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What to Do, See, Eat in Rome? Tips From a Local Roman!

What to Do, See, Eat in Rome? Tips From a Local Roman!

Rome Colosseum GS-1

We spent 4 nights in Rome, which was about 4 nights too short. We both agree we needed another week in Rome. We did however, try to make the most of our 4 nights there. On our 3rd day in Rome, we took a day trip with Walks of Italy out to Tuscany, this is where we met Marta our guide.

Marta was born & raised in Rome, she was full knowledge from the history, best eats, best wine, you name it! At the end of our tour she gave us a list of things we should try to get to. With only 1 day left we didn’t make it very far on that list, so we thought we should share it with the world and when we come back to Rome we ourselves will check them out.

So here we go, according to a local Roman you should check out the following while in Rome:


Rome Gelato and Espresso Tour-13

Corona Gelato: Naturally I was on the hunt for the best gelato. Boy did Marta have this one right, you cannot miss this one. On average they have 40 different flavors, something for everyone. Located at Largo Arenula, 27

Rome Gelato and Espresso Tour - Getting Stamped-25

La Tazza d’Oro– Looking for the best coffee in Rome, look no further according to Marta. This coffee joint is located at via dei Pastini 11(Pantheon ). Coffee for only 90 cents, but if it’s a hot day try the Granita its an iced coffee with cream, YUM!

Bar Peru: Best aperitivo or cocktail in English can be found here, after a long day of sightseeing you deserve a stiff drink. Typically from around 6ish-9ish, the drinks will have a special price that included an unlimited food buffet, great value for your money. Closed on Sundays. Located behind Piazza Farnese, Via di Monserrato n.46

Florence Italy Wine Pizza Gelato Tour - Getting Stamped-20

Cul de Sac: Ready to get your wine on in Rome, why not check out one of the best wine bars in Rome? They also have a full menu, so enjoy your wine over dinner. Open daily at noon, free wifi, PIAZZA PASQUINO 73 (Piazza Navona) 00186 Rome

Florence Italy Wine Pizza Gelato Tour - Getting Stamped-11

Da Remo: PIZZA, looking for the original thin-crust Roman pizza? Look no further. Open 11:30am-8pm closed on Sundays. Located just around the corner from the Pantheon, Via Piè di Marmo, 32. Been making pizza for over 40 years, available by the slice.

Nanna Vincenzai– Best Sicilian pastries.

Roscioli: The best bakery in all of Rome. Open Monday-Saturday 7:30am-7pm, closed Sundays. Located at Via dei Chiavari, 34. Make sure to check out their pizza and specialty bread. Also, there is a deli & restaurant with menus in case you come hungry.

Norcineria Viola- Best cold cuts, Adam and I love the spicy salami here in Italy. This shop has been around since 1890. In the morning, there is the famous open-air market. Located at Piazza Campo de ‘Fiori, 43.

Dar Filettaro– Rome’s take on Fish & Chips except there are no chips. Tucked into a tiny, triangular, sloping piazza just off the southeast corner of Campo de’ Fiori along Via dei Giubbonari is a blue-on-white sign that just says “Filetti di Baccalà.”Join the line of people where you can order a filet of baccalà (salt cod) fried golden brown.  Dar Filettaro is only open from 5 pm to 10:40 pm.

Areas Off the Normal Tourist Track to Check out:

  • Ostia Antica
  • Appian Way
  • Acqueduct Park
  • Villa Adriana
  • The neighborhoods of Enoteca & Mercato Rionale
  • Going to the opera in Rome

Make Sure to Try the Following While in Rome:

  • Spritz – white wine & fizzy water – a Roman favorite
  • Suppli – fried ball of rice with meat and tomato sauce and a filling of melted mozzarella
  • Fiori di Zucca – Fried Squash Blossoms with Mozzarella and Anchovies
  • Pizza Bianca – White pizza

Do you have any Rome recommendations to add to the list? Please leave them in the comments, as we both can’t wait to get back to Rome!

Shikha (whywasteannualleave)

Friday 8th of August 2014

I'm going to bookmark this post for my next Rome trip because I love the city but if you don't do a bit of research, it's so easy to end up missing out on the really delicious food places and ending up in a tourist trap!! I could live on the gelato alone though!


Tuesday 19th of August 2014

I am guilty of eating my fair share of gelato...sometimes 3 times a day! We made this post to share with you all but to also remind ourselves when we come back to Rome!


Wednesday 6th of August 2014

We are too, as we need another week to explore Rome next time around.

Kathryn Burrington

Sunday 3rd of August 2014

I adore Rome and went on a fabulous Walks of Italy food tour once. They're superb! Know some of the places you mention but others are new to me and I'll check them out when I next visit.


Wednesday 6th of August 2014

We did a Walks with Italy tour out to Tuscany and it was amazing.Next time we are going to rent a car and spend a few days just driving around.


Saturday 2nd of August 2014

Hi there! I'm a 'co-worker' of Andrea's in LA, and she shared your story a year ago and you instantly became my heroes! I had the opportunity to travel last year thru Italy and wanted to share the joy of Parma with you! I would strongly recommend this city to you both: off the beaten path, fantastic food and people! One of the food capitals of Europe, even! Wine Bar de Marco and Gallo de Oro were favorites for me... I'd love to pick your collective brain about Africa, too... My significant other and I are planning for kilamanjaro in a couple of years, with a safari and possible man. Gorillas in Uganda.... Should you venture to visit LA, I'd love to buy you an ice cream and a beer!!


Wednesday 6th of August 2014

Fun! Oh Miss Andrea haven't seen her since Peru back in October. Hopefully I get her back on the road with me in the near future. Glad to hear you have been following our website. We did get a chance to get to Parma and to some cheese factories which were AMAZING.

Feel free to email me any Africa questions you have. We are hoping to get back to Africa sooner than later too, as we heard nothing but great things about the gorillas in Uganda. I will get you number from Andrea when in LA to claim that beer!