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The African Massage – Expect lots of Bumps

The African Massage – Expect lots of Bumps

Coming from Thailand the land of massages we thought we were spoiled there, paying less than $5 for an hour rub down. That is until we got to Africa and experienced the African massage.

You haven’t lived until you get a real African massage. The technique is nothing like a Thai, Swedish, or any other massage you’ve ever had. This style focuses primarily on your rear-end, your butt, bum, or whatever you call what you sit on. The best part, it’s free!

The technique is simple in nature, but extremely effective. You are in the seated position for the entire massage. The masseuse begins with a turn of the wrist. Once the engine is running you begin to feel a light pulsing coming through the seat. Side to side motion is added with increasing pressure at the seat as the driver, I mean masseuse, directs you over the roads in eastern African.

The result of the African massage is similar to a Thai massage in that it is at times painful, but extremely rewarding.

Our masseuse for our African adventure was Richard a native Namibian with Acacia African Adventures.

African Massage - African Overland Safari Trucks-7

African Massage - African Overland Safari Trucks-4

Now that you know what to expect on an African safari you have no reason not to go. If you are looking at taking a safari on your own, we cannot recommend Acacia Africa enough.


Monday 29th of September 2014

That's a funny way to look at overlanding in a vehicle. I feel with you as we're touring South America in a large overland truck (just a bit older, our "Berta" is 33 years old). Tracks here aren't much better.


Sunday 20th of July 2014

This is great!! Idk, some of the trains I took in Thailand included similar "massages" lol!!!


Monday 21st of July 2014

I can only imagine, but amazingly Adam and I never took any trains in Thailand so we escaped that massage. I do know I have bruised from some serious Thai massages though, those elbows are fierce!