where to Stay Near Mespelbrunn Castle

We suggest staying at a hotel nearby so you can get to take your time at Mespelbrunn Castle. Click here to see nearby hotels. There are many nice local hotels in the area that are the perfect place to rest your head between visiting the best castles in Germany.

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