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Top 5 Best Supper Clubs in Wisconsin Dells

Top 5 Best Supper Clubs in Wisconsin Dells

Looking for the best supper clubs in Wisconsin Dells? You might be wondering what is a supper club. Supper clubs first began way back in the 1920s. They started as a cover for speakeasies, serving dinner in a nightclub to distract from the real business of selling illegal booze. Supper Clubs became a nationwide craze in later decades.

Wisconsin, in particular, has kept this time-honored tradition alive and today is considered the mecca for supper clubs in the Midwest. For supper clubs in Wisconsin, many turned into taverns offering fried fish and beer. In modern supper club culture, the famous fare is a fish fry on Friday, prime rib on Saturday, roast dinner on Sunday, and of course, a perfectly hand-crafted brandy Old Fashioned to top it all off.

Often cheese and crackers will be served at the bar as well. Each super club has its own unique history, though there’s always an atmosphere of nostalgic charm. The general vibe is warm and homey, while there’s also an air of elegance from vintage decor or dress codes.

Wisconsin Dells, a scenic little town in the south, is no stranger to this iconic movement of refined and revered eateries. For one of the best restaurants in Wisconsin Dells where you’re encouraged to savor every homemade mouthful, check out these best supper clubs in Wisconsin Dells.

How many supper clubs are in Wisconsin?

Today there are over 260 supper clubs in the state of Wisconsin. My best advice is to call before arriving. They can have all kinds of different setups. Some are only open certain months of the year or days of the week. Sometimes they require reservations, and others won’t take them at all. They can be cash only as well, so it’s best to know before you go.

1. Ishnala

Hands down, the best supper club in Wisconsin Dells is Ishnala! They are known across the state and are only open seasonally, and they don’t take reservations. So prepare to wait for a table. It’s worth the wait! We like to wait at the bar and enjoy a drink & cheese curds while taking in the view. 

Ishnala was voted the number one supper club in all of Wisconsin, a very serious honor in this neck of the woods. It’s located only minutes from town in the middle of the beautiful Mirror Lake State Park. It’s an idyllic and tranquil setting surrounded by meadows and forests. Giant pines even grow right through the roof, and there’s a breathtaking vistas to gaze at from every table.

The building itself has a long history. It’s located on land used as ceremonial grounds by the Winnebago Tribe, and construction of its current form began in 1953. Their Arrowhead bar is another great reason to go. Shaped after its namesake, they serve a variety of specialty spirits and fine wines, but none more famous than the Ishnala Old Fashioned.

They’re open every day of the week and don’t require any dress code to dine in. It’s an upscale menu of carefully prepared proteins from the sea and the land. For the best of both worlds, you can order the Filet and Jumbo Fried Shrimp or the Prime Rib and Butterflied Prawns. Other traditional plates here include Chicken Cordon Blue and Roast Wisconsin Duck.

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2. Wally’s House of Embers

Wally’s House of Embers is a supper club in Wisconsin Dells dining tradition that everyone should experience at least once. It’s a family-owned operation, and there’s a happy hour at the bar until 6:00 pm. They’re open Monday to Sunday so that you can dine in any day of the week. The outdoor patio often hosts live music performances as well, weather permitting, of course.

In the colder months, it’s lovely to cozy up by the fireplace inside. They support lots of local growers by purchasing fresh, seasonal ingredients. It first opened in 1960, and the name came from its methods of slow-smoking ribs over hickory logs. Though the secret sauce is the claim to fame of this signature dish.

Every Friday, they host a fish fry for a set price and with all the fixings. There are a lot of appetizers to start any meal off right, like Wisconsin Cheese Curds or Oysters Rockefeller. They serve sandwiches, burgers, and light bites. Their list of global wines is impressive as well. Be sure to save some room to try their iconic homemade cinnamon rolls.

3. The Del Bar

The Del Bar has been an iconic institution in Wisconsin Dells since 1943. It’s been in the Wimmer family for generations and remains the epitome of fine dining in the area. They offer hand-crafted cocktails and elevated dishes made with locally sourced ingredients. The happy hour runs from Sunday to Thursday, 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm.

World class aged steaks and fresh oysters are some of their best bites. The facade is considered a masterpiece of prairie style architecture, and inside there’s so much to discover with intimate nooks opening up into cathedral dining spaces.

You can go to the bar to enjoy a brandy Old Fashioned and nibble on some local cheeses. Every meal starts off with freshly baked rolls, and I recommend indulging in the full leisurely feast with all the courses, from delicious starters to decadent desserts. There’s a wide range of wines that pair perfectly with any order.

The hospitable service here always makes me feel right at home. It’s can be on the pricier side, but every bite is well worth it. If you are looking for one of the best restaurants in Wisconsin Dells consider a meal here.

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4. Rubbs Steakhouse

Rubbs Steakhouse is a charming supper club nestled in the heart of the valley of Wisconsin Dells. They serve top-quality steaks, chicken, and fish, though the secret is in the seasoning rubs made from herbs and spices in-house by hand. You can even choose your own so that your steak is sure to please your specific pallet. There are five to pick from, though the Rosemary Rub seems to be the most popular.

It’s set inside the scenic Silver Spring Resort just minutes from downtown. Everything is made fresh daily here. Stop by the bar before or after the meal to enjoy a local craft beer, specialty wine, or handcrafted cocktail. It has a more casual and cute decor with a sunny outdoor deck.

The hours can change depending on the season, but they are open seven days in the summer. All entrees come with the soup and salad bar and a choice of a side. Every Friday, you can try their Perch lightly breaded and deep-fried or broiled.

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5. Club 23

Club 23 is a family-owned favorite that first opened in 1993. It’s set slightly outside of the city, so a venture here feels like stumbling upon a hidden gem. They’re only open Wednesday to Saturday, with a happy hour in the late afternoon. This club offers daily specials that are always changing, so there’s something new and fun to try here each day.

People go for just a drink or a full-service dinner, but either way, it’s a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere. The space is full of vintage furnishings and warm lighting. The cuisine is high quality while still managing to remain super affordable. The brandy Old Fashioned is their classic beverage, as is customary at supper clubs.

The starters are modern takes on comfort foods, like Onion Rings and Potato Skins. You can get a full rack of BBQ Ribs here, along with seafood mains such as Grilled Salmon or 12 oz. scallops. In keeping with tradition, Friday is their fish fry, and Saturday is a prime rib special.

Where do you think the best suppers club in Wisconsin Dells are?

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