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Best Breweries in Wisconsin Dells to Grab a Pint

Best Breweries in Wisconsin Dells to Grab a Pint

If you are familiar with the Midwest, then chances are you know about Wisconsin Dells. This fun-filled entertainment center is perhaps best known for its amusement and waterparks. There are a ton of things to do in Wisconsin Dells for children and adults alike.

Did you know there are four fantastic breweries in Wisconsin Dells? If you’re into local craft beer, you’ll love the Dells. You’ve got to check out at least one of these local Wisconsin Dells breweries. If you have time, you could even do a Wisconsin Dells brewery hopping tour.

flight of small beer samples at microbrewery

1. Latte Stone Brewing Co.

The Latte Stone Brewing Company is owned and operated by a husband and wife team. Their love of beer, food, and all things fun really shows at this brewery. Latte Stone is a new Wisconsin Dells brewery that only opened in 2020. With its origins in Guam, this brewery focuses on educating guests about the territory.

Their beer is brewed personally by owners Ryan and Jennifer on a one-barrel system. Each of their beers represents a part of Guam’s culture. Their original beer is the Håfa Adai, which is a hazy IPA. It’s a crowd favorite. They also have a German-style Kölsch and two American Pale Ales.

Their brewpub menu is chesa style (tapas in Guam’s local language, Chamorro). Their Filipino-style egg rolls are utterly irresistible. They also serve Mahi Mahi, fritters, fried rice, meat skewers, and banana donuts for dessert.

This is one of the best breweries for an all-around good time. You’ll get an educational experience with delicious food and beer.

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Beer sample at Wisconsin Dells Brewing

2. Wisconsin Dells Brewing Company

You’ll find the Wisconsin Dells Brewing Company at the Moosejaw Pizza joint. Their brewmaster, Jamie Baertsch was the “First Female Brewmaster in Wisconsin”. Head up to the 2nd floor of Moosejaw Pizza to check out the brewery.

One of the best parts of this local brewery is that it’s open-air. You can head up any day of the week, and you’ll probably be able to speak with the brewer. They have 12 fantastic microbrews on offer. For something fruity, try the Sconnie Cranberry Cherry Seltzer or the Strawberry Lemon-Ale. Or try their award-winning Rustic Red ale or the Hazel Nut House brown ale. If you can’t decide, why not get their beer flight and try all 12?

Enjoy some of the best pizza in Wisconsin Dells at the Moosejaw and great beer too! This is one of the best breweries in Wisconsin Dells.

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  • Address: 110 Wisconsin Dells Pkwy S., Wisconsin Dells

plate of nachos and beer at a bar restaurant

3. Tumbled Rock Brewery & Kitchen

Another of the best breweries in Wisconsin Dells is Tumbled Rock Brewery & Kitchen. Drive just 20 minutes outside the city, and you’ll find some refreshing local beers.

Tumbled Rock doesn’t just serve up top-notch food and beer. They are also located right by Devil’s Lake State Park. Spend the day exploring the spectacular countryside, then head to Tumbled Rock. This brewhouse has a taproom, patio seating, and a family-friendly restaurant.

On draft, they have 15 beers, as well as some domestic beers. From IPAs to traditional English Brown ales, they’ve got something for every beer drinker. One of the best things about Tumbled Rock is its open-plan layout. As you drink, you can watch the activities of the brewhouse bar!

Along with some of the best beer you’ll try in Wisconsin, there’s also delectable food. Their wood-fired pies are crispy and stuffed full of delicious flavors. They have soups, sandwiches, steak, and Friday Fish Fry.

This brewery should certainly not be missed. Their unparalleled location and incredible food and beer will have you returning often.

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  • Address: S5718 State Road 136 & DL, Baraboo

Best Wineries Near Wisconsin Dells 

beer flight at American Icon Brewery in Vero Beach Florida

4. Al Ringling Brewing

This final brewery is in Baraboo, just a short ride from Wisconsin Dells.  The Ringling brothers set up one of the largest circuses in America. Now, we in no way support animal tourism and would never encourage you to visit the local circus. The Al Ringling Brewing Company is not part of the actual circus.

The Al Ringling Brewing company came about as the Ringling’s mansion was being restored. The owners of this Baraboo brewery found a note under a floorboard for an original beer recipe. Just like that, Al Ringling Brewing began!

They have 16 craft-brewed beers on tap, as well as guest taps. There are a bunch of pale ales, bitters, Kölsch, red ales, and English-style porters. If it’s your first time visiting, why not choose a beer flight? Their beer flight is mustache shaped and allows you to sample four of their craft-brewed beers.

The food menu is surprisingly big for a brewery. Choose empanada sandwiches, the Bavarian Pretzel or their specialties Asadito Pork Skewers and Chicken Milanesa. This is a noteworthy, traditional-style brewery, ideal for enjoying locally crafted brews.

What do you think is the best brewery in Wisconsin Dells? What is your go-to beer?

Before heading off on a brewery tour, we highly suggest fueling up on a big hearty breakfast. Here are our picks for the best breakfast in Wisconsin Dells. We try and visit one brewery a day, usually mid-day, to help break up our day and escape the heat.

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