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8 Reasons Why The Venetian Is My Favorite Place To Stay In Vegas

8 Reasons Why The Venetian Is My Favorite Place To Stay In Vegas

There are a lot of places to stay on the Las Vegas strip, 62,000 rooms to be exact. But on all my visits to Sin City, my favorite place to stay is The Venetian.

The location is great and very central on the strip, and it’s packed with some of the best restaurants and entertainment. These are just a handful of reasons why The Venetian is my favorite place to stay in Las Vegas.

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1. Suites at the Venetian

Why the Venetian is the best place to saty in Las Vegas -3

When you think of places to stay in Las Vegas, the first thought is about the room, logically speaking, and The Venetian does it right.

Why the Venetian is the best place to saty in Las Vegas-1-2

The Venetian rooms are in classic luxury style with a separate sitting area. Views of the strip can be had from many rooms.

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2. The Canals

United States - nevada - las vegas - Venitian-1

The single most impressive feature of the hotel, which probably couldn’t be called the Venetian without them, is the canals. The amount of detail that went into the canals built both inside and outside the building is simply staggering. A trip down the waterways on a classic black gondola is a must when staying at The Venetian.

Anybody can take a gondola ride at The Venetian. You do not need to be a guest at the hotel. 

3. Buddy V’s Restaurant

Why the Venetian is the best place to saty in Las Vegas - Buddy V's-3

Italian food like you’re at your Italian grandma’s house. Seriously, they truly make you feel like you are at the home of close friends. And the food… There is too much good stuff to talk about; I don’t know where to start.

4. The Scent

Why the Venetian is the best place to saty in Las Vegas-1

As soon as you walk into The Venetian, you know exactly where you are. They say the sense of smell is the sense most closely tied to memory, and as soon as I smell the soft scent, I know exactly where I am. Aside from the impressive marble hallway just past, check out the signature scent that fills that hall. 

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5. Drinks at Lobster Me

Why the Venetian is the best place to saty in Las Vegas - Lobster Me-4

Home to all things Lobster, the Venetian’s casual dining restaurant Lobster ME cooks up Lobster rolls, Lobster Mac n’ Cheese, Lobster Cheese Fries, and a whole lot more lobster. Some of their unique offerings include the Lobsicle, which is lobster in its simplest form – Grill tail on a stick. They even put the lobster in the drinks, like the Lobster Mary with a full claw hanging from the rim of the glass

6. Carlo’s Bake Shop

Why the Venetian is the best place to saty in Las Vegas -5

Transplanted from New Jersey, the famous Carlo’s Bakery has set up shop in the Grand Canal Shoppes. Offering up the pastries that made Buddy Valastro the Cake Boss famous. Don’t miss the Lobster tail!

7. It Actually Looks Like Venice

Why the Venetian is the best place to saty in Las Vegas -4

Of all the foreign places represented in Vegas, the Venetian has done an amazing job of making you feel like you might actually be far from the deserts of Nevada. Outside the hotel is a near life-size bridge over the grand canal and a replica of the tower of Piazza San Marco. And, of course, the extensive canals inside and outside of the hotel.

8. Tao Nightclub

The Venetian best place to stay in Las Vegas - tao nightclub

During this trip, we found plenty of sober things to do in Vegas, but if we go to a club while in town, it’s always Tao. Stumbling back to your room is much better than a taxi ride. It’s another reason the Venetian is the best place to stay in Las Vegas.

When looking at where to stay in Las Vegas, where do you often stay? 

Kathy Harris

Monday 17th of October 2022

Venetian is my favorite hotel in Las Vegas. Just went 10-10-2022 4 nights. Excellent resaurant options, favorite is Delmonicos

Guy Williams

Sunday 16th of October 2022

The Venetian is our favorite place to stay when my wife and I visit Las Vegas we usually get the prestige upgrade.


Thursday 6th of December 2018

This place is the best hotel in Vegas


Monday 4th of February 2019



Thursday 28th of January 2016

Sure when you explain like this, it's obvious that I want to stay in Venetian. I have visited Vegas 5 times and haven't had a chance to stay in the hotel but I have done some of the stuff you mention in the article. Next time I Will stay and admire what you felt when you stayed in the hotel. I stayed in MGM once and Tropicana twice and other times off the strip


Sunday 9th of October 2022

We stay at the Ventian everytime. The Palazzo is pretty much like Venetian just a tad more refined. You will love it! And the 49.00 rooms aren't bad either.