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We’re Going to Have Three Children, According to the Witch Doctor

We’re Going to Have Three Children, According to the Witch Doctor

It has to be right, right? If a full-fledged witch doctor says it’s going to happen, I guess we are having three kids. That might cramp our travel style he didn’t mention when these three kids would be coming.

He did, however, reassure Hannah, or well me I guess by letting us know that all the children would be mine. That’s good I guess.

A Visit to the Witch Doctor in Malawi_-7

The country of Malawi is a predominantly Christian country, but most villages still practice forms of traditional medicine. When we were in northern Malawi in the town of Chitimba we stopped in to pay a visit to the witch doctor. Either way, our visit starts as every visit to the witch doctor starts, with a dance. Through dancing, and dancing with you, the witch doctor is able to connect with you and see what your spirit needs.

Some spirits are in need of natural remedies made from local plants and others just need advice to help them in the future.

A Visit to the Witch Doctor in Malawi_

Herbs and local plants are used to cure ailments and for specific things like finding love. In his pharmacy of the bush, remedies are a crate full of dusty old glass bottles filled with herbs soaking in liquids. Inside the reused liquor bottles are the makings of potions for all sorts of spiritual problems.

A Visit to the Witch Doctor in Malawi_-3

Luckily our spirits weren’t in need of further care and we only need advice.

A Visit to the Witch Doctor in Malawi_-4

The dancing that the appointment started with was to help connect the doctor with our spirits. Once the witch doctor had a fix on our spirits he was able to see what the next few years would hold for us. This is where he let us know we would be very fertile, a bit more so than we expected.

The good news didn’t stop there, he let us know when we return home we will be successful in business along with a handful of other good predictions.

A Visit to the Witch Doctor in Malawi_-8

Of all the things he said, I am pretty sure he was right about one thing, he told us that we would be back. That this would not be our last trip to Africa.

I think that witch doctor might really know what he is talking about. 

Shikha (whywasteannualleave)

Tuesday 12th of May 2015

Hehe, that made me giggle! Fascinating though to learn about the witch doctor practices. Looks like you're in for a big brood of kiddies then but at least you'll have your successful business to help you along the way financially right?! :D I can't say I've ever done this before but I did recently have my tea leaves read at an afternoon tea event and it was totally off the mark and I'm not sure I bought into the whole idea of that!

Sarah Lynn

Sunday 10th of May 2015

What an amazing experience! What made you chose this specific witch doctor?

Ryan Biddulph

Sunday 10th of May 2015

Neat stuff here. These guys can divine into the future, at least the really good ones ;) Thanks for the colorful share!


PS.....bought the stroller yet? ;)

Laura Lynch

Saturday 9th of May 2015

Congrats on the kids! Hah. I'm sure that was a very interesting experience, visiting the witch doctor. Hopefully you won't need to use their services for anything vital.