Sunrise Over The Sand Dunes of Namibia

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I have been looking forward to this morning since day we planned our trip through Namibia.

Sunrise of the dunes in Namibia - Dune 45 Sunrise-6

If you have ever seen a picture of the sand dunes in Namibia it’s probably this guy: Dune 45. It’s this heap of sand is what put Namibia on my bucket list, today we climb it.

Sunrise of the dunes in Namibia - Dune 45 Sunrise-1

We rose at well before the clock read 5:00 and headed toward the dune field with hopes of a colorful start to the day from atop a big pile of sand.

Sunrise of the dunes in Namibia - Dune 45 Sunrise-7

The morning didn’t disappoint.

Sunrise of the dunes in Namibia - Dune 45 Sunrise-8

It was a windy morning and the blowing sand gave a haze to everything. The colorful light was softened by the sand whipped up by the breezes. It was one of the most memorable mornings of our overland safari with Acacia African Adventures.

Sunrise of the dunes in Namibia - Dune 45 Sunrise-9

However, like most pictures you see on our website, there is a story behind them that isn’t quite as glamorous. Dune 45 is no joke. It doesn’t look that big until you have been walking up it for twenty minutes with the summit still far in the distance.

It’s basically the world’s largest stair master because every time you step up your foot slides back down halfway. The faster you try and go the more you slip back and go almost nowhere.

Sunrise of the dunes in Namibia - Dune 45 Sunrise-16

It took a few minutes but we got the hang of it, sort of, but we were still racing to get to the peak before the sun came over the horizon. The morning left more than our memory cards full, our shoes, pockets, and anything that could, was full of red sand.

Sunrise of the dunes in Namibia - Dune 45 Sunrise-17

Now that you know what to expect on an African safari you have no reason not to go. If you are looking at taking a safari on your own, we cannot recommend Acacia Africa enough. You can book with them on Tour Radar, check price.


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12 thoughts on “Sunrise Over The Sand Dunes of Namibia”

  1. Seeing the sunrise on Dune 45 is really nice. Actually visiting Dune 45 is nice throughout the day as long as it does not get too hot 🙂
    Great photos, beautiful colours and nice to read that you loved your tour through Africa.

    • We loved Africa, we are headed back in May actually. Not sure if we will make it back to Namibia though. I’d love to check out dube 45 during the day next time.

  2. Great photos! Looks like you had an amazing time, which is hard not to do in Namibia. It was so nice to chat with Adam about it a bit when you were here! These will definitely be nice photos to add to your mantle one day! 🙂

    • Namibia was jam packed of great things. We see ourselves going back and spending a few weeks there. Our house is going to be full of photos, no wall space!

  3. I love the picture of the beetle climbing the dune, with his tiny footprints in the sand- it’s just stunning. You guys always have such wonderful photos. Can’t wait for a ton of “Adam’s Beer Blog” posts from Germany


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