Koh Lipe, Thailand…even saying Koh Lipe makes me smile. Koh Lipe is our favorite island in the world…it is also known as “Maldives of Thailand.”  We have put together the ultimate guide Koh Lipe Thailand to help you plan your trip to paradise. Koh Lipe is truly heaven on Earth. 

Koh Lipe Thailand Travel Guide - Featured Image Koh Lipe with Thai long tail boat

Where is Koh Lipe, Thailand?

Located just 60 km from mainland Thailand lies the island of Koh Lipe, with the closest pier in the town Pak Bara. Koh Lipe is the most Southern island in Thailand. You can possibly even see Koh Lipe on a clear day from Langkawi Island in Malaysia, which is just only 30 km away.

While in Koh Lipe day trips to the surrounding islands are popular and highly recommend as they are the a great way to explore the marine park. Koh Lipe happens to be  part of the Adang Archipelago, which is a cluster of about 10 uninhabited islands in which Koh Lipe is the only inhabited island.

How to Get to Koh Lipe

Koh Lipe can be reached year around from Pak Bara, Thailand. In high season boats also run to Langkawi, Koh Lanta, Koh Phi Phi, Phuket and several small islands in the Andaman Sea. We have taken speed boats both from Pak Bara and Langkawi Malaysia. There are many ways to get to Koh Lipe, if your island hoping you can easily tie in Koh Lipe. To book tickets to Koh Lipe from Krabi Town, Ao Nang, Phuket, Ko Phi Phi, or Koh Lanta click here.

Koh Lipe Thailand Guide - How to get to Koh Lipe Transportation Table Speed Boats Ferry Times

How to get from Bangkok to Koh Lipe

By Air:

  • The nearest airport to Koh Lipe is Hat Yai.
  • The cheapest and easiest way to get from Bangkok to Koh Lipe is fly to Hat Yai airport, then minibus/taxi to Paka Bara cost 250 baht, and then at Paka Bara you can get on a ferry to Koh Lipe for 650 baht.
  • We booked a package with AirAsia that was inclusive to Koh Lipe (Flight to Hat Yai, shuttle to Pak Bara, speedboat to Koh Lipe) for 1,900. We found the prices to be the same as if you would book everything separate.
  • Times for Air Asia to Koh Lipe transfer: Our flight left Bangkok at 6:30, landed in Hat Yai at 8:30, shuttle to Pak Bara left at 9am, arrived in to Pak Bara at 11am, ferry to Koh Lipe left at 11:30, and arrived into Koh Lipe at 1pm.

By Train/Bus:

  • You can also take the train from Bangkok to Hat Yai,  15 hours and approx. cost in a 2nd class sleep with AC is 925 baht train tickets can be purchased online here.
  • There are several bus companies that leave Bangkok for the 12.5 hour trip to Hat Yai tickets can be purchased here average price 850.
  • Once in Hat Yai make your way to Pak Bara, we took an airport shuttle which cost 250 baht a person. Make sure you flight or train gets into Hat Yai before 10am, if you arrive any later you will not make the 11:30am ferry out of Pak Bara.

Pak Bara is the only place where you can reach Koh Lipe at any time of the year. All the other routes are closed during monsoon season due to rough seas. Check the ferry schedule as during high season additional boats may be running, check here.

Wide How to get to Koh Lipe Map - Ultimate Koh Lipe Guide

How to Get From Pak Bara to Koh Lipe

Pak Bara is the only place where you can reach Koh Lipe at any time of the year. All the other routes are closed during monsoon season due to rough seas. Check the ferry schedule as during high season additional boats may be running, check here.

How to Get From Langkawi to Koh Lipe

  • There are two piers in Langkawi that go to Koh Lipe, Telaga and Jeti Kuah.
  • Ferry from Langkawi to Koh Lipe is approximately 90 minutes.
  • Both piers depart at 9:30 am arriving to Koh Lipe at 10a.m. (1 hour time difference) and second departure at 2:30pm arriving at 3p.m
  • Kuah Jetty pier for adult is 100 ringgit (approx 910 baht) and children 90 ringgit. You can book tickets online here from Kuah Jetty pier.
  • Telaga pier ferry adult cost 128 ringgit and children 104 ringgit, you can book tickets online here from
  • Kuah Jetty pier has immigration onsite, you will have to go through immigration before departing.
  • Register for your boat 1 hour before boarding, registration closes 30 minutes before your departure and you will not be allowed to board without registering.
  • The ferry only operates from 20 October until 31 May. The ferry does not operate from June 1 thru October 19 due to the monsoon season causing rough seas.

How to Get From Ao Nang or Krabi to Koh Lipe

The Ao Nang/Krabi to Koh Lipe ferry is a shuttle and ferry combination ticket. A minivan will take passengers from Ao Nang/Krabi to Trang, where they then will board a ferry to Koh Lipe.

  • From Ao Nang – Departs Ao Nang Bus Station at 9am – Arrive at Koh Lipe at 3pm
  • From Krabi – Depart from Krabi Town Hotel at 10am – Arrive at Koh Lipe at 3pm
  • Adults 1100 Baht per Adult (over 11 are considered as adults)
  • Child 2- 11 years are 770 Baht per child, children under 2 are 500 Baht per child
  • Pick up by minivan from Ao Nang Bus Station at 9am or 10am from Krabi Hotel
  • Travel by minivan to Hat Yao Pier in Trang and board the ferry, which departs at 1pm
  • Ferry to Koh Lipe is approximately 2 hours, arrive at Koh Lipe at 3pm
  • Ferry only operates from 8 November 2014 until 18 April 2015. The ferry does not operate from May to November.

How to Get From Phuket, Koh Phi Phi, Koh Lanta to Koh Lipe

  • Phuket: 6:30am-3pm, 2600B, 7 hours
  • Koh Phi Phi: 9am-3pm, 1950B, 6 hours
  • Koh Lanta: 10am-3pm, 1700B, 5 hours
  • Ferry only operates from 8 November 2014 until 18 April 2015. The ferry does not operate from May to November.

PLEASE NOTE: Some fares don’t include a 50 Baht longtail boat transfer fee per person between the ferry and Koh Lipe. The speedboat/ferry will bring you to a floating dock only a 1 minute ride to Pattaya beach on a longtail. The fee is payable directly to the longboat driver.


When you arrive at the floating dock you will have to pay a Koh Lipe Management fee of 20 baht per person. The fee is for environment care and public development of Koh Lipe.

Koh Lipe Thailand Guide - Koh Lipe Management Fee

Best Places to Stay in Koh Lipe

Koh Lipe has accommodation for most budgets, and all the modern amenities if you wish to have them. It however is more pricy compared to others in Southeast Asia. Koh Lipe is sligtly more challanging to do on a backpacker budget, but can still be done. Like most of Thailand prices fluctuate greatly based on the season, if you’re on a budget it would be best to avoid Peak season. Several hotels peak season rates are double the price of low season.

Accommodation is available all over the island, but we prefer to stay on Sunrise Beach. Why? It’s the prettiest, biggest, quiet at night, plenty of good restaurants, there are way less boats, and you can see the sunrise and the sunset (at the top of the beach).

Hotel Recommendations on Sunrise Beach

where to stay in Koh Lipe - Salisa Resort Sunrise beach koh lipe

Best Value

Our go to accommodation on Koh Lipe. We stayed here in February 2015. Best location and bang for your buck. We paid $45 a night for a fan room, hot water, daily cleaning, with breakfast on Agoda.com for peak season. Sunrise Beach gets a great breeze and with a fan we never needed AC. Rooms available with AC for a charge. Great beach, lounge chairs, right next to a Happy Vibe great beach bar, 2 min walk to walking street.

Facilities: King size bed, free wifi, tv, ceiling fan, beach towels, fridge, restaurant onsite

Prices: $38-$79 peak season (AC room)

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best places to stay koh lipe ten moons resort

Affordable Luxury

If you are looking for luxury look no further. Ten Moons is right on the beach, and it has the softest sand in all of Koh Lipe. Located near the end of Sunrise beach, and therefore the beach is more private and sees less foot traffic. Approximately 5 min walk to walking street.

Facilities: king size beds, tv/dvd, fridge, ceiling fan, sofa bed, hair dryer, wifi, beach towels, private balcony, and breakfast.

Prices: $100-$160 in peak season, but always check Agoda.com for specials- Example prices: $153 at the end of February and $83 in August.

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best places to stay in Koh Lipe thailand - Kaixolip

Great Location

Kaixolipe Resort is in the middle of Sunrise beach, and only 2 doors down from Salisa Resort. Sunrise beach is really where you want to stay while in Koh Lipe. From the Resort to walking street is only 5 min walk with access to restaurants and shops. Kaixolipe Resort has several room options, including family rooms that can accommodate 4 people. The cheapest option is are the standard bungalow room.

Facilities: king size bed, cable TV, fan, fridge, and wifi.

Prices: $29-$68 peak season on Agoda

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Koh lipe Hotel Banner - Cheap Hotel in Koh Lipe Thailand

How Big is Koh Lipe and How to get Around?

Ultimate guide KOH LIPE BASE MAP

Koh Lipe has 3 main beaches and a handful of smaller, sometimes private beaches. The main street in Koh Lipe is called “Walking Street” and but motorbikes & motorbike taxi’s do drive on the road. Since 2013 there are official motorbike taxi’s (with sidecar) that can fit a couple of people for a fixed price per person, make sure to agree on a price beforehand. We fit 3 adults with luggage without a problem. The taxi drivers wear a purple vest you’ll be able to spot them if you’re looking for a ride.

Ultimate Koh Lipe Thailand Guide - Walking StreetMost recently everything is connected by concrete roads, and it usually takes between 10 and 20 minutes to walk between 2 of the main beaches. Our first visit in 2014 the road was not paved, but now the town has a “blue road.”

During the night, most roads are lit by streetlights but it’s always a good idea to take a headlamp or use flashlight app if you go out and explore after dark. We feel safe walking around at night and on the beach but always use precaution. On one occasion a beach dog did jump up on me, and his scratches drew blood.

When is the Best Time to Visit Koh Lipe?

Weekends typically are busy all year on Koh Lipe as Thai and Malaysian tourists flock to the island for a weekend getaway. Transport and hotel reservations are highly recommended on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, especially if they fall on a national holiday.

  • High season is November until early May, booking your hotel & transportation in advance is recommended.
  • Peak season is December 15 until the end of February. Most rooms and transport tickets will be fully booked months in advance and arriving on Koh Lipe without a reservation can be a very stressful experience. Our first visit to Koh Lipe in January 2014 we arrived without hotel reservations, and we walked about for 2 hours with our bags until we finally found a beach hut for 5 nights in paradise.
  • Low season, also known as green season, runs from May to October. There are a lot less tourists and it’s easy to find a quiet spot on the beach. Even though the island is open all year with 2 boats running to and from Pak Bara every day, some of the hotels and other businesses on Koh Lipe close down for low season. Low season is a great time to go if you are looking for quiet time on the beach and great hotel deals.

What Beaches are on Koh Lipe?

On Koh Lipe, there are 3 main beaches: Pattaya, Sunrise, and Sunset.  There are several small private beaches as well. Hands down our favorite beach is Sunrise beach. Sunrise is the only beach we will stay at when visiting Koh Lipe. Let’s look at each beach individually.

Pattaya Beach

Ultimate Koh Lipe Thailand Travel Guide - PATTAYA BEACH

Pattaya beach is Koh Lipe’s main beach, it’s location is a large sheltered bay with really soft powder sand and crystal-clear blue water. In high season, all boats arrive on Pattaya Beach, as the immigration and Police offices are located closest to Pattaya beach. Up and down Pattaya beach you will find dozens of accommodation, restaurants, and beach bars. You can access walking street right from Pattaya beach, and Sunrise & Sunset beach are only 15 min walk away. If you’re looking for a quiet beach, Pattaya isn’t the beach for you. Due to the boats & late night bars, it can be loud. We personally wouldn’t stay on Pattaya beach due to noise, we much prefer Sunrise beach.

Sunrise Beach (Hat Chao Ley)

Ultimate Koh Lipe Thailand Travel Guide - Sunrise Beach - Long Tail boat

Thai long-tail boat floats off of Sunrise Beach Koh Lipe

Sunrise Beach stretches the entire eastern side of Koh Lipe, it is the perfect beach to go on long walks. Sunrise beach is our favorite beach, it has very little boat traffic, therefore giving you space to go out for a swim or snorkel.  Best beach for relaxing in peace all day in the sand, going into the ocean for a dip, and yet only 5 min walk to walking street and you’re in “town.” Sunrise beach also gets an amazing breeze all day & night, that breeze is much needed on hot days or nights if you’re in a room without air conditioning. We have visited Koh Lipe both in January and  February both times we stayed on Sunrise in a fan room and had no need for the AC.

Hotels are much more spread out on Sunrise beach compared to Pattaya beach, there are several restaurants and a few beach bars that mainly operate during the day. If you looking for beach bars at night with fire throwing etc that would be on Pattaya beach. Most of the high-end hotels & resorts are located on Sunrise beach, even though there are still several budget options available. If you’re lucky, it’s even possible to see Koh Tarutao and Langkawi (Malaysia) on a perfectly clear sunny day.

Sunset Beach (Hat Pramong)

Sunset Beach is the smallest of the 3 main beaches on Koh Lipe, as its name suggests you will get great nightly sunsets. If you are looking for more of a quiet secluded beach location Sunset if for you.  There are a few very chill restaurants & bars. Sunset beach is about a 15-minute walk into “town.”

Best Restaurants on Koh Lipe

Looking for something tasty to eat without breaking the bank? Koh Lipe has great options for dining from Thai, Indian, Italian, and lots of Western options. We have eaten all over town, let’s go through our top 3 most eat places when on Koh Lipe.

Sunrise Beach Restaurant 

Koh Lipe Thailand Travel Guide - Where to eat Koh Lipe - Thai curry-1Hands down the beach food we have on our entire 2+year trip around the world. They have breakfast, lunch, and dinner…warning if you go there on your first day you may not go to any other restaurant because it’s that good. We both swear by the curry, Adam loved the green chicken curry while I loved the Penang chicken curry. Prices were spot on at 90 baht a curry with additional 20 baht for rice. Make sure to bring your own water to save money, and sometimes that spice catches up to you. Sunrise beach restaurant is right on Sunrise beach as you might have guessed. It has the best views any restaurant could ask for.

Leonardo “The Restaurant” 

Leonardo “the restaurant” is located right in town on Walking Street, about halfway between Sunrise beach and Pattaya beach. You may hear the “yoo-hoo” lady yelling, as she sells her Thai pancakes out front. We ate at Leonardo’s twice on our last visit, both times left very satisfied. The prices are the best we have seen on the island. They serve up both Thai and Italian dishes, it appeared to be run by both a Thai and an Italian. Each time we visited a majority of the customers who were Italian, all of which were ordering pasta & pizza and all looked good and satisfied with their meals. We however, stuck with Thai, 100 baht for their curry and extra 20 baht for rice, spring rolls 100 baht, and decently priced beer.

Fresh Seafood BBQUltimate Koh Lipe Thailand Travel Guide - Where to eat Koh Lipe

Several restaurants on Walking Street and the beaches have a BBQ where you pick fresh seafood or meats and pay by weight, pick how you want it cooked, pick your glaze/seasoning, and add some sides like baked potatoes or rice. The size of the prawns available are out of this world. Pictured above are prawns that were 1,000 baht a kilo.

Madame Yoo-hoo

Ultimate Koh Lipe Thailand Travel Guide - Where to eat Koh Lipe - Madame YoohooYou probably will hear Madame Yoo-hoo before you see her stall. She is the cutest grandma just shooting her slogan “YOOHOO pancake pancake pancake.” While I have never had her pancakes I am a huge fan of her smoothies, not only is she the best price in town at only 40 baht a shake they are the tastiest as well. I have had smoothies at 5 different shops, none compare to her’s. She usually has a link for her pancakes as well, Nutellaa & banana always seems to be the top seller when I am in line.

Paolo’s Pizza

Paolo’s pizza is located right on walking street, on the sunrise beach end. If you aren’t starving and just need a snack Paolo’s pizza is a great option. Huge wood oven pizza slices all for 100 baht ($3.50). Tons of toppings to choose from salami, pepperoni, veggie, four cheese, Hawaiian, chicken, etc. Only takes 2 minutes to make, quick and easy snack.

Nightlife on Koh Lipe

Koh Lipe has a great selection of chill beach bars and a handful of bars open late into the night. If you are looking for a beach day with umbrella drinks head on over to one of the beach bars and get to day drinking! Koh Lipe is not your party island, it is nothing like it’s Phi Phi or Koh Phangan which are party island central!

The drinks on Koh Lipe are much more expensive if you are coming from Bangkok or Chiang Mai. On average a small Singha/Leo at a beach bar will be 100 baht ($3), at restaurants/bars in town 80-90 baht. Mixed drinks and cocktails range from 160-250 baht ($5-8). Where as, in Chiang Mai a large beer is 80 baht. There is one bar that has crazy cheap cocktails, see below.

Best Beach Bar on Koh Lipe

Ultimate Koh Lipe Thailand Travel Guide - Happy Vibe Beach Bar

Happy Vibes Beach Bar on Sunrise Beach – Koh Lipe

Happy Vibe bar located on Sunrise beach right in front of Salisa Resort. Happy Vibe bar has beach chairs & loungers available for customers, they play great music and have a DJ on certain days of the week. Really good umbrella drinks for 200 baht ($6.50), beers are 100 baht, shakes for 100 baht BYOB booze to add in to save a little money.

Best Happy Hour Bar on Koh Lipe

Ultimate Koh Lipe Thailand Travel Guide - Ten Moon Resort BarTen Moons Lipe Resort on Sunrise beach has 2 for 1 cocktails from 4pm-6pm daily. Not only is Ten Moons resort located on the best part of Sunrise beach but their happy hour rocks. 200 baht ($6.50) for two strawberry daiquiris is unheard of on Koh Lipe. All of their cocktails are 2 for 1, Adam opted for the Cuba Libre for 180 baht. We didn’t eat here but the menu was very reasonably considering it is a 5-star resort.

Best Bang for your Buck on Koh Lipe

Ultimate Koh Lipe Thailand Travel Guide - Night Life Koh Lipe

100 Baht Cocktails on Walking Street Koh Lipe

Cocktail Bar on walking street, all cocktails are 100 baht and beers for 80 baht. There are only a few wooden stools out front so come early or get your drink to go. They have a large selection of drinks like: caipirinha, mojitos, sex on the beach, etc. They are open 6p.m.-1a.m.

Nightlife on Koh Lipe

Like I mentioned above Koh Lipe is not a party island. Only a handful of bars are open past 11pm and all of which close around 1a.m. Your best options are Cocktail Bar &  Rainforest which are on Walking Street, Peace & Love Bar or Regaee Bar on Pattaya Beach, Happy Vibe Bar on Sunrise Beach, and Boom Boom Bar on Sunset Beach.

Liquor Stores on Koh Lipe

The cheapest place to buy liquor or beer isn’t at 7-11, many of the mom and pop shops are much cheaper. Liquor is only is “legally” for sale 11am-2pm, and 5pm-12am 7-11 enforces this rule.

Day Trips in Koh Lipe

Long Tail boat on Koh Lipe ready for a day trip

Long Tail boat on Koh Lipe ready for a day trip

Two of the most popular day trips from Koh Lipe are Program 1 and Program 2. You can also hire a private longtail boat for the day to take you wherever you would like to go. You could also rent a mask & snorkel right from your hotel, and snorkel right from your beach.

Day Trip Program 1 

  • Departs at 9:30a.m.
  • Returns at 4p.m.
  • 550 Baht per person
  • Includes mask, snorkel, fins, 1.5 liter bottle of water per person, lunch (we had chicken fried rice), and fruit (we had watermelon)
  • Stops include: Koh Jabaang, Koh Hin-Ngam, Koh Yang, Koh Rawi, and Koh Adang
  • Not included National Park fee 200 baht, NOTE we were not asked to pay this

Day Trip Program 2:

  • Departs at 9:30a.m.
  • Returns at 4:30p.m.
  • 650 Baht per person
  • Includes mask, snorkel, fins, 1.5 liter bottle of water per person, lunch (we had chicken fried rice), and fruit (we had watermelon)
  • Stops include: Koh Hin Saun, Koh Lok Goi, Monkey Beach, Koh Dong, and Koh Pung
  • Not included National Park fee 200 baht, NOTE we were not asked to pay this
Koh Lipe Thailand Guide - Things to do in Koh Lipe Day Trips

Diving in Koh Lipe

Koh Lipe Thailand Guide - Diving in Koh Lipe Things to doWhether your dive certified or not, diving if you have time you should go diving in Koh Lipe. There are several dive shops around Koh Lipe. We checked out several shops, not only looking at their prices but their knowledge of where they were going out the next day and what I could expect to see, ask questions about their equipment, and see what times they will be back. We decided to go with B.K. Dive Resort.

If you love snorkeling you will be head over heels with diving, what better place in the world to do your first dive than Koh Lipe. Discovery dives are for those wanting to try out diving under the closer supervision of a dive instructor. During your discover dive you will learn some of the basic scuba concepts, practice scuba skills in swallow water and then off to explore the underwater life. I would suggest at least a 2 tank dive, as your first tank will go fast as you are adjusting to diving and getting your breathing under control.

Prices for Diving

  • Discovery Dive 1 Tank 2,500 Baht; 2 Tank 3, 500 Baht; 3 Tank 4,200 Baht
  • Fun Dive 2 Tank 2, 500 Baht

Things To Do In Koh Lipe

Enjoy sunset- Koh Lipe has some of the most spectacular sunsets we’ve ever seen. Don’t take it for granted. Every night is another great sunset, grab a blanket & beer and make your way over to sunset beach or the end of Sunrise Beach and catch the free show.

Koh Lipe Thailand Travel Guide - Things to do Koh Lipe - Thai Long Tail Boats at sunset

The best part of the day in Koh Lipe

Soak in some rays and get a tan- That’s what Koh Lipe is for! You’re on one of the best beaches in the world take advantage of the weather! Cool off in the water, just go for a swim and float around. Just don’t forget the sunscreen, the sun is no joke in Koh Lipe.

Koh Lipe Thailand Guide - Free Things to do Koh Lipe catch a tan

Get lost- Well you technically can’t get lost on Koh Lipe because it’s only 2km long and 1km wide. The best way to explore Koh Lipe is just walking, follow the road see where it goes. This is the best way to find the beach that is right for you, and stumble upon some local restaurants & bars.

Must Do Activities on Koh Lipe

Enjoy sunset- Koh Lipe has some of the most spectacular sunsets we’ve ever seen. Don’t take it for granted. Every night is another great sunset, grab a blanket & beer and make your way over to sunset beach or the end of sunrise beach and catch the free show.

Koh Lipe Thailand Travel Guide - Things to do Koh Lipe - Thai Long Tail Boats at sunset

The best part of the day in Koh Lipe

Soak in some rays and get a tan- That’s what Koh Lipe is for! Your on one of the best beaches in the world take advantage of the weather! Cool off in the water, just go for a swim and float around. Just don’t forget the sunscreen, the sun is no joke in Koh Lipe.

Koh Lipe Thailand Guide - Free Things to do Koh Lipe catch a tan

Get lost- Well you technically can’t get lost on Koh Lipe because it’s only 2km long and 1km wide. The best way to explore Koh Lipe is just walking, follow the road see where it goes. This is the best way to find the beach that is right for you, and stumble upon some local restaurants & bars.

Get a beach massage– Right next to our hotel Salisa Resort there were beach massage ladies. All throughout Koh Lipe prices were 300 baht for Thai/Foot/Oil and 400 for after sun aloe at the massage next to Salisa Resort (prices below are for a different spa). I suggest getting a Thai massage your first day on Koh Lipe as you shouldn’t be sunburnt YET, trust me you wouldn’t want a Thai massage with a sunburn. If you happen to get to much sun make sure to get an after sun aloe massage to help heal the sunburn and provide a cooling effect. And who can’t resist a foot massage? Beach massage places usually close after sunset, but in town on Walking Street most massage places are open until 11p.m.

Koh Lipe Ultimate guide - Thailand_-4

What Facilities are on Koh Lipe?

  • ATM– As of 2014 there are 3 ATM’s on Koh Lipe, one next to 7-11 on walking street.
  • Ultimate Koh Lipe Thailand Guide - Is there an ATM on Koh Lipe - YesImmigration–  The Immigration Office is located on Pattaya Beach, next to Bundhaya Resort. The office is only open from the end of October until the end of May, when the boats to Langkawi Malaysia are running. You can only enter Thailand here if you country is allowed for a Tourist Visa Exemption. Please check the visa regulations for your country.
  • Police & Tourist Police-The Police Office is located behind Immigration on Pattaya Beach. There are several Tourist Police Volunteers on Koh Lipe, they speak English & you can spot them with a black tourist police t-shirt.
  • Hospital- The local hospital is on Sunrise Beach next to the school, the doctors speaks English. The hospital has a basic stock of medical supplies and can provide you with first aid. Another small clinic  is located next to Pooh Restaurant on walking street and the doctor speaks great english and is heard to accept all major travel insurance. A large private hospital was just completed on walking street only 200 meters from Pattaya Beach.
  • 7-11- There is one 7-11 located on walking street, it is stocked with everything a normal 7-11 on the mainland would have just slightly higher prices average 10-20 baht per item.

Ultimate Koh Lipe Thailand Guide - Facilities on Koh Lipe

What is the Average Spending in One Day?

We just returned from Koh Lipe during peak season, we spent 5 nights of fun in the sun. Let’s go through an average cost for a day on Koh Lipe for 2 adults. The prices are much higher compared to Chiang Mai where we currently are living.

  • 1,450 baht fan room at Salisa Resort on Sunrise beach, breakfast included
  • 290 baht lunch, each having a chicken curry with rice and a coke at Leonardo’s
  • 100 baht two smoothies from yoo-hoo lady on walking street
  • 80 baht two beers bought at the liquor store brought back to our beach chairs to help cool us down
  • 40 two samosas (potato & mango) from the yoo-hoo lady on the beach, she comes out around 4pm
  • 270 spring rolls, papaya salad, and chicken pad thai bring your own water for dinner
  • 200 two mojitos at 100 Cocktails bar after dinner
  • 50 baht for a 6 pack of 1liter bottles of water
    • Total 2,480 baht or $75 a day for two people

Looking to visit Koh Lipe on a budget? Make sure to check out our blog post “Koh Lipe, Thailand on a Budget- $30 a day.”

Koh lipe on a budget 30 per night - Featured Images

So…When are you Traveling to Koh Lipe?

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    I’ve been hearing a lot about Koh Lipe lately and have now added it to my next Thailand trip. I usually only visit the East coast, but since Koh Lipe and also Koh Kradan came on my radar, I’m thrilled to revisit the other side. Thanks for this comprehensive guide – it will definitely come into use.

  • Hannah
    Posted at 20:44h, 10 April Reply

    No problem Miriam glad we could help you out. You will love Koh Lipe

  • Bronwyn Rosewall
    Posted at 06:43h, 16 April Reply

    My husband and I just returned from Ko Lipe on our honeymoon, this was by far the best part of our trip to Thailand and we are so happy we were able to experience it… I recommend it to everyone we speak to now, Leonardo’s was superb, good thai food and Italian cuisine! The yoohoo pancake lady is so hilarious and the pancakes are delish! We stayed at DJL diving accommodation which was reasonable and on Pattaya beach. Amazing place xxx .hopefully we can go back for our 10 year!

    • Hannah
      Posted at 00:45h, 19 April Reply

      So great to hear you loved Koh Lipe as much as we did. The yoohoo lady is hilarious. We hope to get back to Koh Lipe again next year. Safe travels

  • John
    Posted at 00:09h, 20 April Reply

    Okay, I’m convinced. We’ve finally decided to go to Koh Lipe. Thanks for this most helpful post to steer us in the right direction! Looks heavenly. Can’t wait!

    • Hannah
      Posted at 03:16h, 14 June Reply

      You must go! Tell me what you think, your going to fall in love…..

  • Camille
    Posted at 10:19h, 22 April Reply

    Oh wow, that’s a mammoth post… super useful! Despite my 4 times in Thailand, I still haven’t made it to Lipe. Thanks for taking the time to write down all the info!

    • Hannah
      Posted at 13:53h, 29 July Reply

      Yeah it is my largest post that’s for sure. Next time you get to Thailand hope you can find room in your schedule to visit Koh Lipe, and hope this guide can help plan your trip.

      Safe travels.

  • Dave Jones
    Posted at 06:01h, 15 October Reply

    This is definitely one of the best comprehensive guides I’ve ever seen. Well done! I was supposed to go to Koh Lipe last time I was in langkawi, but had to save up money. I’ll definitely be using this next time I’m in Thailand .

    • Hannah
      Posted at 19:31h, 18 November Reply

      Thanks Dave. Def make the trip from Langkawi to Koh Lipe, and now it is so easy since they have ATM’s now!

  • Chris verhoeven
    Posted at 15:53h, 16 November Reply

    Thank you so much for this extensive post.

    My wife and I are going to visit koh lipe next month together with her friend and boyfriend.

    So to read all this great information is a very good guide through. We will take pictures and video to put on our blog too. We’re going to be there a few days and then go to koh sichang.

    I love thailand so much.


    • Hannah
      Posted at 19:32h, 18 November Reply

      I am so jealous your’re going to my favorite island Koh Lipe next month. Can’t wait to check out what you think about Koh Lipe. Let me know if Sunrise Restaurant is open.

  • Josh Shephard
    Posted at 11:02h, 18 November Reply

    So stoked you guys both enjoyed Happy Vibe Bar on Sunrise Beach, was my fave afternoon hangout place for some chilled afternoon vibes!

  • Hannah
    Posted at 19:33h, 18 November Reply

    Love Happy Vibe bar, always a good time!

  • Marja Toivanen
    Posted at 02:36h, 21 November Reply

    Hi ! What a great travelling block you have created ! We have enjoyd to follow your trips all over world. We have also been this year in Eastern Africa and after that in Zanzibar. Loved it and safari was such a grear experience ! We were in Masai Mara and Laikipia. Want to go again ! In coming February we are heading to Thailand. First to Koh Ngai and then to Koh Lipe. We have read all your recommentations and mean to follow them. Can’t wait the trip ! Have a enjoyable and safe travelling !

    • Hannah
      Posted at 03:46h, 02 August Reply

      Sounds like you have a had crazy and fun year of traveling. So glad you are heading to Koh Lipe, If you thought Zanzibar was gorgeous wait until you see Koh Lipe. Safe travels.

  • Marc
    Posted at 22:37h, 28 January Reply

    Actually I have never been to Thailand and your guide is very comprehensive. I have a trip planned to Thailand in 5 months and this is going to be very helpful and glad I found it.

    • Hannah
      Posted at 03:44h, 02 August Reply

      You are going to love Thailand! Where do you plan on all going when on your upcoming trip to Thailand? Glad we could help you out when planning your trip to Thailand hope Koh Lipe me the list.

  • Elizabeth Travels
    Posted at 19:53h, 23 February Reply

    Thanks for all your advice. Visiting Koh Lipe right now and loving the place. The prices are quite high but I guess that’s the general rule for any beach front, anywhere in the world 🙂

    • Hannah
      Posted at 03:43h, 02 August Reply

      Jealous you were in Koh Lipe. Koh Lipe is a little pricey for things, i notice the prices at 7-11 are a few baht higher than the mainland. But then when I look at where they are located and how the items got there I am okay with it. Where did you stay in Koh Lipe?

  • Salomon
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    Thanks for this most helpful post to steer us in the right direction! Looks heavenly. Can’t wait!

    • Hannah
      Posted at 03:41h, 02 August Reply

      Koh Lipe is heaven if you ask us. Did you plan a trip to Koh Lipe? When are you going? Where you staying?

  • Bethan greenhalgh
    Posted at 12:48h, 04 July Reply

    Love this post! Thailand is my favourite place I have been so far and want to go back koh Lanta and koh lipe are on my list for my next visit!
    Thanks so much!!

    • Hannah
      Posted at 03:41h, 02 August Reply

      Glad you enjoyed it and that we talked you into putting Koh Lipe on your bucket list. Koh Lanta is on our Thailand bucket list too! Safe travels.

  • Georgina
    Posted at 22:34h, 11 July Reply

    Hi Hannah. This is the best resume of Koh Lipe i’ve seen in the entire internet. Good work!! Now, I’m going to thailand in Feb 17, and my itinerary is so full of things to do that i need to decide if I go 6 days to Koh Lipe or divide it into 3 in Phi Phi Islands and 3 in Lipe. All the things i’ve seen of lipe seem MUCH MORE interesting than Phi Phi in february. What do you think i should do? Is a couple trip, i’m going with my boyfriend and we don¡t need a lot of party to be honest.
    Thank you for reading me! Sorry for the bad english, I’m from Argentina 😛

    • Hannah
      Posted at 03:40h, 02 August Reply

      Aww thanks so much! I personally am not a fan of Phi Phi it is gorgeous don’t get me wrong but way too many tourists it’s over run and very big party scene. It want a mix of islands that are quiet and relaxing with a few party islands than yes do a few nights on Phi Phi. If parties aren’t your scene then maybe not. There are still several bars on walking street and Pattaya beach open until midnight so you and your BF will still have some nightlife. Your English is fine! Where are you staying? We are heading back to Koh Lipe in November!

  • Zahira
    Posted at 01:15h, 19 July Reply

    Hi all!!
    I’m planning a trip to koh lipe in a few weeks, but i’m afraid the weather is being very bad. Is anybody there at the moment?is there any recommended website to check the weather?
    Many thanks!!

    • Hannah
      Posted at 03:37h, 02 August Reply

      We are not there at the moment so we cannot advise. Monsoon season in Thailand doesn’t mean it’s necessarily going to rain all day every day. The rain comes and goes, so we’d suggest spending several days on Koh Lipe to ensure you get a few gorgeous days to see why we love it so much. The boat ride out to the island may be rougher than usual.

      Please let us know how the weather is and how your trip went. Safe travels.

  • Beh Su Yang
    Posted at 22:14h, 30 July Reply

    hi, pls let me know if i go monsoon season , it is danger0us? because i already book the hotel on August.

    • Hannah
      Posted at 04:08h, 31 July Reply

      I don’t think it will be dangerous, the boat ride from Pak Bara might be a little rougher than usual. Some of the restaurants/bars/hotels mentioned in this article may be closed for the season as they take this slow season as time to make repairs etc. How many days are you staying in Koh Lipe? Please let us know how your trip is, we are planning to return in November! Safe travels.

  • Michael Kim
    Posted at 00:31h, 08 August Reply

    Great post!!! I am planning to go to Koh lipe from langkawi end of the August.
    And I can find all the info from here!! and you guys are living a life just like I wanted to live.
    I had such a great time at the koh sa met and I am sure I will have amazing time at the Koh lipe.
    Thank you.

    • Hannah
      Posted at 22:37h, 09 August Reply

      Glad we could help you! But if you are going from Langkawi to Koh Lipe in August it won’t be possible, the boats don’t run this time of year. You will have to go to Pak Bara Thailand. Let us know if you need any other tips, safe travels.

      • Michael Kim
        Posted at 03:01h, 10 August Reply

        I just saw the schedule and now I have to change all my schedule. This doesn’t stop me from going to Koh Lipe.
        Gosh!! It is much more work to go Koh Lipe from Thailand than Langkawi.
        Anyway, good thins I found our before I confirm the flight!!
        Thank you guys!!!

      • Michael Kim
        Posted at 04:44h, 10 August Reply

        Also one more question!! in your blog you mentioned that Air asia transfer cost 1900 bhat to koh lipe and that is of course one ways trip right? I just wanted to make sure. ahaha ; )
        And Air asia is the best way to solve everything together from bangkok to koh lipe?
        monsoon totally messed up my plan.


  • Martin Bower
    Posted at 03:29h, 11 September Reply

    We were considering working our way down to Lankawi from Krabi on the ferry, and stopping off at a couple of the islands along the way. Thanks for introducing us to Koh Lipe, we’ll certainly make this one of the stops now. It looks awesome😀

  • Zeenee
    Posted at 20:12h, 13 September Reply

    Hi guys, do you know if it’s easy to get vegetarian meals on the island?

    • Hannah
      Posted at 14:58h, 14 September Reply

      It is super easy to get vegetarian meals in Koh Lipe and they will be super tasty.

  • Elizabeth E
    Posted at 20:29h, 20 September Reply

    Thanks very informative.
    How do you get from where the ferry from LangKawi comes in (think Pattaya Beach) to Sunrise Beach – booked Lipe Power Beach Resort 13- 18th Dec ’16 – and there is 5 of us travelling together. How is best to make the trek to resort from ferry?
    Thanks in advance,
    Elizabeth (Australia)

    • Hannah
      Posted at 11:28h, 08 October Reply

      You can either walk or jump in a cart thing with a moped taxi drive (that’s what we do). You’re going to love it!

  • Ameya
    Posted at 08:22h, 21 September Reply

    Hey guys, I am planning on going there in December and want a nice seaside resort (budget from 3-5k THB) on a secluded beach. Any recommendations? 🙂

    • Hannah
      Posted at 11:27h, 08 October Reply

      I’d recommend Salisa Resort, we’ve stayed here before and we are going back in November!

  • adila
    Posted at 09:45h, 07 October Reply

    Wow!! Thank you for sharing a very informative post. U just made me adding Koh Lipe into my bucket list!

    • Hannah
      Posted at 11:29h, 08 October Reply

      Yippie! It should be at the top of your bucket list. We are heading back to Koh Lipe next month for 2 weeks!

  • Wendy Fehlberg
    Posted at 06:14h, 10 October Reply

    Hi. A family get together is in the pipeline for 2017/18-Dec/Jan. Koh Lipe is our meet up holiday destination. Can you please advise of any places to rent which might house a few people. Up to 6 adults and small child at this stage. Thanks

  • Helen
    Posted at 17:59h, 10 October Reply

    My husband and I first went to Lipe is 2006 and have been lucky enough to spend time there every year since 2010. Can’t even begin to tell you about the changes we have seen. There never used to be a street, just a dirt path, no lights and only a few places to stay on the island. We’ve had some crazy nights but always felt safe. We have also been fortunate to meet some amazing local people and other travellers, including several people who have been heading there since the early 90″s. A couple of places that I would also suggest you might want to try when you are back are: OMG’s – fantastic food, atmosphere and really great people. Elephant- on Walking Street by 7-11 – which is also the Longtail Bar where you can have a lot of fun singing along with the local band or just meeting people. Nee Papaya – just at the cross roads before you enter walking street, across from a pharmacy. Nee has been there since 2006 and her food is always good, cheap too! Jack’s Jungle – now by San Pita resort. Have to say we had the best Penang curry there. I could of picked up the bowl and drank the sauce… actually I pretty much did.

    There are other places, but I don’t know the names. One is across from San Pita, OMG area in what looks like a long building with a blue roof by a pond. It was at the end towards walking street, open on the sides in February, food was fantastic and cheap. If you are craving an Indian meal there is one just beside what looks to be a community hall, towards walking street across from one of the biggest convenience/grocery stores on the island. There is another little place just before you come to the main entrance of walking street, from Sunrise. It’s across from the coffee, breakfast place on stilts. Bloom Bar is also good if you want “real” coffee but is crazy busy. Kaffir on Sunrise is also really good. The Pad Thai lady close to the Pattaya end of walking street was really great but not sure if she will still be there. We also head to La Luna for Italian, the food here is really goo and they have gluten free for those who happen to be celiac. Fish BBQ on Pattaya of course! Along with lots of bars to check out if you want to be out till the wee hours.

    Apologies for the novel, just excited to see someone loves Lipe as much as we do.

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