Country #7 and our first South American stamp!

Stamp colombia

We were ready and really excited to step foot in South America. Lots of other traveler’s stated Colombia was one of their favorite countries. We both didn’t know what to expect to see/find in Colombia. Our family & friends were nervous for us to travel to Colombia. Colombia doesn’t have the best reputation in the past, and most people only know about the past when it comes to Colombia. We were on a mission to discover Colombia on our own, and form our own judgments.

We spent 4 nights in Cartagena, Colombia an old colonial port town. Cartagena was the most expensive city we visited in Colombia, mainly due to the amount of tourists it sees. We didn’t realize the amount of cruise ships they get daily, and Disney cruise ships are the most common. Tourists=Money, which=higher prices. We weren’t the biggest fans of Cartagena, we have many colonial towns and Cartagena wasn’t anything special.

After Cartagena we headed to Cali, again we had no clue what to do there or what to expect. We ended in Cali due to it’s location and cheap flight we found. We flew from Cartagena to Cali for $45 each including luggage. Cali was located only 4 hours away from Salento which we had planned to go and relax for a week. Cali surprised us, it was quite a nice/large/safe city. We found ourselves walking 30 miles in 3 days discovering the city.

Total Spent in Colombia $1,055.51 average of $70.37 a day

Lodging $179 *
Transportation $94.37
Flights $204.72
Activities $100
Food $367.64
Beer $47.95
Supplies $7.37
Laundry $3.68
Souvenirs $43.42
Pedicure/Manicure $7.37

*Our accommodation costs were low due to our hotel sponsors. On average accommodation would have been $30 a night for private room in a hostel.

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  1. Just found your blog and have been catching up on your trip! Not sure if I missed it, but can you explain hotel sponsors? Are you giving reviews?

    Looking forward to reading more!

    • Glad you found us, and hope you have some time to catch up as we have been to some amazing places so far. We work with hotels along our trip, Adam does photography. Several hotels will offer us a stay in exchange for photography services. Stayed tuned for more crazy travels.
      Adam recently posted..250 Travel Days in 250 Pictures My Profile

  2. Cartagena shouldn’t be so expensive outside the touristic areas.

  3. I recently spent 9 months in Cali… I found it to be a very safe city and great city to base myself in.

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