Koh Lipe Thailand: Five Day Lease on Paradise

Koh Lipe Beach Hut-2

25 Jan Koh Lipe Thailand: Five Day Lease on Paradise

Koh Lipe Thailand is pure paradise. We ended up in Koh Lipe on accident, it wasn’t on our route…best “oops” destination ever. Koh Lipe Thailand is now our favorite island and Sunrise beach is our favorite beach in the world. Don’t leave home without checking out our Ultimate Guide to Koh Lipe Thailand, and if you are on a budget read our Koh Lipe Thailand $30 a day guide.

Koh Lipe Thailand Beach Hut-5

Never have we stayed this close to the ocean. I can count the number of steps it would take me to get my toes wet on one and a half hands. From my balcony I see at least 4 shades of blues, pale Tiffany blue lapping the bright white sand, then gradually changing to a deep blue a few hundred feet out when the water finally deepens. Not a bad front yard!

Koh Lipe Beach Hut

Our Koh Lipe Thailand Beach Bungalow 

Koh Lipe Thailand Beach Hut-6

We braved high season taking the trip from Langkawi, Malaysia without a room reserved. Hannah took care of clearing customs while I went out in search of a room. On top of it being high season, it’s the weekend just before Chinese New Years and the island has an added influx of Malaysian tourist celebrating the holiday.

Koh lipe Hotel Banner - Cheap Hotel in Koh Lipe Thailand

After receiving nearly 20 responses of: ‘no rooms’, ‘sorry full’, and ‘no have’… There were several gorgeous resorts in Koh Lipe Thailand but there were just out of my budget. I was beginning to panic that we were going to have to turn around and get back on the boat headed back to Langkawi. I was getting pretty desperate until I came to the last resort on the eastern side of the island, and they had one room left.

Koh Lipe Beach Hut-4

“Thank god”, I thought to myself. Dreading the idea of coming back to where Hannah was waiting for me, and telling her we weren’t going to be able to stay.

Koh Lipe Beach Hut-9

Our Humble little hut

Koh Lipe Beach Hut-8

The bed, complete with mosquito net. To keep pests out (or in this case in)

Koh Lipe Beach Hut-10

One thing in almost every hotel / hostel / hut in Asia has the shower just in the middle of the bathroom. So when you get wet so does everything else, and more often than not they never drain properly leaving you naked standing in water above your toes with god knows what else. I will never get used to this…

I was so happy to find anything I wasn’t overly concerned with the amenities. I just knew it was basic, clean enough, and with a little bit of haggling I got it for the very top end of our budget of 1000 Baht per night (about $33usd). Make sure to book in advance to get the cheapest rates, Salisa Resort we stayed at our second trip to Koh Lipe Thailand it was amazing for the price, click here for rates.

Koh Lipe Beach Hut-7

Our own sliver of sand

Koh Lipe Beach Hut-3

The Food

It’s been a month since leaving Thailand for Cambodia and then Malaysia, the food has been pretty good, but Thai food stands out above both. The first meal back in Thailand was without a doubt green curry! Accompanied by a large Chang, it may not be the best beer ever to pass my lips, but there is something good about it. Like any beer while traveling, Chang is the liquid embodiment of Thailand, when I drink it I know I am in Thailand.

And its good to be back in Thailand!

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  • Sam
    Posted at 11:22h, 25 January Reply

    Sounds lovely! Though, I definitely also found the showers in the middle of the room thing annoying…I mean, at least put in a curtain!
    Sam recently posted..Greens Organic, CuscoMy Profile

    • Hannah
      Posted at 19:53h, 26 January Reply

      Super annoying! The toilet is always SOAKED!
      Hannah recently posted..6 Month RecapMy Profile

  • Rashaad
    Posted at 15:24h, 25 January Reply

    I remember in the 150-baht (or something around that amount) bungalow I stayed in on Ko Samet there being a mosquito net. Fortunately, there were no mosquitoes or any inconveniences. I just miss being able to sleep near the beach. Unfortunately, there was no toilet in my bungalow and that sucked.
    Rashaad recently posted..LilleMy Profile

    • Hannah
      Posted at 19:56h, 26 January Reply

      We haven’t had any bugs in the room, THANKFULLY! Waking up to the waves is the best. We have a toilet, having a bathroom is a bonus!
      Hannah recently posted..Our 2014 Travel Plans!My Profile

  • Nina
    Posted at 23:17h, 25 January Reply

    That’s amazing! It’s so great to be able to pay so little and stay in paradise. Living simply is just beautiful sometimes isn’t it ? :) Enjoy your time!
    Nina recently posted..Freelance Freak: Work Online to Travel LongerMy Profile

  • Rhonda
    Posted at 14:37h, 26 January Reply

    Enjoy! I do love Thailand and, even after 5-6 trips there, I can’t wait to go back. Gorgeous!
    Rhonda recently posted..Foto FridayMy Profile

    • Hannah
      Posted at 19:59h, 26 January Reply

      What is your favorite island? We love Thailand too, but so far Koh Lipe takes the cake on this one!!
      Hannah recently posted..We are done backpacking…My Profile

  • Theresa
    Posted at 13:46h, 06 April Reply

    Wow, that looks nice! Whats the name of those bungalows? I will be on the island in 2 weeks :)

    • Hannah
      Posted at 11:33h, 07 April Reply

      Think it was called view point Bungalows on Sunrise beach, they are right between Serendipity and Idyllic Resort. We just walked up and agreed on a rate, but I would send 1 of you and make sure they have a room because it would be a hike with the bags if they ended up not having a room. Have a blast, and make sure to go to Sunrise Beach restaurant it’s the best on the entire island and cheap!
      Hannah recently posted..Filipino Phood – Loose the knife and eat Pinoy styleMy Profile

  • Serendipity Tess
    Posted at 23:23h, 20 January Reply

    I am actually looking for an island in the South and this one looks amazing! There are just to many to choose from!!
    Serendipity Tess recently posted..India and ulterior motives – first impressions & expressionsMy Profile

  • Katrina
    Posted at 23:04h, 02 February Reply

    Wow that view is fantastic. I hope to get back to Thailand in a year or two, there’s nowhere else like it. The beaches and food are out of this world.
    Katrina recently posted..Defying Death at Pacaya Volcano, GuatemalaMy Profile

    • Hannah
      Posted at 02:17h, 23 February Reply

      A view indeed. Sounds like Thailand has sucked you in like us! Beaches and food are amazing, and that’s all you really need in the perfect vacation!
      Hannah recently posted..Month 19 Recap of our RTW TripMy Profile

  • LuAnn and Andy
    Posted at 03:42h, 03 February Reply

    Hi, we are LuAnn and Andy…fans we have been following your blog. We just started our round the world adventure in November. We just arrived in Bangkok last night from New Zealand. We were hoping to meet up with you but we see you have left Bangkok. Any suggestions for good places to stay and such would be so appreciated! We are in Bangkok for 5 days and then truthfully we have made no advance plans- we thought Koh Lipe and the south, then head north to Chang Mai. We have a month and then hope to extend. So maybe we can meet for drinks somewhere! You have influenced our trip a lot!

    • Hannah
      Posted at 02:18h, 23 February Reply

      Hey LuAnn & Andy, great to hear you have been following along. Congrats on your RTW trip! Yes we left Bangkok the morning of Feb 3rd. Let us know when you get to Chiang Mai we are here!
      Hannah recently posted..To return to a normal life… or not…My Profile

  • Lillia
    Posted at 21:55h, 06 March Reply

    I don’t know if I’m relieved or disappointed to find this post days after booking a ticket to Vietnam… I keep going back to Thailand/Malyasia so I was trying to go somewhere new but seeing these pictures just makes me want to go back to Thailand again!

  • Fernando Chaves
    Posted at 10:00h, 24 August Reply

    Hi guys.I´m from Argentina. Seen your comments and pics. You are awesome! Great reviews and clear info. As I´m about to get to Koh Lipe in February 2016, I found this quite enriching. I saw the pics of the Sunrise Viewpoint Beach Resort, where you stayed a year ago. Any recommendations about it? I found many comments as regards the people running it, such as not being at all polite and so forth. Is the place clean enough? Safe?

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